Sunday, May 31, 2015

I like birds.....government housing

Ok, early post today. Ya see, I was up at 4am toss'n an' turn'n, so decided it was best to brew me up a pot (5am). A strong one. Sit out on "da deck" sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n. Deming is right at 1400 miles to the west.

Had I not brewed up that pot, I could be half ways across Alabama by now (7:45am) headed for south Texas. That's what happens when a bad case of depression kicks in for no reason....ya want to git the hell out of Dodge.

Let me splain what I'm talk'n bout. My "homebase" is in Texas. My mail arrives in Texas. My bank is in Texas. My vehicles are registered in Texas. I'm "old" an' chang'n all that stuff would take me bout 2 or 4 years. I don't rush into things ya know. I MUST be back in Texas before January 31st for the state inspection on the "billy jeep". I Must be back in Texas before September 31st for the state inspection on "Sally da house". Just those two items cause undue stress an' undue stress causes depression.

Depression aside, the bird condominium is [this] close to be'n reinstalled up top of the gate post. Them birds are gonna love their new refurbished government (Uncle Billy Bob) housing.

As my back is still not pain free, took me up a handfull of pain pills, Robert changed out the gate post for me. 4 x 6 in place of a 4 x 4. Dug that sucker up an' cemented the new one in. He's such a good boy. If'n things work out, the gate will be reversed today.....hinged on the left instead of the right. Open in new direction. Think'n I can do that without Robert's help.Wanna see a pic....wait till I'm done...Ok???

I been try'n my best to keep busy "do'n stuff" (little projects) so's I ain't sit'n on my ass all day long. It seems to help, but once the gate is hung, I'm out of projects. "I know, let's sit down, sip up a cup an' think bout it".

Ok, that's it for today. Is golf on the TV today??? Oh wait, I got birds wait'n on me......dang!! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Medical record for the doc

Ok, my doctor tole me to keep a record of what's go'n on in my back on a daily basis. That means you will be exposed to the good an' the bad 'cause you read my blog. If'n ya don't want to hear bout my aches an' pains, give my doctor a call....BR-549.

I got me a email from a "caring" follower what tried to splain to me what these procedures do an' how they work. She was right on with what the doc tole me. This first procedure is only supposed to last for 2 weeks before it wears off.
Now, bout them pills for my feet....300mg gabapentin. They are a seizure medication an' for neuropathic pain. Don't even ask, I don't know. But, it does seem to help with my feet pains.  Swelling still persists.

Yesterdays hip pain levels increased to bout a number 7 by mid afternoon while I was work'n on a bird condominium. A two story complex with 12 single bedroom air conditioned apartments. Gonna be some happy birds fly'n round "yo mama's".

That's the extent of my sxcitement for the last few days. Maybe next week things will be better.


Friday, May 29, 2015

No wait....I ain't fixed yet.

Ok, yesterdya's post was somewhat worded wrong. I was intend'n to just write bout the procedure I went through....nuttin else. When I said I was feel'm good, I should have left that out. By the end of the day, I was in a bunch of pain.

But, bout 10:30 last night I climb out od the "that chair" an' sit down in my office chair. The pains subsided. How comes I don't know. This morn'n when I get up, I don't have no pains. Now, a couple three hours later, my hip has pain in it. As yesterday, not as bad as before the needles.

Anyhows, the doctor I was gonna call this morn'n has been put on hold. I'll wait out the two weeks an' see how I feel after that time. Could be good, could be bad. But still better than before the shots.

I got a little project....turn a big ol' 12 foot yard gate around (hinge from other side). Dig up a 4 x 4 post an' replace it with a 4 x 6 post. The bigger post will hold up the hinge side of the gate....heavy ass gate. As with any project I start, with Robert anywheres close by, he said he would do all the dig'n. Kind of like he did on MY "Billy Bob" deck project. Ha, I didn't even get to screw in 1 screw. I don't get to do nuttin on my own.

Have done no repairs on "Sally da house". Although there are a couple that need done pretty soon before things get worser. Have decided for sure that I am gonna replace the vinyl flooring in the kitchen an' living area. Ain't a thing wrong with what I got other than it needs to be extended 2 feet further forward with no joints 8' X 14'. May change color an' design....keep up with the Jones. "Break out the duck tape Billy Bob".
By the way, the vinyl flooring is "loose lay" vinyl. Ya don't glue it down, ya use double sided tape especially made for this kind of job an' this kind of vinyl. Not many people know that....just thought I'd let ya know.

With all the rains for the last week, I've pretty much had to remain inside "da house" But today, there's a ton of sunshine out there. Time to do something. Ha ha, maybe go sit on "da deck", sip up a cup an' do some think'n.

Oh yeah, did I tell ya I bought two mater plants? They bout a week or so old now. Man boy howdy, you should see them suckers grow. Since 5/23 they growed right bout 3 1/2 inch. Got a little yeller flower on one an' a tiny little mater on the other. Big Boys an' Better Boys. Opps, somebody eat my little yeller flower.

Ok, it's later now, got to take me up a pain pill for my hip. This is what I'm talk'n bout....it ain't fixed yet. 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Update......Grrrrrrr...Procedure #1 is complete

Wiping tears from my eyes, but let me get to the begin'n first.

We showed up 30 minutes early for my appointment, think'n like a dumb ass, that they would call my name early. Ha ha, forget any idea like that. I asks the nice receptionist lady if'n I had time to go outside an' light up a smoke....Oh yes, you have PLENTY of time". Two smokes later, it's com'n up on 5pm an' my butt is hurt'n from sit'n in that waiting room chair for so long. I'm think'n I'm up next. WRONG!!!!

