Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Drastic update......Oh No!!!....Has anybody seen my fish'n pole? It ain't here.

Hope ya didn't bet a whole paycheck on me yesterday......you lost. Ended up I didn't "do nuttin". But it weren't 'cause I didn't want to. Dad gum hip went out an' I was done for the day. But I did get my insurance paid online. Check that off'n the list.

Now I have me a brand new problem. I got less than a week to get things squared away for the trip to Georgia. Ya see, when "yo mama's" daddy passed on, they gonna bring his remains back to Texas for burial along side "mom". Robert say he will come with 'em so's he can help me drive to Georgia. Sound's all good don't it? Well, it ain't as good as it sounds. There ain't no way in hell that I can ever get my list finished in a week. An' I ain't go'n until it IS finished.

Well, wait a minute....let me do some think'n bout that for a bit. I'll get back to ya laters.

Many many years ago, we was gonna go on a fish'n trip to the lake. I made me up a list of stuff to do an' stuff to take along on the trip. Everthing was look'n good the morn'n of departure. We loaded up the old station wagon, climbs in an' we on our way to the lake for the next 3, 4 or 5 days. 

A couple tents is set up, coolers set out, fire ring cleaned out, wood stacked....let's go catch some fish. Ok, who the hell stole all my fish'n stuff??? I ain't got the first fish'n pole an' no tackle box. Everthing is sit'n a hunnert mile back there in the garage. 

Ha, that reminds me another time. It was a return trip from a fish'n trip. All the camp'n stuff was loaded into the car....could'a been a station wagon. I placed all my fish'n stuff on the roof of the car so's I wouldn't leave it at the lake. We jumps in the car an' we headed home. We start unload'n the car at the house. Where the hell is my fish'n stuff??? Need I say more???

Ok, one more....me an' old "pesky neighbor"Wayne was go'n golf'n. We hook up our trailers an' load up our golf'n carts. I grabs holt to my coffee jug an' jump in the "little red bronco" an' heads down the road for the golf course. Unload the golf'n carts, pay our fees an' head for hole #1. I ain't got no freak'n golf clubs.....damn...they sit'n on "da porch" back at the RV park. 

With all I got to do an' so little time to do it, I'm cut'n this short....go do something, hurt'n or not. Don't bet over a quarter.

Oh no update....
Well, I went outside an' I check the water level in my batteries. Just a tad low, so I fill 'em up.
Then I get my list an' check off the batteries. What am I gonna work on now? How bout check'n all the lights an stuff so we can pass the safety inspection. Lights are all fine. I start the engine an' turns the turn signal on....where the hell is my turn signal dash lights? I have no turn signals. I have no hazard lights. An' on top of that, the horn no longer works. Could i have possibly installed the wrong ignition switch? Or could I have not adjust it correctly? Or could I have blowed something slap up? *fuses are all fine just in case you're think'n in that direction* The steering column will be disassembled once again to trace out the problem. Something like a two or three day affair.
Speak'n of a two or three day affair....I met me a nice lady one time......Oh wait, we talk'n turn signals an' ignition switch....sorry, scratch that.

Ok, I got a driver seat to remove to get to the steering column an' all that stuff under there. Wish me luck.  


  1. Oh dear. It appears you are forgetful. Good post.

    1. It's a secret, Billy Bob. George is as nice as I am though.

  2. One time I picked up my Dad and we went way up in the country to a creek I had found with trout just jumpin out of the water. When we got there and I opened the trunk to get the stuff out, we discovered that my Dad's stuff was still sitting in the open garage where I picked him up. He cut a young sapling and I game him some line, hooks, etc. and he fished with me the rest of that day.

    1. You should post stuff like this on your blog Dizzy. More people would see it. I know I would.

  3. I think if you have a volunteer to help you drive back to Georgia, you ought to get busy and finish everything on your list in short order.

  4. daddy, I need to know something? It's getting close to crunch time here. My planes was to hitch a ride to Tx. if it would work for you. But on facebook you say your not ready and I don't want to get you stressed out. If you're not ready it's ok. no worries. I didn't plan on going to Tx for the funeral. let me know soon please. hey daddy? I Love you....

  5. You mean there is another George????
    Looks like Robert may take the pressure off for you.
    Good Luck.