Monday, April 20, 2015

Weber breakdown....where my propane?

It is soooo hard to have a good day when all around you you see nothing but bad. I read the news every morn'n ya know, an' when I finish, I'm soooo damn piss off I cain't see straight.
Defacing of statues of prominent figures condoned by college officials.
Unions sue'n Walmart to rehire people that walked off their jobs.
White children rejected from school field trips.
Grrrrrrrr....another cup of coffee!!!

Ok, I'm back.

Dang, I figgered yesterdays post bout "hot" cars would draw some attention. Wording again....never say "sissy".

I rekon there ain't no sense tell'n ya bout the 1974 AMC Javelin I had is there?

Look exactly like this one....less the spoiler. This is the one the cop roll down his winder at a red light an' tell me to "git on it".
Man, can you imagine cruis'n round town in this????

I ain't no better off today than I was yesterday. But I did work on my Weber grill yesterday. Ya see, when Frank mowed my lawn, he moved the grill an' the hold down thingys for the base come loose. Pop slap out an' lose one of 'em. It was found an' I did me some modification. Drill them out an' put bolts through 'em. They won't be com'n out no more.

Then I decided I would burn me a couple hot dogs. I turn the burner on an' push the lighter thingy. It don't fire up. I take my trusty Bic lighter an' put the flame to the burner. I ain't got no gas. So's I start tak'n stuff apart. The burner orifice is clear. I pull the hose off'n the regulator, push the little seal thingy gizmo an' I ain't got no gas.  I got a full bottle of propane..."what the hell"? I pull the hose off'n the bottle....push the seal thingy gizmo on the bottle. WOW boy howdy, do I got me some gas or what....blow my little cigar right out my lips. So, the hose connection at the tank ain't push'n that seal thingy. Finally, after 15 minutes scratch'n head, I get me some gas. Fire up the burner an' I says...."the flame is too low". But it weren't.

The grate ain't been cleaned in months, so I turn it on high an' close the lid. Hmmmmm....only 500 degs. I brush the grate. Then I put it on low to check temp. Hmmmm.....375 degs. after a hour. That's too freak'n hot for chicken. But anyhows, it works again.

Rain is forecast for the rest of the week. Rather it rains is another story. "Sally da house" can not be moved until the ground is solid again. So that means, there will be no Texas state safety inspection again this week. Damn I hope she passes.

Well, today is Monday, Robert is on his way to Dallas. That's 350 or so miles from his daddy in Sinton. Bet ya a dollar he will come to visit if'n he gets some time off. In the mean time, I will chug along get'n "da house" ready for the trip to Georgia. The chug'n along depends on how much rain we get.

Ain't got nuttin excit'n to write bout so....."See ya laters".


  1. I don't especially like fast cars, but the red car is just beautiful! Also, is there any way you can have a gravel pad under Sally? Being parked in mud would be terrible.

    1. Ha ha Gypsy, I ain't into fast cars neither. But....there was a time....Yeee Haww...go a hunnert mile a hour.

      The area I'm parked on ain't mud. But when I go to get the inspection, I have to drive across a grass lawn an' if'n it's soft from the rains, I'm gonna leave deep tire tracks.

  2. Glad you got your Weber Q going. Don't know about temperature mine don't have a heat gauge, Just turn on High 15 minutes, turn to low throw the food on perfect everytime.
    Had one on them Javelins hit me broad side one time. My big old 76 Pontiac, dent my rear fender and spun me around. He wrote off his javelin doing 70 mph in a 30 zone, Going a little fast I think, nobody hurt though.

    1. I do my Weber the same way George, but my chicken come out burned like hell.

      Oh my God....you broke a Javelin. They are high dollar classics now days.

    2. Somethin not right with your weber Q.
      He was upset but he run unto me.

  3. My inspection ran out on the RV. Still haven't got around to getting it fixed. To start, I am sure it will need a new ignition switch and maybe more. That is a job for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

    1. Tomorrow is never important, so take your time Dizzy.