5:15 my name is called. I go sit in a little room for another 20 or 30 minutes. Now the good part. A wonderful nurse comes in an' says "are you ready for this"? An' she stabs a needle on my hand. One the gentlest stabs I ever feel. Sit some more. I hear cars start'n up outside, think'n the doctor is on his way home an' done forget all bout the old Billy Bob sit'n here. Get'n close to 6pm, I hear the maintenance man clean'n rooms....think'n I hear light switches go'n off an' the front door lock be'n activated. Ha, even Robert opened the little roon door to see if'n lights were still on. 

Here come another nurse....."let's go, follow me". Great big room with all kind of instruments in it...Undo yer pants an' lay yer ass right here". That weren't her exact words, but you know how I operate. The "guy" comes in, grabs holt to some kind of big ass rods an' stand's over my back. "Hey" I says..."my sedative, what about my sedative"? Girl makes a face an' injects me (in the already inserted needle). I'm wait'n to go to sleep. I'm wide awake when I feel a needle enter my poor little body. Hmmmm, that ain't so bad.....I get 3 more. He's done....leaves the room. I'm say'n "what the hell", less than 10 minutes after wait'n all freak'n afternoon.

I ask's the nice girl, "how long does it take for that injected stuff to start to work"? She say's...."while we're walk'n down the hall".

We get in the truck an' heads down the road to a eat'n place. I'm starve half to death. Robert says...."how ya feel daddy". I says...."I'm all excitis, I feel great". That was before the sedative wored off. I got this slight pain in my hip. I called a service station a station wagon....."have you lost yer mind Billy Bob"?

We ate till I got stomach pains.....I rip a 3 foot fart....we gotta go. Still pretty much pain free for the next couple hours....then the hip start hurt'n again. Sit in "that chair" for a few hours....falled slap asleep. Wake up, hip hurt. Go to bed at 3:30am.....sleep like a baby. Wake up, not bended over, straight like a board.....my hip hurt.

Now I ain't talk'n no big hurt like I had before, but a uncomfortable hurt. I'm think'n the shots were either placed in the wrong places or they should'a give me one more to fix the hip. Since this is a 2 week test, I'll bear with the uncomfort for that time. But you can batcha I'll be tell'n the doc bout it.

That was the good news, an' that were the bad news. But I am in so much better shape today than I was for the last 15 years. I can live with that.

Ok, it rained like hell in Texas. Now it's rain'n like hell in Georgia, but not near as bad. If'n I was to go outside an' walk around, I would be sop'n wet in nuttin flat. My poor deck is soaked. *think'n warped plywood* Why the hell didn't I cover it with tar paper under the rug thingy?

Grrrrrrrr...., do you know how pisses off this Google shit makes me??? Why does it not update?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update....Shoot'n up

Well shoot, I missed a post yesterday. But it really don't matter much, it were bout a bout of "sick like a dog" an' thought I was gonna die.

Today is procedure day. Gonna get me some shots in my back if'n you ain't been pay'n attention or ya ain't never been here before. Sure do hope these shots do me some good in the pain relief. Only wished they would last longer.

After what I read from a couple friends on Facebook that had back surgery, I sure am glad that surgeon last year didn't cut me open. Ain't no more to say bout that.

Will let ya know the outcome tomorrow. Procedure is at 3pm this afternoon. 

I ain't gonna spend much time with a update. I wanna go outside an' do some jump'n jacks before it gets dark.
I ask the nice lady, "how long does it take for the back solution stuff work". She says..."while we're walk'n down the hall".

Monday, May 25, 2015

I got a deck...

Just a little bout how much better I feel since I've been back in Georgia. I'm think'n most my stress was left back in Texas. It's good to have full days without any stress ya know. When I get up in the morn'n, there ain't none that "worry bout this worry bout that". If ya ever had any stress in YOUR life, you got a pretty good idea what I'm talk'n bout. Feels good don't it????

My depression level is also way down. I still don't know what's in store for me for the rest my life, but I have a ton of options. I wake up ever morn'n an' "I give a shit", where not long ago, I didn't give a shit one way or the other.

Bout 5 days ago I was sit'n in my "that chair" (recliner) an' I got to think'n.....I don't like sit'n outside on a hill side (my campsite has a incline on it). I got the idea of a "level" deck up under the awning. Drawed it up an' guesstimated the cost. I can afford that....$180 turn key.

Yesterday, me an' Robert headed off to Home Depot an' pick up some lumber an' screws.....$171 dollar worth. I brag to everbody how good I was at estimating costs. Damn I was close. I do that at Walmart too.

Back at the house, Robert back the truck up, jump out an' he grab holt to a sheet of plywood an' throws it on the ground. "No Robert, stack it right here". Ha, the boy thinks I'm gonna walk 20 feet for a piece of wood. I sit in my camp chair an' I drill me some pilot holes in a 12 foot 2 x 6 for the 3" screws what hold the seven 8 foots 2 x 6 stringers on 2 foots centers.

Now let me tell ya bout how Robert operates. "Let me git that daddy". "Sit down daddy, I'll git that". So, the project I was gonna do all by myself is now a completed 8 x 12 foots level deck. Man boy howdy let me tell ya, I don't have to sit on a hillside no more.

 That's my chair next to the door.

Everthing is within half a bubble on the 4 foot level. Good job Robert....with the supervisory help of the old Billy Bob. Damn, that boy won't let me do nuttin.

Today was to be a special day. Son Jesse is hav'n a cookout an' swim party at his house. Granddaughter Wesley graduated high school....that what the party for. Well, when I fall out of bed this morn'n, I ain't in no condition to go nowheres. The party is a 6 to 8 hour affair an' there ain't no way I can handle that. I'm think'n one on one time would be sooo much better with my issues.

