Thursday, September 30, 2010

Production in waiting

Since yesterday was a flop, today I think I gonna talk bout solar stuff.

 Boy howdy Billy Bob, what ya gonna do, sleep your life away? After get'n up 3 or 4 time last night for numerous reasons, I suppose I got a total of bout 4 or 5 hours sleep. Yep.....7:50 this morning.

I read so much about "my batteries go dead" what it makes me wanna just shake somebody till they listen and understand. Batteries are a "power house" storage device. Not like them little thingy's in your flashlight, but a big plastic box full of voltage and wattage. Let's take the typical "golf cart" battery what most RV'ers, boondockers and offgridders use to power up all them appliances, charge their cell phones and operate a computer or two. All at one time. These wonderful devices will hold right at 205 to 230 amp hours of romp'n stomp'n power for a set of two....wired in series and all that good technical stuff.....12 volts ya know. In case ya don't know it, you never let your battery voltage go less than 12.10 to 12.20volts. What is 50% capacity for most deep cycle batteries. There are only so many cycles, so every time you "kill" a battery, it costs you a cycle....then your battery is finished, kapoot, no good....bury it.

Of course you could rejuvenate a battery using some "secret" formula you found on the internet. All is fine with this approach if you have no appliances, own only one light bulb and have an super energy efficient PC. Rejuvenated batteries have a very short lifespan...the reason they were chunked in the first place...and will only have 20 to 30% of the original capacity. Another reason for "my batteries are dead".

One of the first problems I see is the batteries are not charged to full capacity. Well how do you know when your batteries are charged? You surely ain't gonna know with a voltmeter while the batteries are still on charge. All that tells ya is the voltage from the charging device, not the voltage of the battery. A battery has to "rest" with no external voltage or load applied to it for no less than 2 hours to get an accurate voltage reading...what will tell ya the state of charge. Fully charged the voltage reading will be no less than 12.70 volts. Anything over, the battery has not rested long enough. By the way, batteries were designed to run on sulfuric acid, not salt, not Draino, not gasoline, not dishwasher safe Dawn....nitrous oxide is of no help. The only true indicator of a fully charged battery is by the use of a hydrometer....little floating ball thingy you can but at any Walmart for a couple bucks. All cells must be checked, not just one in each battery. All readings should be very close. If not....your entire battery bank is in jeopardy of being "murdered" little by little.

Well, how do you charge a battery? Tomorrow, I may just give ya a few hints...that is if I can remember.

Since I ordered new reflective material for my solar oven and it's coming in today.....take a wild guess what I work'n on. Took the 2 reflectors off, sanded all the little burrs off that might tear or puncture the new material and got them all washed up ready to be covered. Then, and then, when it's all back together, I gonna fire it up and bake me something. How bout them chunks of vinison that guy brung me way back in April? Think it would be too tuff to eat?

Oh yeah, broke out the remote control pick'em up yesterday what I put a brand spank'n new motor in. Holy cows, that sucker runs now. Must'a been a hunert mile a hour....well maybe more like 20. When them quail see that thing com'n at them, they was gone....pooof, just like that. I chased a road runner with it one time....yup, road runners do fly. Took off like one them F something fighter jets....right up in a tree.

Speak'n of remote control stuff, I ordered a motor and belt drive system for "da boat".
In case ya forgot about my boat.....
 Gonna be continuing work on this project when I get to the slabs. Ain't no place at the slabs to run a riverboat, but maybe when I get to "da pond" in Yuma, it will be ready. You do remember the pond, right? That where old Billy Bob catch enough rainbow trout to fill the freezer and eat trout for months. Legal? I don't think so. Legal would be like 56 fishes in 2 weeks if'n ya caught the limit every day, what ya ain't gonna do. You gonna do like I do, catch a whole passel one day and take the next day off to rest from clean'n them suckers. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lay'n down

When ya don't feel like doing something, it's best ya just "do nuttin".

For the last few months old Billy Bob has been have some issues. Too numerous to write about and too numerous to ignore. Most know my health is not what it was a year ago and surely not what it was 5 years ago.

