Thursday, April 23, 2015

Studebakers were cool in their day

Have ya ever walked up to a wall an' couldn't go no further? Ain't got no ladder to climb over the wall?? Ain't got no shovel to dig under the wall??? Ain't got no dynamite to blow that wall to smithereens??? Dang, this sucks.
"Ha Billy Bob, ya could go out an' buy ya a bulldozer".

Ha, did I ever tell ya bout that time....me a Gerry was on our way to San Bernardino, Ca. We was in Gerry's old 1950 Studebaker what we had hop'ed up a bit. For exhaust, we had installed a dual pipe system, made out of 2 inch stainless steel flex pipe with 2 modified glass pack mufflers. Sounded wonderful.

We was cruis'n along at bout 80 mile a hour an' we come up on some road construction. There's a hunnert construction cones in the road. "Hey Gerry, run over one them cones". Gerry swerve to the right an'....KERBLOOOWY, we hit one them cones. Then we hear this god awlful sound come from under the car. Stainless steel flex pipe is strung out 25 feet behind us. Now how the hell did that happen, it was just a cone. Upon close inspection of the cone, that sucker has a half of a inch of heavy plate steel in the bottom.

Not only does stainless steel hold heat for a while, but it's also very sharp on the edges. I reaches down to pick up the end of that pipe....an' I sizzle both my hands. Blisters come up later. After it cools enough to get a good hand hold, Gerry grabs holt that pipe an' give it a good tug to pull it loose from the muffler. It don't tug. It don't pull loose from the muffler. Gerry gets a big ol' gash in his hand from the sharp edges. The only tools we got a a big ol' hammer an' a pair of pliers. We beat hell out of that strung out pipe under the car try'n to break it loose. I swear, we was on the side the road for a hour, sweat'n up a storm an' in severe pain, get'n that pipe loose. Moral of story....Never "intentionally" run over a road construction cone. Sheesh, me an' Gerry hurted for a week.

That same Studebaker....we was cruis'n some counrty roads outside San Bernardino. Just mind'n our own business an' hav'n a good ol' time. Now Gerry's Studebaker was unique. You could let off the gas, turn the key off an' coast a few hunnert feet. Then when ya turn the key back on, there's a loud ass explosion of unburned gas. KAAABOOOOM....sound something like a 10 gauge shotgun...or something like that.

There's a boy ride'n his bicycle down a hill. He probly hav'n him a good ol' time too. Gerry reach down an' turn the key off....Ha, I know what Gerry gonna do. We right beside that boy when Gerry turn the key back on. KAAABOOOOM!!!! That poor boy go down in a ditch scream'n bloody murder. By "down in a ditch" I mean....he crash big time. I bet ya a dollar he pee his pants too. Not be'n a teenager no more, I don't do that kind of stuff no more. Shit, somebody could git hurt. In case you're wonder'n, no, the boy did not get hurt....but you talk bout pissed, that boy was some kind of pissed. Been me, I would'a been run'n down the road after that Studebaker chunk'n big ol' rocks.

Nuttin else to write bout today but old memories. So I'm gonna leave ya now. Laters!!!



  1. As a teenage girl Studebaker was one of the few car types I could recognize. Disappointed a new boyfriend and his best friend when they thought they would stump me by asking what type of car that was.

    The friend was driving it down the highway one day with us in the back seat when the hood flew up blocking the view out the windshield. I can still to this day see his bare legs (he was wearing shorts) through the windshield as he jumped up and down on the hood trying to get it secure enough to drive on.

  2. Studebaker was the car you couldn't tell if it was coming or going? I'm glad you're all grown up now and don't do things to scare kids any more :-)

  3. They were very unique cars back then , loved the looks of them but never did own one.
    All them pranks we played back then, could never get away them now at all.
    Great story.

  4. I'd know a Studebaker by sharp angles - wasn't it?
    Your header picture makes me think "Louisiana" . I envision alligators in that murky stream.
    Enjoyed your story. Shame on you boys; out scaring bycyclers. Shamey, shamey, shamey; but oh how I'd like to be at that age again. Limber limbs and happy adventures. Wouldn't you?


  5. I had me an old '55 Desoto that had two glass-packs under it. Sounded bad like a hot car but it had a two speed automatic transmission and it took awhile to get it going and up to speed. I still liked that old car but after I got my '57 Chevy convertible, I quite missing it.

  6. Damn! You make me so happy I ditched my ex back 35 or 40 years ago... he had a baby-shit green studebaker and did the same kind of dumbass things you write about. Are you sure you aren't related to him? Feel free to delete this... I still harbor negative feelings about that SOB

  7. hey daddy, I'm here again... IN TEXAS!!!!!! call me. typing sux:s love you