Speak'n of issues....the doctor prescribed me some meds to help my feet...numbness an' pains. Well I been tak'n them pills an' holy cows...."you sleep too much Billy Bob". Normally, I sleep 6 or 7 hours. With the pills, I been hit'n 8, 9 an' 10 hours of never wake up one time sleep. But then, with all the company I get ever day, I don't get no naps. 

Ok, I think I'll stop right here an' maybe come back tomorrow....if'n I got something to write about that is.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Life at "Yo Mama's RV Resort"

Ok, I'm camped on a slope. One leg needs to be shorter than the other. I need a bulldozer to fix that. But instead, I'm gonna build me a "snap together" 8 X 12 foots deck. When I break camp, the deck is simply unscrewed an' stowed in pieces....3 sheets plywood an' 7 2 x 6's. You can watch me build it if'n ya want.
"Robert, take me to Home Depot".  

Man boy howdy. Do ya remember what I was tell'n ya bout old folks an' the younger folks when they get together. Once ya get to talk'n, ya may as well go sit in a corner. Them younger folks ain't gonna listen to a word us older folks has got to say. Yesterday I had me a yard full. Me, "Yo Mama" an' HIL Harry just sit there, shrug our shoulders an' says...."What the hell"? An' dogs, let me tell ya bout dogs....there was 8 of 'em run'n round bout a hunnert mile a hour, yap'n at each other, jump'n up in laps.....bark'n anything that moves. I love my daughter an' 4 grandkids, but they been here long enough....they gotta go.

The Weber grill legs were all completed an' installed. Works perfect either in the siting position or the standing position. The PVC legs fit snug enough that if'n you pick up the grill to move it, the legs don't fall out. I done that many times with grills....dad gum leg fall out an' make me go into a cuss'n mode.
To answer on commenters question..."is there enough heat on the legs to soften 'em up an' all the goodies fall on the ground when the grill falls over"? Nope, there ain't. I checked that before I decided on PVC legs versus aluminum. 

I fall slap to sleep in my camp'n chair. Took me a hour nap, Waked up an' I got to have me some aspirin right now. Damn I hurted. A couch pillow was added to my camp'n chair....Oh, so much better.

We builded a campfire. Five of us sit round that fire eat'n delivered pizza. I start tell'n stories. Damn, my stories are sooo much better when I write 'em. I ain't no story teller. It's hard to add the required spices, herbs an' fancy words when ya ain't got no time to think.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Had me some family company, a ton of dogs to pet...an' to yell at "git off me", 3 big ol' pizzas an' a freak'n campfire....yes, I enjoyed that.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dizzy an' cain't walk.....for a while

I'll attempt to write something today. I was in no condition yesterday to even push a key on the keyboard.

Ya see, it was like this.....I got a notice pop up in my screen what said I need to install some upgrades. So I went to look see what them upgrades was. Most were security upgrades, but there was a whole bunch of other stuff. I got to think'n....maybe that other stuff might fix my ailing computer. So's I decided I would give it a try. (As of this morn'n, my curser is do'n what its supposed to do...no jump'n all over the screen)

It was 9:20pm when I hit the upgrade button....shit started download'n. 870 some megs of shit. I'm watch'n TV an' punch'n keys on the computer while all that stuff downloads. It's now 11:30pm an' the sucker just now starts install'n all that stuff. I dose off in my office chair. Slouched over with my chin on my chest, I'm in LaLa land for the rest the night.

When I wake up the next morn'n, I see two computers sit'n on my desk. My eyes is crossed an' I'm dizzy like a sum-a-gun. Computer screen is black.....it had done went to sleep too. I bring it to life an' push a button to restart an' it start do'n it's thing. "Do not turn off computer"....stuff like that....for another almost a hour

I need coffee an' I got to pee really bad. I cain't stand up. I ain't got no feel'n in my feet. I'm wobbly as hell, but I make it to the Mr Coffee to brew me up 8 cups of extra strong coffee. I need it. Do my pee thing, warsh my teeths an' brush my hair....coffee is done. I ain't sleep'n in THAT chair no more. For the next two hours, I see two of everthing....but it's get'n better. I scramble up 3 great big eggs. By 12:30 I'm ready to go outside an' sit an' jaw with Robert, "Yo Mama", HIL Harry an' Chewey.

I start do'n things. Hobby related, I peel some the paint off'n the bottom of the stern wheeler boat. I was in hopes that the paint had just buckled up an' all I had to do was repaint it. Nope, the little wood strip planking is warped. I'm think'n from expansion an' contraction. Ain't no way water got in the hull 'cause it is water tight. Now I'm to the point where I may just put it on the shelf an' never put it in the water again. I bought an' spent a year build'n this boat for remote control, not to sit on a shelf for the rest it's life. Decisions decisions.

This morn'n I waked up at 9:15. What the hell, this ain't right for Georgia....I git up here somewheres between 7am an' 8am. This leads me to my new pills the good doctor ordered for my feet. Been tak'n 'em four days now. I'll try 'em a few more days an' see what happen.

Have ya ever make legs for a Weber Q??? The legs in Weber are a perfect height if'n you are a "stand up" griller. But the old Billy Bob ain't one of them. I sit beside my grill. But that means ever time I want to chek my stuff, I got to stand up. Shorter legs....yeah, that what I need. Google....there are no replacement legs to cut off an' I still want to keep the longer "stand up" legs. "Robert, go to Home Depot an' pick me up some 3/4 inches PVC conduit". Do ya know how to bend PVC pipe without screw'n it up? I do. Ya see, ya fire up the grill on low an' let the temp come up to bout 300 to 350 degs. Place the area ya want to bend in the grill. Make sure it ain't lay'n on the super hot grate. It will soften to a bendable state in bout 5 minutes. But ya gotta watch it so's it don't get too soft. Carefully do your bends an' let it cool. Ya may want to wear a pair of gloves.

