Thursday, May 7, 2009

Terlingua Camping

After a few days of traveling I-10 just to stay at a State Park to do a little fishing, other arrangements were made. Didn't like the State Park, so here I am in Terlingua Ranch camp'n out under the moon and stars.
Pulled into Kathleen's RV Park at 5pm and 101 degs. Set up all my "stuff" and had a pork chop and tomato for dinner. It was still 95 degs at 8pm.
A feller by the name of Chuck come by to welcome me....how the hell did he know I was com'n to camp out for a couple weeks.
Gonna try my luck early in the morning to meet up with John Wells, from The Field Lab, at the Grub Shack.
I heared a critter.....javelina????
That all I have to say bout that!!!

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