Thursday, May 28, 2015

Update......Grrrrrrr...Procedure #1 is complete

Wiping tears from my eyes, but let me get to the begin'n first.

We showed up 30 minutes early for my appointment, think'n like a dumb ass, that they would call my name early. Ha ha, forget any idea like that. I asks the nice receptionist lady if'n I had time to go outside an' light up a smoke....Oh yes, you have PLENTY of time". Two smokes later, it's com'n up on 5pm an' my butt is hurt'n from sit'n in that waiting room chair for so long. I'm think'n I'm up next. WRONG!!!!

5:15 my name is called. I go sit in a little room for another 20 or 30 minutes. Now the good part. A wonderful nurse comes in an' says "are you ready for this"? An' she stabs a needle on my hand. One the gentlest stabs I ever feel. Sit some more. I hear cars start'n up outside, think'n the doctor is on his way home an' done forget all bout the old Billy Bob sit'n here. Get'n close to 6pm, I hear the maintenance man clean'n rooms....think'n I hear light switches go'n off an' the front door lock be'n activated. Ha, even Robert opened the little roon door to see if'n lights were still on. 

Here come another nurse....."let's go, follow me". Great big room with all kind of instruments in it...Undo yer pants an' lay yer ass right here". That weren't her exact words, but you know how I operate. The "guy" comes in, grabs holt to some kind of big ass rods an' stand's over my back. "Hey" I says..."my sedative, what about my sedative"? Girl makes a face an' injects me (in the already inserted needle). I'm wait'n to go to sleep. I'm wide awake when I feel a needle enter my poor little body. Hmmmm, that ain't so bad.....I get 3 more. He's done....leaves the room. I'm say'n "what the hell", less than 10 minutes after wait'n all freak'n afternoon.

I ask's the nice girl, "how long does it take for that injected stuff to start to work"? She say's...."while we're walk'n down the hall".

We get in the truck an' heads down the road to a eat'n place. I'm starve half to death. Robert says...."how ya feel daddy". I says...."I'm all excitis, I feel great". That was before the sedative wored off. I got this slight pain in my hip. I called a service station a station wagon....."have you lost yer mind Billy Bob"?

We ate till I got stomach pains.....I rip a 3 foot fart....we gotta go. Still pretty much pain free for the next couple hours....then the hip start hurt'n again. Sit in "that chair" for a few hours....falled slap asleep. Wake up, hip hurt. Go to bed at 3:30am.....sleep like a baby. Wake up, not bended over, straight like a board.....my hip hurt.

Now I ain't talk'n no big hurt like I had before, but a uncomfortable hurt. I'm think'n the shots were either placed in the wrong places or they should'a give me one more to fix the hip. Since this is a 2 week test, I'll bear with the uncomfort for that time. But you can batcha I'll be tell'n the doc bout it.

That was the good news, an' that were the bad news. But I am in so much better shape today than I was for the last 15 years. I can live with that.

Ok, it rained like hell in Texas. Now it's rain'n like hell in Georgia, but not near as bad. If'n I was to go outside an' walk around, I would be sop'n wet in nuttin flat. My poor deck is soaked. *think'n warped plywood* Why the hell didn't I cover it with tar paper under the rug thingy?

Grrrrrrrr...., do you know how pisses off this Google shit makes me??? Why does it not update?


  1. Hey thats great that the pain is less than it was, sounds like you makin' progress!
    Soon you be out there dance the 2 step!!

    1. I think you read my post wrong George. Although in one area it's less pain, in the hip it's about the same. The hip was my main concern.
      Call'n doc tomorrow morning.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better than you have in a long time. And maybe the next time the doc will fix your hip!

  3. Hey! You're feeling better. Progress!

  4. hi BB.it's nice to here that you are felling better today than you have in 15 years . the worst was the waitting ,BB. can i suggest in 2 weeks when you go back to the doctor do not go early , a half hour later than your appointment time will make things fell much faster .

  5. Throughout the day, the pain progressed into much the same as before the needles in my back. Tonight, I have no evidence anything was done.