 Walla, ya got a leg for a Weber Q120.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yes I'm excitis

Well shoot, I should'a wrote yesterday. I done forgot what I was all excitis bout.

Ha ha ha....I ain't forgot, I was just mess'n with ya. Speak'n of mess'n, there's some people ya cain't mess with. I ain't got none of them on my blog. Ha, they all over there in Mr. Jone's swim pool. But I did encounter a few on Facebook when I was mess'n with Tracey. That's nephew Frank's wife. Some dad gum lady got all wadded up in her panties....or something like that, just 'cause I said a size 4 was perfect for a five foots tall woman.

Tuesday morn'n me an' Robert took off to the little town of Dallas. You can leave Texas out of the conversation at this time. The doctor was in a good mood....smile, shake hands, look at my MRI on the computer screen an' says...."Oh, I remember you". We discuss the procedure again an' I asks the two questions that I wanted to ask. Important questions. "Will I still have feeling in my right leg after he kills the nerves". He says well sure you will. Ya see, back when I was in the VA hospital, they was gonna shoot alcohol in my back to kill the nerves. That VA doctor said I would have no feeling in my leg. Well shoot, if'n I drilled a hole on my leg, I wouldn't even know it. If'n a pit bull was chew'n on my leg, I wouldn't feel a thing. With all the drill'n, saw'n, hammers an' chisels I work with on my lap, I want to know when I tear into that leg. That took care of question #1.

Question #2 deals with my deadly fear of needles. Ha, my second marriage was postponed 3 1/2 years all over a blood test. "Will I be sedated when he sticks them needles in my back"? Just in case ya don't know, the old Billy Bob don't like pain neither. He says yes you can if'n ya want it. Think'n needle, I ask him bout swaller'n a pill to sedate me. He said yes.....but he don't recommend that method 'cause of complications. That's all he had to say, I'll be look'n at a butterfly needle crammed into one my poor ol' innocent "hands up don't shoot" blood veins. He better have him a nice nurse that has compassion for us old folks. 

Next Wednesday is my next appointment. Gonna do phase #1, what is a test procedure. Shoot some stuff in there an' see if'n he shoots it in the right places.....three places. I'll go back home an' see what my pain levels are...write 'em down ever day. Ya see, he wants to know for sure he has the correct nerves before he kills 'em. Ain't no sense kill'n a nerve that ain't caus'n no pain.

I'm think'n, two weeks after that, I'll be back for the kill'n procedure. But the good doctor quickly changed my think'n on that idea. He says...."we gonna see how long it gonna last". Two weeks, a month, 3 months or maybe a year. After that, there's procedure #2. Don't even ask 'cause I don't know. Something like the first procedure an' "see how long it lasts". Last resort, procedure #3, radiofrequency ablation, is to kill the nerves.

Anyhows, I like this doctor a whole bunch. He's a human, although he a young human an' he's at the bottom of the list for whats left to fix my back. I'll just leave it up to him an' see what happens. Dang, next Thursday I may be able to walk around the yard pain free. But I ain't gonna bet more than a dollar on it. An' I don't mind los'n a dollar.

Tug boat is all put back together. Batteries are all charged up an' ready for the first test run at the lake just up the road a piece, bout 10 mile.

While I was sit'n outside at the hobby table nephew Frank give me, I got up an' yank the Mississippi stern wheeler slap off'n the wall. I start yank'n stuff out that boat, parts everwheres....we gonna redo all the electronics an' wiring. I'm think'n a trip to the hobby shop an' spend me some pocket change. Sure would be cool to have both boats at the lake at the same time. I'll also take the "bubba boat" along just in case a boat gets stranded out on the lake. Paddle out an' git that sucker. Hmmmmm, wonder if'n that tug boat can pull the "bubba boat"?

Ok, that was my excitement for the last couple days. Now I got to go outside an' give the Mississippi river boat a bath. See ya at the lake.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dad gum it Billy Bob, post something!!!

Today's post has to be extended until another day. But, I have wonderful news from my doctors appointment I can hardly wait to tell ya bout. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ballast installed in the tug boat

Only reason for a post today is....something excit'n happened. That dad gum tug boat has been filled with somewhere's bout 7500 bb's an' it sits in the water 1/8 of a inch from the water line.

Ya see, here's what I did. I took me a old empty aspirin bottle, a big one, an' I checked to make sure it fit in the bow of the boat....that's that's the front in case ya don't know. I fill it bout 2/3rds full. Oppps, just a tad too much.....removed 437 bb's. Sissy's formula works perfect for count'n bb's.

In the stern of the boat, I poured a gob of bb's into the hull bottom, adjust'n as I go along.

That's bout a inch of bb's right there.....

 We sit'n good on the water line....right at 1/4 inches below. Then I mix up some of the fiberglass resin an' I pours it on top the bb's. Put it back in the water.....look'n good. Then I put the motor back in.....stern goes down a bit. Bow looks great, but can always add or remove bb's from the aspirin bottle. Shoot, we ready for a test run in the little lake down the road a piece. "Ya got to charge the batteries Billy Bob....charge the batteries". Tug boat weighs right at 10 pounds....heavy sucker.

That was my excitement for yesterday. Then I lay back in "that chair" an' I thought I was gonna die right there. "Sum-body gimme a light, I need a smoke". Cough cough wheeze wheeze....gasp'n for air.

