Monday, May 11, 2009

A Trying Day

Well, first off, it didn't rain at my house. I told ya so when I seed them stars. Now tonight may be a different story, but you'll never know till tomorrow night when I makes me post.
Got up bright an early again this morn'n....lol...8am. What is it with this climate that makes ya sleep all day. Skipped my breakfast, but drunk me up 2 pots of coffee before I got that other eye to work'n like it sposed to.
Loaded the dogs in the Bronco, along with a bunch of dirty clothes and headed off to town. Holy Cows, $2.00 a load fer a washer and $2.00 to dry 'em. Now I know why all the locals wear dirty clothes....just kidding locals. But that's what I would do.
Made another trip out to Johns place just to shoot the breeze and see if he done any work. Bout all I seen was he had moved his solar oven and had a little chicken buzzard in there with spices all over it.

Got my first close up with the Longhorns....I mean close up. I stopped to wait for a whole herd to get out my way and jumped out with my camera to get a few good shots. Didn't get many 'cause here they come right up to me look'n for a handout. They was want'n something to eat. Hey cows, I ain't John ya know.
Anyhows, these big ole cows was tell'n me to either get in the car or give them some vittles. What do you expect "Old Billy Bob" did???

At the Field Lab, I run round the place with my camera shoot'n anything that didn't move. Then sat on the veranda jaw'n with John, when up the driveway comes that whole herd of Longhorns. John gatherted up an bucket of vittles...snacks and drove off to the end of the drive. It weren't no time until up the drive come one them longhorn...Benita I think John called her.
Now what ya think bout that???

That was my exciting day...until I got back to camp. Put out the awning and weren't no time the winds said..."put it back up"....what I did. Was thunder, light'n and all kinds of clouds, but no rain at Billy Bobs camp. See....I told ya so!!!
Until tomorrow......

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  1. jajajaja...Billy Bob you made me laugh like crazy and tonight I really needed a good laugh. I just love the way you write!!

    Had not heard much about Benita in a while, I am glad she went to visit John, she used to be his favorite longhorn but I think she has now been replaced...but shhhh dont tell her I said so, lol!!