Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day of Golf

Here's my better report for the day......lolololol hahahaha lmao!!!!
Woke up this morning going through my usual routine of put'n on a pot of coffee, tak'n a quick whizzzzz, put'n Lug Nut out to pee while Sadie Mae lays her butt in bed. Just about the time I get settled down to my first cup, that little fan in the computer starts mak'n those same old weird sounds. Smack it a few times and all is well. Must be all the dirt and sand I've picked up in my travels.
Looked out that window with the hummer feeder and "yikes", it were covered with bees eat'n up all the food. They was stick'n their heads all the way in them little holes what are designed for humming birds, not bees. Up in a tree I spied a humming bird nest. That's number two in my 60 some odd years. I stoled one from Calif. back in 03, but the damn cat put a hurt'n on it what I had to reshape and spray it with hair spray. With a "momma" sit'n on her eggs. I suppose this means I'm gonna be a grandpa again.
Turned on the tube just to hear the noise and low and behold....a golf tournament. Not that I would spend the day watch'n golf....but I did. In fact, I watched the whole thing and when them wet mop broom commercials came on, I switched channels. Well lookie here....more golf. Yep, all day.
Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout a mater plant. It grow'n like a weed. Gonna be eat'n mater sandwiches in no time.
That's it folks....that was my day.


  1. Billy Bob you lead a very enviable life!! You get up when you want and you get to do whatever suits you best on any particular day.

    Too bad about your humming bird feeder. Looking forward to seeing how your tomatoes do.

    If I am not being noisy and if you choose to answer I was wondering how you came to hear about Terlingua?

  2. Try putting a pie pan with sugar water near the humming feeder to draw the bees... I works!! I had the same issue with Wasp one year and found that trick.

  3. Ok Ben, I gonna try that, but the only place I can put the pie pan is on the ground under the feeder.