Had me a freak'n nightmare bout them dad gum big ass needles again. That sucker was big as a railroad spike an' they drive it in my back with a sledgehammer. God I hate needles. I'm gonna suggest/request sedation but don't figger they will do that. Oh wait, sedation is delivered with a needle. "Ain't no way round it Billy Bob, they gonna stab ya with a big ass needle an' you gonna feel it".  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Still alive an' kick'n....barely

The awning is out an' producing shade. How long will a duct tape repair last....shoot, I don't know. The floor is sweeped.

A kiddy swim pool was filled yesterday an' we placed the tug boat in it. It turned over. The battery mount was removed an' the battery placed on the bottom of the boat. It didn't turn over (lower center of gravity). The motor an' motor control was removed an' two 1" holes drilled in the motor mount. 3000 bb's were placed in the holes (ballast). A mixture of fiberglass resin was mixed an' poured in the holes to form a solid block of bb's. A float test was performed. My God, it's gonna take bout 5000 more bb's before the tug boat settles out on the water line. Actually, with the weight of 1 bb, it should take 7500 bb's to ballast the tug boat to the waterline. Do ya know how long it takes to count 7500 bb's???

The trim piece and seal under the front slide out were inspected. There's a possibility the slide out will NOT have to be removed to repair all that tore up stuff. But it won't be done today.

One of my electric heaters has bit the dust....to a normal person it has. But with the old Billy Bob on the scene, it will be fixed.....that simple. I mean, like how hard can it be to disassemble a electric heater, repair a set of burned contacts an' put that sucker back together.....with only a few screws left over?

Tensions are high. Ever time I see a needle make a appearance on the TV, I am cover'n my eyes an' flip'n channels. Kind of like a girl watch'n a old time horror movie. I don't like needles. Follow up doctor appointment is Tuesday. Not too nervous bout that, but when I get them big ass needles stuck in my back....Yooow-eeeee, I'm gonna faint. You can say all ya want bout needles an' how there ain't nuttin to it, but you ain't walk'n in MY sandals.

Let's talk bout blogs for a minute. Blogs ain't what they was just a few years ago. Hand held devices has a lot to do with that. People are put'n their computers in a closet an' do'n all their internet stuff on a smart phone. This equals less people read'n blogs. In case ya didn't know, blogs don't show up what ya write on your blog. At least mine don't.

Then there's the blogger themselfs, they don't write like they used to do. This is caused by readership...why write it if'n nobody is gonna see (hand helds), or read it. When you're old an' sick an' cain't do nuttin no more an' then ya write bout it, there ain't nobody wants to read that kind of stuff. I'm guilty an' old an' sick....chalk up a dy'n blog.

So here what I been think'n. Cut back on blog posts. Just write bout something excit'n when something excit'n happens. Or maybe when I find me a new project to be involved with. I like writ'n bout projects.

Ok, I'm out of here. Got the tug boat ballast project to work on ya know.     

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Holy cows....let's do something

If there was any excitement yesterday, I don't recall any of it. An' "hell no, I didn't git no housework done".

Yesterday was one of them days....hurt like a sum-a-gun all day long. But, this morn'n, I feel soooo much better. I'm think'm I could take a walk around Home Depot or Walmart....spend some pocket change.

"Yo Mama's" surgery didn't go as expected. She's fine an' back home. But, she had to wait for hours after her appointment time before they cut her open. Think'n she' gonna be a bit grouchy for the next few days.

Ok, I ain't got nuttin more to say. Get'n ready for a trip to town....pick up some parts an' just cruise the streets.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Third day in Georgia...whoop-dee-doo

Well here it is another day already an' all I been do'n is sit'n on my buttocks when I should be do'n stuff. By do'n stuff, I'm mean like maybe sweep an' mop the floor, make up the bed, vacuum the dead bugs off my desktop.....you know what I'm talk'n bout....freak'n housework. God I hate housework.

Cat is buried out there in the neighbors yard. Well, it ain't really the neighbors yard, but it'n not "Yo Mama's" property. Ya might say it's buried in the woods. Grandson Nick was kind enough to do that for his papaw. He's a good boy. At least the little kitten got 5 days of cuddles an' lov'ns from me an' Robert.

Holy cows, it was cold last night....58 freak'n degs. Would you believe if'n I tole you I turn on a heater last night? Was a nice comfortable 68 degs in "da house" this morn'n. Sleeped like a baby.

From the storm that hit south Texas. This is the street in front of "El Rancho Abraham's" (Billy Bob's camp'n site). Had I not left 2 days early, I would have been slap dab in the middle that storm. The old Billy Bob does make a good decision once in a while.

Darling daughter Doris drop by a bit ago an' brung me a piece of cake she baked. She's tak'n "Yo Mama" to her morn'n shoulder surgery. Robert is go'n too. Hope all goes well. Let ya know later.

Ok, that's the only new news I can think of right now. I'm gonna do something here in a bit. Don't know what, but it's probly very important I get it done. God I hate housework.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update....kitty died....That cat...."77"

That dad gum cat. I had'a feed that sucker at 4am. I was sit'n there in "that chair" ya know...snooz'n. Had that cat cuddle up next to me. Have ya ever hear a cat scream SCREAM? "Daddy, feed me right now". This is one loud cat.

It's now 11:15am an' that cat is still in deep sleep. Ha, had to wake it up to see if'n it was still alive. Then I feed the cat....15ml of store bought kitty milk stuff with a little store bought kitty "titty" bottle thingy. Thanks to DIL Mandi. Oh yeah Mandi, thanks also for the litter box, scooper an' high dollar "Tidy Cats" litter stuff.

