Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catch Up

Break'n Camp
Tuesday 4-5-09
Yesterday was just another day. Spent some time think'n bout what I gonna do. It's 900 miles to St. Louis and 1200 miles from there to Deming. Not sure I want that many miles with the way I have been feeling. Pretty much decided to just head west to Terlingua and look at some property, but then again, it's out in the middle of no where....and hot.

Campground Billy Bob
Sunday 4-3-09
All is well in the campground. Angela and grandkids slept in the tent and Old Billy Bob slept in da house.
Up early to the barking of a dog....Oscar. Angela let him out early to do business and he was talk'n to the neighbors..."Hey, git up...the sun is shin'n". By 8am, everyone was up whin'n bout the pesky skeeters. Matt arrived safe and sound around 9am and began taking down the tent and round'n up their gear.....supposed to rain....very soon. But it never did.

Da Keys Are In Da Car
Saturday 4-2-09
Got up early this morning when my trusty alarm went off. It were Lug Nut pok'n me with his cold nose want'n outside to pee.
The kids will be here later this afternoon to put up a tent and "camp". This is gonna be funny. Kind of like watch'n Mexican TV...ya know what's go'n on....just don't understand how or why.

Update....Kids arrived about 4pm...the wild bunch. Matt set up the tent just like a pro....but it took him a while to figure out them colored hoop thingys. Then he build a real nice campfire. Never figgered the boy had it in him. After I found out he was a boy scout up till he was 24 years old, I figgered he was a campfire pro also. Good job Matt.
Then wouldn't ya know it, the keys got locked in the car....and of course, the other set was at home in the jewery box....duh!!! Watch'n Matt shimmy behind the wheel of my little Bronco II kind'a put a grin on my face. Will let ya know tomorrow if'n he made it home to retreive the spare keys.
Angela and the grandkids bed'ed down at 10:30pm. Wheewww!!! I need a break from all this excitement. Too bad poor Matt had to go home to work. He's a hoot.
Forgot all about the cake I made today. Guess what we gonna have for breakfast....pineapple upside down cake.

Skeeter Farm
Friday 5-1-09
My God....did ya see that skeeter bug? There's gazillions of them...everywhere...eat'n anything that moves. Sprayed me....sprayed the dogs, sprayed the ground and they still here....big suckers.
Nathan got sick with a fever.....lucky not the "swine" flu. Sorry Olama, but it's called SWINE flu...pigs....oinkers....pork chops.
The campground filled up by 8pm with pop ups, 5ers and a few motorhomes. Kids and dogs everywhere.

Golf Gods
Thursday 4-30-09
What started off to be a terrible day, turned out to be just perfect.
By 9am, when darling daughter was to show up for the day, this old body was feel'n like crap. Called dear daughter to postpone our visit till later....like tomorrow.
Cooked me up a couple big 'o pancakes, along with another pot of coffee. Out of nowhere I hear this voice calling. It were the "golf Gods" speak'n to me...."Billy Bob....Yo Billy Bob....if'n ya go swack some golf balls, ya gonna feel better". Since I never doubt the word of the Golf Gods, I headed for the golf course. Wonderful...absolutely wonderful game. Struck an 85.
Took me a short nap just to make sure I didn't over exert myself with all the chores I had intended to do. After my nap, all them chores were just ambicious (?) dreams....cept for one. Pulled out the dog clippers and did a number on Sadie Mae. Took a couple hours counting a few breaks. Sadie is happy and I'm happy.

Wore Slap Out
Wed. 4-29-09
After a good nights sleep, I was awakened by Lug Nut the "alarm clock dog" at precisely 6:30am.
Decided I may as well stay up since it was a beautiful look'n morning and I had a gazillion things I wanted to do today. Yeah right!!!!!
Waited all day for my darling daughter Angela to call. At 4:30 I decided if I was going to eat today, I need to do something NOW. Fired up the grill and cooked me up some rib tips and taters. Was just finished eating when Angela and grandkids (Katelynn, Nathan and Hanna)showed up. They was hav'n Subway for dinner. (pics) Had a wonderful visit even though I was feel'n my usual self...."am I gonna die today?" Don't ever have open heart surgery unless it's absolutely necessary.
After a couple hours of watching young grandkids kids run'n round like little banshees, I was wore slap out.

