Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Soup update.......Dead battery....new battery...6 hours at Walmart

I am in no condition this morn'n to be outside play'n football. Yesterday took it's toll.

Six hours for a trip to Walmart.....
I went outside, jump in the 'billy jeep", turn the key to crank up the motor an' all it do is "clickity click click". Nephew Joseph had just charge the battery a couple days ago. I put my 40 amp charger on the battery an' crank up that motor. Me an' Sadie Mae is on the way to Walmart. We gonna spend a hunnert dollar I betcha.

Cruis'n round the store, the buggy is get'n fuller an' I'm get'n weaker. I got to sit down....bout 4 or 5 times. By the time I reach the check out, I can barely stand, I'm weak, bout to pass out. I ask the nice girl if she could find me some help to unload the cart. She flatly said "no, we don't do that". I'm think'n thay probly do, but she was just lazy or uncaring an' told me no. When she placed a bag of taters on top of my loaf of bread, I knowed this was a bad day.
Anyhows, my in store experience yesterday sucked.

I make it to the "billy jeep" after another sit down break, when all a sudden my mind says..."what if'n the motor don''t crank up"? It didn't. Freak'n battery is slap dead. Nobody offers me a jump start while I'm stand'n there with tears run' down my cheeks...sweat, I meant to say sweat. What the hell am I gonna do? I don't got no tools. I don't got no jumper cables. Both "bubba boat" batteries are dead. I ain't got my phone to call for help.

Back in the store, I go look at batteries.....Yeee haa's, they got the right one. I ask for assistance in the service area. A young boy grabs a battery an' some jumper cable an' back to the park'n lot we go.....jump start the "billy jeep". Drive around to the service area an' a brand spank'n new battery is purchased an' the nice feller install it for me. No tests were done.

My entire shop'n spree at Walmart come to a total of right at $430.....meds included. My god, I ain't never spend that much at Walmart.

Back at El Rancho Abraham, I got to tote all these bags into the "da house". I ain't got no help. That takes 30 minutes with in between breaks. I cain't breath worth a crap an' my back pains is kill'n me. Two hours later, 80% if groceries is put up...ready to eat.

If'n I go outside in the next couple days, an' turn the key on the "billy jeep", an' it go clickity click click, I know I got me a problem other than a battery. An' you wonder why the old Billy Bob wants to just give up an' go to sleep. I'm [this] close to shut'n every thing down an' turn into a dad gum hermit.

Oh, speak'n of shut'n everthing down, that cursor problem.....it might be fixed. Google research tole me to delete a program an' reinstall it. Ha, I deleted the program, but then there weren't no place to download the same program for reinstallation. Only choice I had was to restore to before I deleted that program. Windows took over from there....an' reinstalled the program from my hard drive. I'm think'n, but not 100% sure, my cursor problems may be cured. An' I was get'n [this] close to get'n used to using a external mouse again. *dang, that was a weird sentence*

Ok, that's bout it for another excit'n day. I'll be back tomorrow with more excitement to keep ya entertained.

Oh my god, that Billy Bob know some stuff bout build'n beef stew soup.



  1. That is a crappy way for a clerk to treat someone who needs assistance.

  2. git down offen dat roof billy bob. don't make me up der wid a switch!!!!

  3. Back in the day, car batteries died slow, they gave you a warning, These newer ones just drop over dead unexpectedly and leave you up the creek.

  4. well Daddy, Sorry you had a crappy trip to Wal-Mart. I told you they suck balls. I Hate Wal- mart.
    Well we are going home next week for a break and coming back the next week. Not that matters to you. Glad the rain stopped, but a bit chilly here the last couple of days.
    well almost ready to pull the pin on the company. You see here when they don't pay it hard to stay. but they pulled through and paid. On the other hand this is not the first time this happen. there's more here that I care not to say. Anyhow, have a dude here build me a AR-10 , always wanted one, so have it done. by the way AR-10 is a .308 . Well guess this will do for know, I love you. hoping to see you soon. Ps. maybe when I come back, and your ready, gonna see if my cousin can come and get me. Or maybe you can meet me here.

  5. That was some frustrating day hope the battery problem is at least resolved.

  6. What is the recipe for the stew?

  7. Anonymous above isn't this particular Anonymous. Yet, yes, we could do with your recipe. How about it, BB?

    A devoted son is Robert. Devotion to a father is wonderful.