Now, bout this cat. Do I really want another cat or don't I? I like cats an' all that stuff,  but rais'n a cat creates stress. That's one thing I don't need. Like try'n to depart a RV park at check out time. You ain't gonna depart until that cat is ready to come inside. Ya gotta spend a hour look'n for that sucker. Walk'n through your over easy eggs to get to your glass of milk. Steal'n a filet of fish off the counter while you're cook'n supper. Dig'n toenails in your legs while climb'n in your lap go'n down the road bout a hunnert mile a hour . But anyhows...stress sucks. I'll try this for a few days or a couple weeks. If'n it don't work out, Robert an' Mandi will be the proud owners of another cat.
Cat's name will NOT be Seventi Seven (77)".

Yesterday I had to lay back. I was in terrible pain. Come [this] close to fall down more than once. Oh yeah, follow up doctor appointment next Tuesday. Sure do wished they could find a fix that would last more than 8 months. But I GOT to do something, even if'n it is only temporary.

Bout that back surgery I was soooo much want'n to get last year. I have a lady friend that had back surgery a few months back. Same thing I was gonna have. She was released from the hospital a few days ago after her second surgery with 45 staples in her back. Something like that.....she may never dance again.

Ha, cat just decided my bare feet was the place to take a nap. Man, them toenails are sharp.

Had to make a temporary repair to the tored awning yesterday. Duck tape an' super glue. Shoot, it look like it might last a couple years. Awning is up an' provid'n shade on my camp site. 

"Yo Mama" is scheduled for shoulder surgery tomorrow. Poor girl. I rekon I'm gonna be tak'n care of her this year instead of her tak' n care of me. HIL (husband in law) works dur'n the day an' Robert has things to do....work'n with son Billy today.  

By the way, Billy come by yesterday an' we have us a great visit. Daddy son time for bout 4 or 5 hour. He's a good boy.

Ok, it's time to start me up a "Fix Sally da house" list. Hope we don't have to pull (remove) the slide out again. But, the repairs have got to be done.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something excit'n to write bout. I guess I would need to do something excit'n before I can write bout it. Dad gum lawn tractor is locked up so I cain't cut no grass. I like tractors.

Well shoot, poor little kitty took his last breath. Don't know what happened, but he just laid down an' died. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Georgia trip

Into the start of my 14th year of full time RV'n, I'm bout wored slap out. I base this on my experiences of "go'n down the road" for the last 4 years. They ain't been all that easy like they supposed to be.

I rekon I can give ya a little recap of the trip from south Texas to Georgia, but it ain't gonna be nuttin excit'n. It all started back at "el Rancho Abraham's RV Resort". We had a awning to roll up. A new awning will be ordered in the next few days. Ya see, when ya leave a awning out an' the winds get up, the awning material will stretch on the windward side. Then, when ya roll it up, it don't roll straight, due to the stretched material. An' when that happens, the locking arms refuse to assume the locking position. Go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour, that dad gum awning could all a sudden unroll itself an' probly gonna do some serious damage. Adjustments was attempted. The awning now has a couple small tears on each end....what will eventually make their way all the ways down the roller bar thingy to the other end. We forced it to the locking position.

The State inspection was no problem at all like I done tole you a few days ago. Nice lady. We hit the road, highway 77 north with a changeover at Rockdale onto highway 79 north. Along the way we stopped for a pee break at a picnic area. This is when Robert rescued the cat puppy from under "Sally da house".

Other than a storm up the road a piece, the entire trip was a piece of cake. Gas mileage a bit lower than what I like to see, but we made it all the ways to "Yo Mama's" in Geogia (1021 mile) on bout 120 gallons of gas.

Ok, I got a house full...cain't talk no more for a bit.......

 See....I tole you

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Have a happ all ya mama's out there

Here it is another day. Sun is shin'n through the winders an' I feel like crap this monr'n.

Ya see, I like to froze to death last night. It was a very comfortable 75 degs long bout 10:30pm when I reclined in "that chair". I'm gonna get me a good nights sleep. Then long bout 2am, freez'n cold air was blow'n in through the winders. I ain't got no blankie. Ain't no need to say any more.

Besides feel'n like crap, I don't feel worth a poop. I'm weak, my back hurts, I been do'n a couple cough'n fits an' my stomach is cry'n for a alka-seltzer. Ha, typical morn'n.

Be go'n down the road a piece here in a bit. One more fuel stop in Birmingham, Al. an' we be in Georgia lickity split. Some time this afternoon.

I ain't took no photos, so there ain't none of them to post. Ya see, once ya get east of Texas, there ain't nuttin to take photos of. Trees an' highway, that's it.

That's it for now. Got to get myself feel'n a bit better before we crank this thing up.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

"You travel too fast Billy Bob"....who me???

Well shoot, we haul'n. Left Sinton, Texas for the Texas safety inspection place just up the road a piece. Nice lady was eat'n a salad for lunch an' I tole her I was in a hurry t get out of town. That worked, she put down her fork an' wint out an' check all my lights, git on the computer, says "that'll be $7 an' have a good day. Ha, an' I was stress'n that "da house wouldn't pass inspection.

We got on Hwy 77 headed north by 11am I'm think'n it was. Stop at a picnic area an' discovered a cat scream'n "git me out of here". We now have a cat puppy on board. Since we was on hwy 77, Robert named it "Seventy Seven".....go figger. I'm guess'n 4 weeks old.

Stopped for gas.

That storm what Dizzy Dick said I would miss, let me tell ya bout a storm. We was 50 mile or so south of Tyler, Texas an' there was lightning, "A" bomb" thunder an' rain drops big as gallon jugs. Crus'n down the road bout 50 mile a hour.....cain't see squat. We sleeped on I-20 bout 400 mile up the road a piece. Rain for hours.