My plan for today was to make a "book" post. You know, one them long posts about my past. Well, that ain't gonna happen today. Ya see, it's like this, I had it all figger out what I gonna say, but when it came time to sit down and type, I had'a go lay down cause I were dizzy. And of course, that turned into a long nap. Speak'n of tak'n a nap, did I ever tell ya bout the time...... I was lay'n on the couch in my sailboat mind'n my own business, when all a sudden I hears a knock on the hatch....that's a boat door. It were two gorgeous wimmins in bikinis want'n me to take them to the beach in the "jag". Well, ya know how naps work, ya get up still half asleep, all grouchy and stuff. Oh well!!!

What did I do yesterday? Oh yeah, changed the U-joint in "that jeep", raked some old dead weeds into a big ole pile and loaded it up in the wagon trailer. Not one sticker burr or cactus thorn....how bout that. Then this morning.....speak'n of this morning, pesky neighbor says it was 46 degs at his house when he got up at 6am. I didn't get up till 7:30 so I don't know.....but I did put on an extra blanket last night. Also fired up my electric chill breaker heater. Ain't gonna be long folks and we gonna be holler'n bout how cold it is. But not old Billy Bob. I gonna be in southern Ca. bask'n in beautiful sunshiny days and cool nights. 

Just for fun today, I picked up my trusty 7 wood "Gracy" to swak some balls out into the field over there. Holy crap, why is my 7 wood so heavy? It's heavier than my 3 wood what I hit like a girl. Maybe I'm just get'n weak from all this "do'n nuttin" for the last 3 days. Oh yeah....Barney, what did you tell me to put on my grips to clean them and make them not so slicky?

Ok....that's it.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tak'n a nap

Up early, back to bed, up early again, back to bed....up late.

Boy howdy, how does he do it? I'm talk'n to YOU. Get'n up at 6am is bad enough, but get up any time before that....."you ain't right". That is unless ya got a golf game to go to or you go'n fish'n. I know a lot of work'n folks have to get up early, before sun light sets in, but retired folks have no cause to be out of bed that early except to pee.

Had a hard day yesterday try'n to not do stuff. Was sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. Kept look'n at "that jeep" sit'n there scream'n "crawl up under here and fix me". But then I remembered what I said I was gonna do for the next 3 days....."nuttin".  I did a google search on "is do'n dishes strenuous work". Well it turned out that it's not......dang it. Got them dishes done in no time flat...bout 2 hours or so. Ate me up a couple hot dogs and layed down for a much needed rest. Woke up to some God awful sing'n and carry'n on's...I says "what the hell?" It were one them old folks programs...Lawerance Welks or something like that. Now I'm fully awake....what do I do?

Today is Sunday, like no one knew that but me. At one time in my life, Sunday was a special day. It was a day for numerous naps, watch'n TV all day long, a great big delicious family dinner, kids scream'n fight'n and ask'n silly questions every time your eyes close for a little "wink". Now days, I have no idea what day it is unless I happen to look at my watch. Now if golf is on tv, I know it's either Saturday or Sunday. If I watched cartoons all morning, then I know it's Saturday and not Sunday. The rest of the week is just one long day. The older ya get, the less it matters what day it is.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Now what ya gonna do....old man

Boy Howdy.....

 Yesterday right bout 10am me and pesky neighbor Wayne was swak'n golf balls in Las Cruces.

Member that weed what I was tell ya bout....what was all pretty green a few days back. Die sucker, die.

And here's the latest addition to my "murdered" yard. It just come up out of nowhere....overnight. Most the other ones what popped up like this one are gone...lay'n down tak'n their last breath of fresh air. Die sucker, die.

Took "that jeep" to Las Cruces yesterday. Yeah it was vibrat'n all the way there and back...only worster on the way back. Crawl up under that thing and give the drive line a twist. Holy Cows, how the hell we get  back to "da house"?  It bout to fall slap out. Ok, I been look'n for something else to do so's I guess I'll be chang'n universal joints come next week.

Oh, did I mention I beat poor old Wayne so bad yesterday he ain't never gonna wanna play golf ball swak'n with Billy Bob no more? He even hid the score card from me so's I couldn't see what he swaked. LOL....he needs to go take some lessons. Just for Barney.....I struck a 89 even though my driver is still warped. Have ya ever hit a 50 yard drive? I did.

