Friday, May 1, 2015

8 hours sleep....no help

Ok, we gonna try something different last night. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, get a full night sleep an' git up feel'n like a hunnert dollar bill.
Ha, that didn't work. An' my dad gum coffee don't taste worth a crap. What can be so dad gum hard bout brew'n up a great pot of coffee in the morn'n? I mean like, put some water in the pot, a new filter with the same amount of grounds as yesterday an' puuush the freak'n brew button. Sheesh!!!

It sure is hard to "go on" when ya don't feel good an' ya ain't got nobody to help ya out. I sure do wish I was in Georgia right now. Ever time I check something off'n my list, I add two. Leak'n winder an' front A/C added just a few days ago.

Ain't no further along with the trip to Georgia. Damn I dread this trip sooo much. I dread the thousand miles I got to drive. I dread the find'n a gas station to fill the gas tank. If'n I had me a piece of property, I would put "Sally da house" up on some concrete blocks an' say "to hell with it". That's how bad it's gotten in the last 6 months. Maybe once I hit the road I'll feel a little different. But right now, sit'n here in south Texas, I just don't give a shit one way or the other.
"Ha....you need therapy Billy Bob".

Oh, while I'm think'n bout it....my cursor works. It don't run all over the screen no more. The guy what tole me to delete that program an' reinstall it must a know what he was talk'n bout. Damn I hate Windows 8.1. I'm serious, I was think'n bout buy'n a new computer. All 'cause of that dad gum cursor.

Now, talk'n bout laptop computers. Them suckers is get'n smaller an' I'm want'n bigger. When I bought this one, there was only 3 17 inch laptops in Corpus Christi. I don't want no handheld device, I want a great big laptop.

Speak'n of laptops, I still got my old Vaio over there in a drawer in the dashboard. Sucker still works too.

Did me some more research on St John's wort. We gonna hold off on that stuff for a bit. Although I need it.
Depression sucks.

Ok, I bout covered all I want to say today. Ain't important to you, but it is me....git it out of my system. If things are good to me today, maybe I'll have a story for ya tomorrow. I still owe ya one ya know.

Wait a minute....I ain't gonna write the ferry boat versus sailboat again. Just click here, Sailboat Ferry. You will love it.  


  1. Keep plugging along, and soon you be feeling better, for sure.

  2. If worse comes to worse, try the St. John's Wort. But read the package insert (the one with microscopic print - use your magnifying glass) to make sure it doesn't conflict with something you are already taking.

    I'm sort of feeling like I don't want to travel any more. I know it's just a feeling now, but one of these days I'm going to hang it up. Gets boring sitting still for too long, though.

    1. Well Gypsy, just had a conversation with my son Robert. He will be here next week to help me "hit the road". That right there is pretty good depression medication.

    2. You have a good son. But then you already known that.

  3. Try the St. Johns Wort if you can. Cheap, and it might help. I've taken it in the past, as I got the stressors straightened out in my life.

  4. Tried all those things, St John's Wort, Melatonin, waster of time and money. But there's one for sleep i sure won't use, a prescription, that you can act normal while you're asleep, and not remember a thing. I had some and threw those away when i saw what they could do, think it's ambien, on Gene Simmons and the Family Jewels,,,