Monday, May 18, 2009

A Bummer & A Winner

Yesterday was a "bummer". After my usual 2 hour "get that other eye open", I decided it was time to check that leak. First thing I did was remove the "dog house" cover for the engine. In doing so, my back went "click" and old Billy Bob was on the floor. Took my right leg right out from under me. After checking "stuff" on the engine, I hobbled outside and put my gauge on the low pressure port and low and behold....it had pressure. HUH???? There ain't supposed to be pressure when ya got a leak. Cranked the engine and put the a/c on hi cool and low and behold.....it were cold. New ball game now!!! Oh, by the way, I was a refrigeration mechanic for 30 years before I retired, so I knows a little about what I'm do'n. How bout a hi temp. cut out??? Or a hi press. cut out??? What about them fans....I ain't never hear them run?? Now all I need is some hot weather to check "that" out.
Not only did I hurt my back yesterday...what is better today, I was sick all night long. Ain't gonna tell ya what I ate for lunch......it would make ya sick.
Today I got a very important chore done....before noon. I did my dishes. Well, most of them.
Went off to Home Depot and bought me one them topsy turvy thingys along with a "mater" plant and some dirt. Old Billy Bob gonna be grow'n "der'maters" in his motorhome. Put it all together and then I read instructions. Rather than take it all apart again, we gonna try it like it is. I mean, the roots be in dirt....what more does it need? Gave 'er a drink and hung it up.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your back going out but glad you are feeling better.

    I have heard or rather read on several blogs that they have purchased topsy turvy's. I was tempted to buy one myself but decided against it because we have an ant infestation in Del Rio, those critters are everywhere.

    Will see how those tomatoes turn out and may give it a try next year.

    Lol, typical man...never reads instructions!!!