Old Billy Bob has got to take a few days off from do'n stuff. Ya see, it's like this. I have this pain in my chest what ain't supposed to be there. I figger tak'n a few days off will tell me if I worked too hard with that hula hoe and rake and stuff......or if I'm dying. Hope it ain't the latter. Ain't good know'n ya ain't gonna live forever.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Officially I won't be an old man for another year, but let me tell ya bout "feeling" old......

Holy crap, is my thermometer broke or what? It's a freak'n 52 degs outside and I'm cold inside.  And it's not even winter time yet. "Turn the heater on Billy Bob".

HEY!!!! There's cows in my yard. Well, not really in my yard, but right over there in the field. Two great big 'ol hamburger look'n cows. Did you know that my great gramps used to have cattle ranches in Deming? Something like 30,000 acres and special breed cows. Pancho Villa one time got caught stealing one of Gramps cows, but Gramps took to shoot'n at them. Gramps was a well knowed and respected cattleman and ain't no body mess with his cows.

Golf!!! Any body wanna hear about golf? Well after my golf clubs got all warped up and wouldn't hit a ball straight, I went over to Wayne's house and stole me some his golf balls and swak them across the fence in that field where them cow are at. Some call that practice. Then yesterday we went to the golf ball swak'n country club and play a round. I think I'll leave practice to the doctors.

Today is old Billy Bob's birthday and pesky neighbor Wayne is taking me to the Las Cruces Country Club for a round. On his birthday a couple week ago, I took him to Silver City for a round....OFM Barney can attest to that. If we don't get back home to "da house" by 4:30, someone call AAA to come look'n for us. We tak'n "that jeep".

Ok....that's it....gotta get all dress up and go to town.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another camp fire

Boy howdy, what it is git down James Brown and all that stuff.

Did I tell ya that it rained last night? Well it did....on my brand spank'n new golf bag what I just bought a couple days ago. What was it doing sitting out in the rain you ask? Well, it's like this. I were hit'n golf balls out there in the field and kept run'n back and forth to "da porch" for a different club. Well duh Billy Bob, take the bag of clubs out there where you're hit'n 'em. Like an old redneck feller used to say...."I didn't think of that". Anyhows, it rained, bag got wet, Billy Bob got wet. Then about 11pm oclock I remembered the winders and back hatch on "that jeep"...or what ever ya call it, was open. Old Billy Bob got wet again and a feet (meaning two) full sticker burrs.

Have ya ever wonder why a laptop is call a laptop? Mine sits on a table, so why ain't it call a tabletop? Or if it sit on one them computer desk, why not desktop? Since mine is call a laptop...don't really understand why...it's sit'n on my lap out on "da porch" while I'm sip'n a cup and think'n. Oh hell, who cares anyhows???

Ok, here's the deal. Remember what my cactus garden look like when I got back to Deming?
Well, I tried chop'n, hand pull'n, a chain saw and a lawn mower. Nope, that ain't gonna work......so I set the sucker ablaze. Here we go again....flames and smoke everywhere. But it worked.
Ok, one more thing. Since it rained last night and everyone knows how the desert produces desert plants, what the hell is this........
It's a freak'n weed show'n it's self through all that salt and water what I work so hard put'n down. If'n any more pop up, MsB, don't use salt. Will update on the life and times of this lone weed what ain't supposed to be there.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne and me is going to Los Cruces for a round of "birthday" (mine) at my favorite golf course this friday. I always beat him so bad on that course that he don't ever wanna play again. He say I cheat, but it's him what keeps score. How can ya cheat at golf??? Oh while I'm think'n bout it, did I tell ya that Wayne had a small stroke while I was off fish'n and stuff in Georgia? Mess up his left arm.....another excuse when I whollop him swak'n golf balls.

Am I the only one or what?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wet'er down

You gonna be hear bout this yard project what I got go'n on till I'm done.

Ya see, it's like this....I took my "town list with me yesterday, along with a pound of balony and a loaf of bread. Just in case it were an all day affair. On my list was some them stick on decorator mirrors for the solar oven reflectors....what I didn't find. One of my primary destinations was the "teeth pull'n" place to make an appointment for this throb'n tooth. It gotta go. Well, drove right by the place while I was think'n "salt". Went by Walmart to drop off my meds refill and while I was there, I moseyed on over to the lawn dirt stuff and wood chips. HEY....what's in them plastic bags? It were salt, swim pool salt, in 40 pound bags. Bought me up 3 them things and since salt excites me at a time like this, went back to "da house". Gonna kill a yard.
Holy cows Billy Bob, ya got 150 pound of salt on there and it still don't look like enough. Well hell, Walmart got plenty.