Three Hour Road Trip
Tuesday 4-28-09
Didn't take Old Billy Bob long to pick up stakes and leave Lake Texoma State Park. I knowed I was low on propane, so's I left early for to go look'n for some to put in my tank. Didn't take long after I stopped and asked at a truck stop. Just up the road a piece....Shady Oaks RV Park....nice look'n park, but HOLY COWS....$2.98 a gallon for propane????
Was all up hill from then on. Turn here and turn there...turn again and again and I'm there. Damn them maps are cool when ya don't know how to get there.
Arrived at Steven F. Austin State Park right at 1pm. Took three trips around the campground before I decided on a spot. Went back to the check in place and paid my dues to the nice counter lady....for a week.
Just in case ya didn't know, there is a golf course right next door. Just had to go play a round...in the rain.....just a sprinkle every once in a while. Since it had rained kitty puppies and doggie puppies before I got here, the course had way too many water hazards in the middle of the fareways. Only lost one golf ball 'cause I can't hit it that far......right in the bottom of a big gully....with water in it...and weeds...and snakes....and critter eyeballs look'n at me. I ain't go'n down there for a 50 cent golf ball. Struck a 91 what was better than I had expected with the conditions as they were......wet.
Back at camp, I layed back in one my old raggidy chairs and relaxed. Yes, this is the life.

What The Hell Was That
Monday 4-27-09
Was lay'n in bed this morn'n bout 5:30am and I hear this God awlful sound what waked me up right quick. I were think'n I was in truck stop somewhere. Weren't nuttin but a big diesel thash truck with "cherry bombs"...glass pacs...straight pipes... slam'n and bang'n a dumpster up and down. He were pick it up, then slam it to the ground bout 10 times. I rekon to scare any raccons out before he turned it upside down in the mouth of that trash truck.

Ain't no sunshine again this morning. Only clouds, wind and now here come some rain. How I gonna catch a fish in the rain???

Update.....is that sunshine??? Sure nuff is. Maybe gonna have a nice day after all. I'm go'n fish'n.

Update....yeah it was sunshine alright, but not for very long. Weren't 10 minates after I started fish'n, it started rain'n. Now there are tormado warnings just a few miles north of here and headed this way.

Blow'n Wind
Sunday 4-26-09

Packed up and left the island via the ferry to Walmart in Aransas Pass...Texas that is. Weren't nothing but a little breeze out the southeast, so I were sav'n gas. After 2 hours camping in the Walmart parking lot, tak'n up 6 parking spaces, I was ready to hit the road again.

Now, let me tell ya bout blow'n wind. By now the winds had picked up a bit, but they were still behind me for the next 10 miles....until the freak'n road turned due east....right into the wind. Bout another 20 miles, all hell broke loose. It were blow'n a gale and I was going right into it for the next 100 miles....blow'n all over the road. Keeping a 35 foot motor home towing a "toad" with 300 mph winds slam'n ya from the side and front ain't no easy task.

I knowed I weren't gonna make it to Houston like this, so I pulled off at the first State park I could find. Lake Texoma State Park. Since fishing is free (no license required) in Texas State parks, I signed up for a 2 day tour. Ok fishies....look out, here come Old Billy Bob with his fish pole.

Backed "Sally", right into site number 131....bout 100 yards, from the lake and all them fish's I'm gonna catch. First thing I see is a bunch of deer laying in the yard....bout 6 or 8 of um. Lug Nut started shak'n and whin'n....that's what he does when he sees a wild animal. Sadie Mae just sat there eat'n grass and then puk'n all over the yard. The nice lady what checked me in said to keep a look out for raccoons in the dumpsters (see above). Did I mention the alligators and rattlesnakes???
Hmmmm, Maybe I should put out some food and get me a good close range shot at one....snapshot...sheesh!!!

"That's all I have to say bout that" until something happens.....like catch a fish.

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