Friday, May 8, 2009

Hot Day In The Desert

Holy Cowz was it ever hot today. 106 deg at 2pm....can you believe that?
Slept so good last night that I forgot to get up this morning. Missed going to the Grub Shack for a bite and meet up with Chuck and John.
It was so hot today that even Lug Nut refused to go rabbit hunt'n. That's unusual for him to lay around all day and whin'n bout how hot it was.
LOL....Chuck just came by to check up on me and scared hell out of me. I were sit'n here concentrat'n on what to write and someone yelled "BILL" right outside my open window. He brung his wife, Aunt Kathy and a couple other people....but I don't know them either.
Well shoot....there's nothing else to write about tonight, so's I'm gonna put this in the mail.

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