Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm gonna make it.....maybe

I done tole the story bout the Texas skeeters what checked my driver license, frisk me an' take me to the ground. So, we ain't gonna talk bout skeeters two days in a row.
Oh wait, let me tell ya bout this one skeeter from last night. I was sit'n there in "that chair" with the door wide open. Right in front my eyes, I notice what I thought was a humm'n bird fly into "da house". Ha, weren't nuttin but a "Texas" skeeter....bout 6 oz in size. Actually, the biggest skeeters I ever see in my life, was in Texas. In the wetlands between Texas City an' Galveston. But I already tole you that story.

Out in the yard here at "el Rancho Abraham", is a old pond that at one time held water. Been dry for the last 15 years. With the rains we had in south Texas, that sucker is full of nasty stink'n greenish brown water an' gazillions of little skeeter puppies. A breeding ground, an' they know where the old Billy Bob lives.  So, if'n you got yerself a pond out in your yard, I would suggest ya go an' buy yourself a bulldozer an' fill that sucker in. The neighbors will love ya.

WOW, I couldn't believe it.....I feel pretty dad gum good again yesterday. *I'm record keep'n, so don't say nuttin* In the morn'ns I usually take me a couple pain killers. Yesterday I didn't. Very little back an' hip pain up till bout 5pm....or therebouts. Not really all that bad this morn'n, but I took me a aspirin just in case.

That hobby stuff is all stowed in the hall closet. Cross that off the list. Trash is took out an' dishes put away. Floors sweeped. But, there are a few small items still sit'n on the desktop. A few items not yet glued to the model of Alice. Maybe I do that today......after.....

Insurance is due on "Sally da house". Dad gum it, it went up again. For what I pay for insurance on "da house", I could insure a big brick home, a couple cars, a boat an' a motorcycle. An' still have some pocket change left over. There's a old say'n....once they get their hands on ya, they don't let go. Back in 2001 when I first insured Alice, every 6 months I had to shell out a whopp'n $89. Three years later, I was shell'n out $289 every 6 months. With "Sally da house".....my god, I ain't got no dollars left for gas money. When I ask 'em how comes so much, they tell me I live in a highly populated area. My address is a PO box in Port Aransas....that's it, a PO box. I don't live there....I'm homeless an' I live on the street. My latest increase is ...."Oh, you're get'n old". Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

Now just to give ya a idea how insurance company's work, when I bought "that jeep", I changed insurance companies. Holy cows, $400 a year cheaper. Then it went up. An' up again. An' now, with the "billy jeep, same insurance company, that $400, plus some, is all gone.....pooof, just like that.

Ok, I'm think'n since it's so nice outside, I'm gonna go outside. Is the battery water low? Is that camp chair comfortable? Let's go for a walk. Clean out the "billy jeep"? My god, I got lots to do.



  1. I got a couple of ponds and a sometimes swamp on my place and the mosquitoes guard my property. My son just told me that a neighbor killed a timber rattler and two copper heads.

    1. Then, as I suggested, you need to go buy a bulldozer Dizzy.

  2. Sounds like the 'skeeters are as bad there as they are gonna be here!

  3. Get on that bulldozer and fill in the pond Skeeters be gone, poof!

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  5. Insurance is outrageous! Yet it's required. They 'got us over a barrel'.
    Hear Ye, hear Ye, Woe be unto doctors, lawyers, judges and insurance sellers.
    ha ha

    I once used corn starch in water bucket full of mosquito wigglers. Did the job. Killed them dead! Also DE (google) works miracles on pests. And very beneficial for us hu-mans, too.

    For me also, hobbies are being put away. Long list of 'Honey Do' jobs ahead of me. Will I get them done? No, to my regret.

    Getting old just "takes the cake", as they say.

    Sissy here