Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Storms a Brew'n

Got up early (8am). What a beautiful morning it was. Don't know what the temp was, but I know it was someares bout 70 deg. Spent the day mostly sleeping since there was nothing else to do.....cept'n fer da dishes. Sat outside and watched a couple birds look'n for food, so I opened a can of corn for them. Should'a gave them bread 'cause they never touched the corn. But I bet ya it will be all gone in the morning.
John Wells stopped by to see the dogs this afternoon while he was out delivering fresh baked bread from his solar oven. I didn't get any.

Bout supper time I seen these clouds making their way to Billy Bobs camp....probably gonna drop a lake right outside my door.
Weren't but an hour later and here comes the winds, blow'n stuff everywhere. Decided maybe I might oughter put up the awning....what I did. Then off to the north I sees bunches of lighting......it gonna rain. If I see stars, how it gonna rain?

Didn't feel worth a crap all day after I ate some pancakes for breakfast. Maybe I better lay off the cakes for a spell and eat sum greasy bacon, eggs and fried taters. Ya know greasy bacon ain't good for ya....but it sure is gooood.

Tomorrow should be laundry day if'n I get up early. If it don't rain, I may run out to Johns spread and watch him paint. I might even help him....but it ain't likely. With my schedule as it is, I hope I have time before it gets dark city.

I'm out of here till tomorrow....have a good'n.

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  1. I saw your post on the Field Lab and decided to check out your blog. I'm glad I did, I read from the beginning and it made for some enjoyable reading.

    You write with a lot of humor and I like that. You made me chuckle a couple of times.

    You mention that you want to buy some land in Terlingua as do I, so I will be following your blog to see how that goes.

    Have a great day!!!