Thursday, April 30, 2015

Recipe right here.....have fun

Ok, as sick as I am an' weren't gonna post nuttin today.....here's the recipe.

Actually, I ain't a recipe cooker person. I cook by what looks good....like them veggies....Cajun gumbo veggies.

The first thing ya got to do is jump in the car an' go to Walmart. They got the good stuff. An' speak'n of good stuff, ya never use generic cheap crap in ANY thing ya cook. Go name brand. Who wants to eat green beans growed in Sadia Arabia or somewheres like that.

Ok, here's what yer gonna but, if'n you want a BIG pot of Billy Bob beef vegetable noodle stew soup.

2 1/2 pound chunk of beef. The cheap stuff with some marble an' some fat on it. The meat don't contain the flavor, the marble an' fat do.

Pick up a couple paks of McCormick Beef stew seasoning. It's not really needed, but it sure do enhance the flavor of the finished product. Don't be cheap, McCormick is the only way to go.

Secret ingredient....Swanson beef broth. It got to be Swanson....an' ya need 2 of the 32 oz.containers or bout 4 or 5 cans.

In the froze food, you got a hunnert choices on vegetables. I've used "stir fry" veggies, I've used mixed vegs., but I like the cajun gumbo veggies the best. Get ya 2 of  'em for a big pot 2 pounds or 1 pound for a small pot. You DO have a big pot don'tcha? I'm rekon mine is bout 6 or 8 quarts.

The rest the stuff, ya probly got at home. That is unless ya ain't got no taters, onions, carrots an' wide egg noodles. That's the curly ones ya know.

Put that big pot on high heat with some oil in it. Bout 1/4 cup will do just fine.
You're gonna start cut'n up that meat now. In bout 1 inch or a bit bigger....your choice. Throw it in the pot an' stir it up so's the oil coats it all. Ha, we gonna kind of sorta brown it a bit now.
Now, while the meat is cook'n, grab ya a med. onion. Chop up bout 2/3rds that onion an' toss it in with the meat. It should be noted right now, don't put the onions in first. A hand full of salt an' pepper can be added now....but remember, salt can be added at any time, but can never be took out. Use small hand fulls. *think'n bout a tablespoon at this time* Put ya a cup of water in there an' put a lid on it. Lower the heat an' let 'er cook for bout 30 minutes.....tenderizes the meat.

Ok, taters are next. What is soup without taters? But before ya put taters in the pot, add both them beef broth thingys. Bring it to a boil. Two cups of bite size taters will do fine. Throws 'em in. For God's sake, peel them suckers. Ain't noboy eat taters with skin on 'em. Take my word for it....PEEL THEM TATERS.
It's now time for the carrots. Don't be skimpy, a bit over a cup full will work. Throw 'em in.
Don't wait, grab a couple hand fulls of them egg noodles. Throws "em in. Adjust flame to a low boil. Sit back an after bout 8 minutes....throw in the veggies. Crank up the flame. Another 5 or 8 minutes of boil'n, all that stuff should be cooked now. If'n it ain't....you know what to do.

Now, when I invented Billy Bob Vegetable Beef Stew Soup, I needed a reason to call it stew. Swanson come to the rescue. Toss ya one pack of the seasoning in there now. Stir it up an' taste it. There should be a hint of beef stew at this point. The second pack is to season it to your taste buds. I use both.

You can eat now. Be careful, it's boil'n hot. Man boy howdy, a pan of fresh out the oven cornbread sure would be good. Ha....you gonna be eat'n Beef stew soup for the next 4 or 5 days.

By the way. If'n you one them "don't eat beef" people....think pork. Or chicken. But with chicken, think Swanson chicken broth.

My god it was cold last night. 47 freak'n degs at 4:30 in the mornin. Beautiful sunshiny day this afternoon....85 degs.


  1. 47 is pretty chilly, but that is good for a morning temperature. I love sleeping in a cold room. The soup sounds really good, but I can't eat soup for 4 or 5 days anymore. Two or 3 is plenty.

  2. Love that recipe Billy Bob thanks for splaining. Chicken or pork be good. I like beef but it don't like me no more. To bad , so sad.. :(.
    47 her would be much nicer than 34 at night, and would love to see 87 maybe soon.

  3. sounds like some good stuff.
    But I love the little cabin on the water and the changes you have made to it, critters and all Y'all be careful you don't tumble off the roof now hear