Some drizzle rain this morn'n, but by the time we got on the road (9:30am), it was clear skys. We headed east for Shreveport an' beyond.

Stopped for gas.

We are now half ways in the slap middle of Mississippi.....721 miles to be exact. That's not bad time for a second day. An' we gonna head on further down the road here in a bit. NO WAIT, no we ain't. We gonna stay right here until morn'n....only 280 miles to "Yo Mama's". Shoot, we gonna be there for "mama's" day.

The entire day, after the rains quit, has been a wonderful day. Not even a ounce of troubles. I can vouch for that.

See ya down the road a piece...tomorrow some time. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Update....we have a cat.....Storms forecasted.....on the road again

Storms forecasted for the area an' for the entire trip....gonna leave early.

Had terrible problems get'n the awning rolled up. Gonna replace.

See ya down the road a piece.

We have a cat. Only fount one...little bitty thing. Robert already named it "Seventi Seven".

Just fueled up 280 mile up the road. Gonna add another 90 miles here is a couple seconds. Rest Area on I-20...Tyler, Texas.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

When to break camp?

Hain't nobody interested, so there ain't a whole bunch I need to talk bout this morn'n. Things are go'n slow.

So slow, that it may be Monday before we hit the road. But that's bout what I was figger'n on anyhows. Now if'n Robert weren't here help'n me get stuff done, it would be a couple weeks for me alone.

Once I crank up "Sally da house" it's gonna be a bit over 400 mile before we out of the state of Texas. On a normal, one man driv'n, that's two days. With Robert jump'n behind the wheel, we should be out of Texas in nuttin flat. Something like bout 12 hours....count'n rest stops, fill'n the gas tank, eat'n a sammich an' let'n Sadie Mae go pee an' poop.

A trip was made to Port Aransas yesterday. Pick up my mail, buy up some smokes an' drop by the bank for some pocket change. Robert ain't been to Port Aransas in bout 20 years, so we done a "tourist" thing. Cruise through town an' head down to the beach. The beach sucked. Winds from out at sea has pushed all the Gulf of Mexico up on the beach roadway. Big ol' pot holes an' water everwhere. High tides all the way up to the dunes. Very few bikini clad chick-a-babys.

Ok, got things to do. Gotta keep Robert busy ya know.
See ya laters.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We busy!!!

Just a few lines today. We busy do'n stuff ya know. So far so good....ain't fount nuttin wrong that cain't be fixed later.

Kind of sorta think'n bout pull'n out of here in the next couple, three or 5 days. Who knows? "Sally da house" is git'n a bath as we speak. Robert is such a good boy.....long as he listen to his daddy, everthing gonna be just fine.

Ok, that's it. That's all I gonna say. See ya laters. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

He arrived safe an' sound

Ha ha, nobody read what I write no more. The right side tires was off the pavement....dirt an' dust fly'n. Mail boxes so close I could read return addresses on letters in them mail boxes. Cars passed us on the left an' never cross the center line. An' I do recall Robert tell me he would never ever drive another motorhome as long as he live.

Just like a truck driver, driv'n a motorhome ain't no different than driv'n a family car. Well, a stretch limousine would be more like it. One good thing bout driv'n a motorhome is, if'n you're go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour, people WILL move out your way. A MH is a big vehicle. Not as big as a 18 wheeler, but still big.....8 feet wide, plus a few inches (102 inches). This requires rid'n the center line an' stay'n on the pavement. Ain't nuttin to it....think Cadillac.

Boy howdy did I ever wake up in pain this morn'n. I had to pee so bad I thought I was gonna bust. My back hurted too. My eyes are all red an' water run'n out of 'em. Full of sand or something. My stress level is sit'n on a 11...out of a 10. Gonna be good to get today behind me.

I want you lookie here, I got freak'n dishes to warsh up again. This ain't right. Shoot, I ain't even finish put'n up them dishes I warshed up the other day.

Ok, that cursor thingy I "thought" I fixed a few days ago. Well you can forget that. This sucker is run'n all over the screen again. Jump'n up an' down, ain't go no control over it with the touchpad. How the hell do ya fix a "hyper" cursor???

Oh shit, Robert just pull up.....gotta go.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Yeee haw....one more day

Robert arrives tomorrow afternoon. In case ya didn't know, he's not arriv'n from Georgia, but from Dallas/Ft. Worth. By rental car. I can hardly wait.

You would think that when somebody offers to give ya a hand preparing a big ol' motorhome for a thousand mile trip, you would be all excitis. When Robert told me he would be the one to assist, excitement began to grow. Ha, that din't last long. The stress is kill'n me.....mak'n me sick like a dog. Cain't sleep. Pains intensify...."where's mey dad gum aspirin"?

Ya see, Robert skeers hell out me when he climbs behind the wheel of a motorhome. Our last experience, in "Alice", was when we were on a two lane back road with very little shoulder. Mailboxes was planted in the ground 4 feet from the pavement. Now I know how to drive on them kind of roads, but Robert....God only knows why we didn't take out a hunnert mailboxes. I were so tight I couldn't even fart....hold'n on for dear life. "Robert, git back on the road". I take a look see, he's 5 or 6 feet from the center line......damn boy!!!

Be'n that Robert has been away from home for the last couple three weeks, he's gonna be in a hurry to get to Georgia lickity split. I don't dare close my eyes while he is behind the wheel...."put it on a hunnert an' let 'er eat". I will be do'n all the driving I can. I'm think'n go'n into the morn'n of the forth day for the trip with a nice sleep over every night at some rest area or truck stop.

