Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's not what I thought it was.....

Ok, for anybody that's been follow'n my progress on the "tear the dashboard apart" project....I got some good news. That park neutral safety solenoid I was so concerned with burn'n slap up, well, it ain't a park neutral safety solenoid. It controls a doo dad in the steering wheel by a little cable that locks the shifter in park until you press the brake. It's called a BTSI solenoid....don't even ask. It IS part of the park neutral safety though. Once the transmission is placed in gear, out of the park position, the BTSI sol. is de-energized. That's what Mr Google, the research guy,  tole me anyhows. So, I will no longer stress myself with thoughts of smoke an' fire under the dash. Oh yeah, it's controlled by the park neutral safety switch mounted on the transmission. Confused yet? Boy howdy I sure am. But, confused or not, I'm relieved.

So now I can get my mind back on the trip to Georgia. New information from my son Robert may change my thoughts. He has a job to go on to in Dallas Texas for a  month. And after that job is finished, there's another 3 weeks of work in Dallas he will attend to. We talk'n two months Robert will be in Texas an' not in Georgia.

Robert is the only "take care of daddy" kid I have in Georgia an' with him in Dallas all that time...well I think you see what I'm talk'n bout....nobody to tend to the needs of daddy. An' "daddy" is in need. I'll do me some think'n on this subject. I just got to keep my cool, maybe things will work out. Dang, if'n only all my Georgia kids were like Robert. Shoot, with 7 kids, I would be sit'n on easy street.

I was gonna write a story this morn'n, but when you're sort'n through trash at the city dump look'n for something to eat, story writ'n will have to wait. That's called "down in the dumps" if'n you ain't figger it out. I hate liv'n with this shit worse than you hate read'n bout it. What's the old say'n????....things can only get better. Ok....when?

Ok, I'm out of here. Maybe tomorrow will bring some sunshine an' everbody will have a smile on their face.


  1. In my RV, my brakes are always on. Air has to be applied to them to release. That is a safety feature in case I lose air pressure. My parking brake is a little knob that I pull out and it dumps the air pressure which sets the brakes.

    By the way, don't want to make you feel bad, but my old Daddy used to tell me that, "Nothing is so bad it can't get worse".

    1. LOL Dizzy, no where in my post did I talk bout brakes. If I had, I would have tole you bout my "parking" brakes be'n on any time you place the shifter in park or any time ya turn the key off. An' I got me one them little yeller knobs too.

      If nuttin can get worse, then there's no possibility it could ever get worse. Only better.

    2. I read about park and BRAKE too!
      And things CAN get worse, at any time.

  2. Onward and upward, hmm... decisions, decisions.......