Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sadie Mae

Ah ha, request made in the comment section. Let's see what we can do bout that.

As you all know (y'all), the old Billy Bob ain't accustomed to writ'n no short blog posts. Well, I did yesterday an' it paid off with more comments than I get in a week. I was gonna write a funny post bout that today, but think I'll just let it go.

Let's talk bout Sadie Mae an' how I acquired her. Much led up to go'n to the "rescue" place an' pick'n up a dog, so let's git that out the way first.

Since 1995, I've had terrible luck with dogs. When I lived on the sailboat, there was Jo Jo. Then there was Reebok. Then there was Boudreaux. An' of course you remember Lug Nut, Sadie Mae's constant companion.

Well wait a minute, I could sit here all day long an' write bout my dogs, but shoot, I done wrote bout 'em before. 
Just click here an' see where Sadie Mae come from. My dog Sadie Mae.

You may notice, I don't have a lot to say bout Sadie Mae in my posts. There good reason for that....she don't do nuttin all day long. She just lays there or sit's under my feet. Now there was one time I was gonna take Sadie Mae to the dog pound place an' tie her ass to the door handle. But I got over that. She is NOT a "man's" dog. Shoot, if'n some big ol' "biker babe" was to knock me to the ground an' try to molest me, Sadie Mae wouldn't say a word.

Me an' Sadie Mae has been together for right at 10 years now. March of 2005. That makes her either 11 or 12 years old.....therebouts. We've traveled many many miles together an' she's done piss me off many many times tangle'n her rope around the tires on "da house", telephone poles. fence posts or anything else lay'n round. But she's always been there to talk to me an' comfort me in times of need. She's a good dog, but worthless as hell if'n ya wanna go outside play any kinds of dog games. Fetch, chase an' stuff like that. At her age an' at my age, that stuff don't matter no more....I love my Sadie Mae.

Retirement party? Gotta make this short even though it weren't. Much research, bout 2 months, went into the day I was to retire. I was to wear a rental tux an' a derby top hat that last day on the job. I was to be picked up by a stretch limousine at 4pm that afternoon an' delivered to the Island Cafe. I was to be walked to that limousine by two scantly clad "chick a babies" from Hooters in Corpus Christi. Shoot, I were all excitis.

Then bad news hit me. The "pay up front" limo rental place cancelled my pick up 'cause I ain't paid nuttin up front. My tux did not come anywhere close to fit'n, an' had to be returned. The scantly clad "chick a babies" were no longer available. I was slap out of pocket change....broke. But not all was lost. I got free coffee at the Island Cafe.   


  1. I remember meeting both of those dogs when you were parked across the street from the Grub Shack about 20 miles north of Terlingua. That was quite awhile ago. Dang, how time flies. My two oldest pups are 12 and 11 and the baby pup is not too far behind them. I love my pups, too.

  2. Nice that you have Sadie Mae by your side.
    Your retirement party sound about like mine was, only a bit better.
    Boss took me out for nice lunch few beer and sent me home, have a good life and we are.

  3. What a retirement party! I don't remember having a party - I think I just wanted to get the hell outta there. I've never looked back.

    Sadie Mae sounds like my Lady - a good, quiet dog. I miss having her to talk to.

  4. DADDY, what you been doing? I told you I was here in tx. and I hear nothing from you, what the heck. Do you have the RV ready yet. probably not unless you have pontoons on your rig lol...We have three jobs here in Dallas. most likely we will be here about 6 to 8 weeks, of course I'll go home sometime in that 6 to 8 weeks and come back to finish up. Hope your ready then. Okay love you hope to see you soon. Ps. your not alone, Jesus is with you always and for ever.

  5. Hi, Billy Bob! Nice to know the story of Sadie Mae! I know what you mean about her being a good dog. Dogs do make for happier lives. Hope Thursday is a good day for you...

  6. I did not have a retirement party either...oh wait, I did not retire...I was laid off and so happy to be out of that place! Like Gypsy, I have never looked back.