My inverter is burned up. But I done tole you that bout a year ago. Any computer time on the road we will run the generator....free A/C while it's run'n. Dang, I cain't believe I forgot to replace the inverter. Will do that in Georgia. Reinstall my old 2500 watt square wave an' be done with it. Shoot, I could run a a/c off that thing if it was a true sine wave. *technical talk*

Did too much yesterday. All the dishes are done an' I vacuumed an' warshed the dashboard. Applied a coat of Armorall on half of it before I couldn't go on no more. Finish that today. Floors were sweeped an' trash bag filled. Today I feel like I worked a 8 hour day. I ain't gonna do nuttin. Oh wait, yes I am....but "low an' slow". Think'n Weber here.

Ok, I better do something, even if it ain't right.   

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not much today....just stuff

Weather is just absolutely wonderful....."Hey Bubba, look, sunshine...warch this".

Speak'n of Bubba, I'm gonna take the "bubba boat" out of the "billy jeep" an' put it in a compartment under "Sally da house". Ya see, bout 8 mile from "Yo Mama's RV Resort" is this little lake. An' if'n I can get my back fixed up good enough, I can put the "bubba boat" in that lake an' go cruis'n. A slim possibility of catch'n me up a fish too. I've sat on the bank of that little lake before. Nuttin special, but very relax'n.

Also at that lake, there's this really nice little cove with fresh mowed grass, flowers, a few trees an' some benches to sit my ass down. Two remote control boats can be played with for hours on end. That sounds like fun.

Ok, that's the fun stuff for one day. I got me a eye problem again, an' it ain't fun at all. Water run out it an' it itch an' burn like hell. I got some eye drops, but I'm think'n they the wrong kind for what I got. They a lubricant.

Even with Robert gonna be here in a few days, I still ain't all excitis bout no trip to Georgia. In fact, I don't think I would be excitis if'n I was to go on a trip to Port Aransas. Now there was a time.....I could hardly wait for "roll time" the next morn'n. But them days are long gone an' I knowed this day was com'n. Live with it.

First thing I'm gonna do is make a appointment to kill some nerves. That will be a month ordeal, or possibly more. First thing they do is shoot some stuff in there an' ya keep a pain record for the next two weeks. That's to see if they get the right nerves. Then they shoot some other stuff in there that kills the nerves. Too bad it don't last very long. When I talked to Dr. Google, he tole me bout 8 months or so for the nerves to regenerate an' generate pain again. Shoot, in 8 months I plan to be back in Texas.

There are 3 other items that need looked into by a good doctor, or 3 good doctors. This brings me to the "not at all excitis" part. I don't know what they gonna find. Or how long it takes to fix 'em. Or even if they can fix it. I DON'T want to be "stuck in Georgia".

I don't much mention golf ball swak'n no more. The golf clubs are hung up on a wall in the bedroom. Maybe when Robert gets here, we can go swak a few.....help me find my ball out there in the woods. Dang I like golf ball swak'n.

Good to see Louie drop by yesterday.

Ok, it's get'n hot in "da house". Got a bunch of housework what needs to be finished from my start the other day. I don't get a whole bunch done when I start, so don't think I do a lot. Sheesh....these dishes is gonna take a couple hours. An' sweep the other half the floor....bout a hour. Dang, I work too hard. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Robert is on his way....yeee ha, help

Only news for today is that my son Robert will be here middle of next week.

I did over do it yesterday with housework. I'm in sad shape today. Like one my followers always says..."git on the road Billy Bob, you will be fine". Sure do wished it was that easy.....it ain't.

Friday, May 1, 2015

8 hours sleep....no help

Ok, we gonna try something different last night. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, get a full night sleep an' git up feel'n like a hunnert dollar bill.
Ha, that didn't work. An' my dad gum coffee don't taste worth a crap. What can be so dad gum hard bout brew'n up a great pot of coffee in the morn'n? I mean like, put some water in the pot, a new filter with the same amount of grounds as yesterday an' puuush the freak'n brew button. Sheesh!!!

It sure is hard to "go on" when ya don't feel good an' ya ain't got nobody to help ya out. I sure do wish I was in Georgia right now. Ever time I check something off'n my list, I add two. Leak'n winder an' front A/C added just a few days ago.

Ain't no further along with the trip to Georgia. Damn I dread this trip sooo much. I dread the thousand miles I got to drive. I dread the find'n a gas station to fill the gas tank. If'n I had me a piece of property, I would put "Sally da house" up on some concrete blocks an' say "to hell with it". That's how bad it's gotten in the last 6 months. Maybe once I hit the road I'll feel a little different. But right now, sit'n here in south Texas, I just don't give a shit one way or the other.
"Ha....you need therapy Billy Bob".

Oh, while I'm think'n bout it....my cursor works. It don't run all over the screen no more. The guy what tole me to delete that program an' reinstall it must a know what he was talk'n bout. Damn I hate Windows 8.1. I'm serious, I was think'n bout buy'n a new computer. All 'cause of that dad gum cursor.

Now, talk'n bout laptop computers. Them suckers is get'n smaller an' I'm want'n bigger. When I bought this one, there was only 3 17 inch laptops in Corpus Christi. I don't want no handheld device, I want a great big laptop.

Speak'n of laptops, I still got my old Vaio over there in a drawer in the dashboard. Sucker still works too.

Did me some more research on St John's wort. We gonna hold off on that stuff for a bit. Although I need it.
Depression sucks.

Ok, I bout covered all I want to say today. Ain't important to you, but it is me....git it out of my system. If things are good to me today, maybe I'll have a story for ya tomorrow. I still owe ya one ya know.

Wait a minute....I ain't gonna write the ferry boat versus sailboat again. Just click here, Sailboat Ferry. You will love it.