Saturday, April 25, 2015

Where is home when you're homeless?

Is that sunshine I see? Dang, it's been a while. I've been in the dark from big ol' black clouds so long, I got to put me some sunglasses on. This can be taken any way ya want to read it.

I've been retired from the University of Texas for 13 years. I've been full time RV'n for 13 years. I live on the streets, I'm homeless. I know a few other RV'ers that are homeless. Ain't got nuttin but a old RV to live in an' run the roads in search for some excit'n picture perfect exotic spot to camp for a few days. Sounds pretty good don't it? Travel'n all over the country see'n places ya ain't never see before. Do'n stuff ya ain't never did before. Meet'n up with other "homeless" people an' trad'n stories around a blaz'n campfire. Climb'n mountains. Walk'n an' hike'n trails. Swim'n in the Colorado River. Catch'n fish in the Sea of Cortez. Sight see'n the old ghost towns of the west. Man, that must be the life.

Well, yeah it is....for a while. Speak'n for myself here. At some point, it's gonna get old. It's gonna get hard. An' not so excit'n no more. That's when it's time to go home....sit back an' remissness for a bit. Take a break. But where the hell is home? You're homeless. People along the way ask me where I'm from. I could tell 'em bout 18 different states, but I always say Texas,....'cause I like Texas so much. But even in Texas, I ain't got no wheres to call home. I'm freak'n homeless. I need some beer, wine, drugs, a sammich, some shoes an' a dry place to lay down at night. Ha, beer, wine an' drugs added for spice...I don't do none of 'em.

Now don't get me wrong an' think I don't like this lifestyle, 'cause I do like it. In fack, I love it. I like it so much I would never ever live in a house again. Ya see, when ya live in a house, ya cain't just pack up over night an' move somewheres else. Sucker ain't got no wheels. I love "Sally da house", but she is a bit larger than I need now days. I got her pretty much "comfortized", but I just need a place to park her for a while. Full hook ups an' a place to park a bulldozer. Sounds simple don't it?

Well, it ain't. There are no places to park a big ol' motorhome, a Jeep an' a bulldozer.....an' call it home. God I want me a bulldozer. With the economy an the greedy land grabbers, even a tiny " lot" cain't be purchased for less than $25,000 big ones. An' then it has freak'n restrictions....no RV's.

Back in 2002 or 03, I went to visit my son Jesse. I pull into the yard up under a couple nice shade trees an' set up camp. His lot was at the entrance to a housing development. In nuttin flat, here come the city officials...."you cain't park that RV in the yard". Even write me a eviction notice...with a fine if'n I wasn't down the road in 10 days. On the lot next door sit's this old abandoned trailer house. I say something bout that an' am told...."RV's are not allowed in city limits". What the hell??? My trailer house has a motor, what's the difference?

Same thing happen in Tallapoosa, Ga. I fount this nice little lot where there once sat a trailer house. Water , electric an' sewer right there. The price was right. I contacted the city...."RV's not allowed in city limits".

But anyhows, I been look'n. Ain't no better off today than I was a few years back. I suppose I'll remain homeless till the day I die. There's other options, but I ain't found what I'm look'n for yet. Not anything I could call "home" anyhows.

I got a water leak. On the passenger side front winder. It needs fixed before my floor rots. Ya see, on RV's where the winder glass slides back an' forth, there are "weep" holes in the bottom track. If the weep holes are plug up, you got a leak to the inside. In the track that the winder glass slides in is this insert thingy made of fake rubber an' some kind of hair look'n stuff....kind of like velcro. From Google search, there should be cutouts at each weep hole to direct water to the outside. I take a look see, an' that insert looks like it's moved....not in the right position. That's my project for today.....fix that sucker.  


  1. We love being homeless too, getting ready to start 10 years, and like you said nothing quite like it.
    It is hard to find a piece of property to park it for a while,we been looking, not ready yet, but do like wheels on our house, change of scenery ya know.

  2. I don't want to be homeless, but I'd like to up and move every couple of years. I don't ever want another RV.

  3. Home is where the heart is so the saying goes. I live in a house but I would love to be traveling just
    not healthy enough right now . I sold my little TT I regret doing that now but my dog Bella hates traveling. I really want to go back to Deming NM I really like the town love the American Legion there everyone is very friendly but it is very windy. I was there in a campground for 2 weeks met some good people.I don't think I could handle a class A rv now. Had one in the 90s 28 footer older model Open Road I bought from a guy in PCP Fl. Have you talked to Wayne lately and is he still in NM? I have a bad case of wanderlust but I had to come up here to Baltimore Md.I am celebrating 41 years of being in buss. Bought my place in1974 my son is running it now.I retired 3 years ago but, when you are in business for yourself you never really retire unless you sell.Hope it stays sunny and warm in TX for you it is freezing cold here can't wait to get back to Fl.

  4. Well shoot daddy, had a bunch of stuff written and guess what, Gone just like that. Have to start over. Now , as I was saying, Sherry right ... Home is where the Heart is... you done most everything , seen everything, meet every walks of life in your RV world. Thinking you have some gypsy blood in you. Heck I think I have a little too. Can't stay in one place too long. Having a piece of property and living in your RV , it's hard to find . I tried the some thing with my camper. But not given up. Save some more money and build a tiny house. but there's restriction on that too. well hope you get your window fixed. Love you talk to ya later.