Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yup It Was

It were just that today...a scorcher. But let me tell ya bout the other day, my second day at Terlingua Ranch. It were 106 in the shade with a scant 2 mph puff of wind every hour or so. But today we had a steady breeze what evaporated what little sweat there was and "air conditioned" my body. That's what them swamp coolers do.

Took a ride down to the Grub Shack for breakfast, a big ole sausage and egg sandwich, and thought maybe see John and Chuck down there. But they were probably both painting containers. They have a standing bet as to who will finish first. The odds are in Chucks favor with only one container, but he has a/c at home....laid back watch'n t/v in the recliner.

Made my way up Ranch Rd to go to the lodge, but when the pavement run out and my poor little Bronco II was cry'n "washboard", I changed plans. Took a couple tour out some other roads that looked like possible "homesteads", but as usual, found nothing I was interested in. Where's all the trees, creeks and cool???

Well I have decided to hook up stakes and head for El Paso for some repairs on my motorhome.
Good bye for now Terlingua Texas. "I'll be back"

1 comment:

  1. If you took a ride down to the Grub Shack then you must be feeling better.

    I have heard it is hard to find a good plot of land and if you do it is hell getting there due to the road conditions. Was hoping you would be successful but right now with the temperatures the way they are it is best to head to other praires.

    Hope you get your motorhome repaired. Happy travels.