Friday, April 3, 2015

OOPS...camera problems

Ha ha...hamburgers an' cheeseburgers. That was fun.
Now, when you go to a burger sell'n place an' ya order a hamburger, what's the first thing the little girl is gonna ask ya? "Would you like cheese on that"? Had I wanted cheese on my HAMburger, I would have ordered a CHEESEburger. That's what I tell 'em an' the get all twisted up....pissed. Any top chef will tell you, hamburgers an' cheeseburgers are cooked differently. The same meat, but cooked to a different doneness. Hamburgers are full of juices when cooked corretly, where a cheeseburger, the juices are cooked out....over cooked.
Oh hell, just forget it......."gimme a hamburger....with no cheese"

My little walk yesterday didn't work out as I had planned. Instead of walk'n the planned 6 meters, I only walked  bout 300 yards. Hee hee....suck up on them apples.
I slip my sandals on my swolled feet an' out the door I go. I'm gonna walk them dad gum 3 "burritos" around the yard....just follow 'em where ever they go. Them "burritos" are young donkeys ya know. Bout 1 or 2 meters (close to 150 yards), my back says to me...."we got to sit down". So's I head back to my camp'n site, sit down an' call it a day for walk'n exercise. Very little housework got done.

Ha, remember that great big ol' hamburger I tole you I was gonna grill up? When I get that thing all put together, I was so proud, I was gonna take a pic of it.....I'm talk'n BIG an' BEAUTIFUL hamburger. I pulls the memory card out of the computer to put in the camera.....the damn thing falls slap apart into 2 pieces. Now I got a whole bunch of '2015 photos on that memory card what I ain't saved to the computer an' I sure would hate to lose them. "Super glue Billy Bob, glue that sucker back together". One little drop is applied....YIKES, I have a memory card glued to the end my thumb. I gently an' very cautiously insert it into the computer....YEEE HAAA, it works. I save photos. But when I slide it into the camera, it don't lock into place. A new card is tryed. It don't lock in place neither. But....when I close the little door thingy, the camera works. I'm think'n the old Billy Bob is in the market for a new camera. Now what kind do I buy this time???

I've owned two Cannon pocket cameras an' both of 'em have give me problems. The freak'n lens locks up an' ya gotta "slap" it to get it to work again. This is the second memory card that got broke.....maybe from the camera. I rekon I got me some research to do. Find me a camera what can stand the abuse I usually give a camera....drop 'em an shit like that...leave 'em out in the rain...slap 'em ever once in a while. You'll be the first to know.

Ok, speak'n bout depression. Yes, men get depressed too.....sheesh! A couple years ago I bought a big ol' bottle of St Johns Wort. But at the time I bought it, my doctor said NOT to take it while on the meds I was take'n at the time. He prescribed a depression med for me to try. Blood pressure went sky high an' I was like really really dizzy. Throwed that crap in the dumpster. You wouldn't believe the side effects of that stuff. But anyhows, I'm think'n now that I got rid of most my meds, St Johns would be safe to take. I've took it before an' it helped. I've got to do something!!! Any input would be appreciated.

How bad can depression get? Well let me tell ya. A few years back, I tole my kids that when the time comes, I'm gonna head for the desert. For the last couple three or six weeks, I've been think'n of a trip to the desert. It's that bad. Damn, I need to get to Georgia as fast I can. Fix some stuff.

My "on the road again" travel prep list ain't get'n no slimmer. It's fat, needs to go on a diet...git some stuff done an' checked off the list. Have ya ever have a hunnert things what need done an' all ya wanna do is sit on yer ass sip'n up a cup an' watch'n the dad gum TV. Shoot, I even watch the Mexican channels.....cartoons an' kid shows.      


  1. My doctor does not like me taking St John's Wort. But it helps my anxiety better than any other medicine they've had me try. So sometimes I take it anyway. Mostly, though, I just take naps.

  2. Valerian is good for ...something somewhere near that category you're in ...maybe sleep? I don't know, as I've forgotten 80% of all I've known and learned about plants.
    Signed, Dr. Heal All. haha.

    Do search on St.John's wort and all its properties. I've heard it's good stuff. Never taken it. www. Mountain Rose Herbs.com, a place I love to go!

  3. You need to hit the road Billy Bob. You can't be depressed when going on down the road.

    1. Yeah Dizzy, maybe you're right....I should just hit the road an' all my aches an' pains, depression, swollen feet, vision disorders....they will all just will disappear.....poooof, just like that. You really don't believe that do ya?

    2. I'm going down the road and not quite to the depressed state, but something isn't the same as it used to be. I wish I could just go back home.

  4. If I was you (and I ain't) I'd try the St. John's Wort, but maybe just take half a dose for the first week. See how you feel, and if you don't have bad side effects then take the whole dose and see if that's ok. A doctor will always want you to take a prescription med rather than a natural one - they don't get credit for writing an Rx for St. John's Wort! And they will ALWAYS say "Take the full dose and if that doesn't work you can cut it down". Why in the hell not go easy and see if that works??? Good luck.

  5. I get depressed but not bad enough for meds. When I get sad or down I just need to go to the mountains and be in some trees and put my feet in a stream of good cool mountain water.
    I have had 2 blood transfusions already this year one in Jan and one March 13 th maybe your iron levels are low. Their is a pill called Happy Camper you might want to check it out .
    Good luck

  6. Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Do something different BB. Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers are all cooked the same here in Texas, juicy not squashed and all the veggies!

  7. Keeping busy doing stuff helps. and at least ya got out walkin.
    I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC TS20. works great, its tough. Can drop it from 5 feet, under water 15 feet, dust and dirt don't hurt it works great for me.