Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tour of El Paso

This morning "old crookit eye" straightened out right on time....bout 8:3oam. For those that don't know bout "old crookit eye", I drop stuff, walk around in crooked parallel lines, bump into stationary items and can't see worth a crap. Was a beautiful morning.

Tour guide Louie "the Canuck" come by right after my nice cool shower and shave. We was headed off to somewhere in El Paso....didn't matter where....just somewhere. Holy cow, we was gone all day. We was in Texas, New Mexico and almost Mexico. Wonderful day.

Made a stop at the local casino where we eat'em up a nice lunch and dropped a few coins in the slots. Thirty minutes after the first spin of the wheels, I done paid for my lunch, the $5 I lost in that other machine and made a cool profit of $2. How bout that??? I were hot!!!

Drove along the river look'n for some freak'n City park....what has a lake....what we found after an hour of searching. I could catch a fish in that lake.

Looks like tomorrow will be a golf day....right down the street bout 5 mile. Gonna hit that golf ball so hard it gonna take a week to find it.

I swear, my mater plant growed today. The one I put in there last night was much smaller. Is it possible???
Still have Terlingua on my mind.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time while you crissed crossed (sp?) between two states.

    Regarding still having Terlingua in your mind...it is called TWS (Terlingua Withdrawal Symdrome), I know it happens to me every year after chili cook-off time.