Just went brain dead.....gonna be back laters when I think bout what I had on my mind all night long for todays post. Oh yeah....I had a dream last night..... I come back from my slabs trip and my yard had 5 foots tall weeds grown'n everywhere.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HeyHey Hey....

HeyHey Hey....anyone remember who said that??? 

But that ain't what I'm talk'n bout. Last night I told old pesky neighbor Wayne "I hope I sleep good tonight"....what I did. Didn't get up till 7:30 this morning. Sun was already wait'n for me on "da porch", a nice 65 degs......sun shin'n and a nice cool 15 mile a hour breeze. Gonna be a great day for dig'n weeds.

Back to the shoes what don't fit. See, when ya read blogs, ya learn stuff. I members one time a few years ago I went to one them foot shoe fit'n places for some high dollar shoes. Think they was bout $29 or something like that. They stuff my feet in a grand look'n pair and I was off to dance the world away. Then bout 20 year later, I went off to another one them places, but my feet was a different size. What the hell, feets don't grow. The last 4 year or so, I have been unable to wear shoes at all....remember my sandals...my adjustable Sunday go to meet'n shoes, golf'n shoes, work'n shoes, mountain climb'n shoes, just everyday "do nuttin" shoes? That's it, one pair fits all.

Boy howdy Billy Bob, ya gotta do something bout that bed. I feel like I done been whooped with a 2 X 4 or something. If'n ya ever been have back problems...ya know, squished discs and stuff like that, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. And then you have the old age thing where ya get shorter....kind of like when your feet get bigger. Some people get shorter cause that eat too much...or drink a case of beer every day, what make  a big 'ol heavy belly to tote around for the rest of your life. That extra weight gonna wear them discs slap out and ya get shorter. Git where I com'n from??? Take care of your back.

Did I mention my trip to Walmart yesterday? Well if not, here goes. Ya know my main purpose was to find some salt to "murder" anything that grows and sterilize the yard for the rest of it's life. Walmart ain't got sheet...they done got rid of the "good" stuff". Just like a saw what was on my list. I was want'n one them hand saws what cut com'n and go'n (cuts both ways) to replace the one I wore slap out. Before they changed everything around, they had exactly what I wanted, a 24 inch "cut anything" hand saw....what cut com'n and go'n. All they had was a little "girlie" 16 inch one. Now how the hell am I gonna cut down a big tree?

Anyhows, Walmart had some rock salt like what ya use to make ice cream. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were bout 12 13 year old and we was gonna make some "homemade" ice cream. In an old ice chest was this hunk of ice...a 50 pound block what just barely fit in the chest. I reaches my hands under that block of ice and commenced to remove it. Well, that block of ice done twisted around in that ice chest and grab holt on my hands....it weren't com'n out. My hands was under that cold ice and it weren't let'n go....I was stuck. I weren't gonna wait for the ice to melt 'cause my hands was turn'n blue....so's I started yell'n...."get me out of here". Help arrived and crank'n began on some of the bestest ice cream ya ever ate.

Back to Walmart and rock salt.....I bought me up 6 four pound boxes that stuff at $1.40 a box....just to see how much ground  it would cover, what I'm gonna kill. Off at the hardware store, the only salt they had was for them water softener thingys. What the hell, that ain't rock salt....that chunk salt. What I didn't buy. But I should'a.

OK.....now what ya wanna talk bout?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

OK already....

Ok already, so ya don't want to hear bout all the strenious hard work I been do'n to make my short stay in Deming more comfortable for me and my lazy dog Sadie Mae.

Ya see, it's like this....Deming is my home base and every time I go gallivant'n round the country, I come back to a yard full of weeds what look like a jungle. Stuff grow'n 4 foots high, tumble weeds what  climb the fence , sticker burrs and goat heads...etc etc. When I finally get this mess clean up, I'll move on to something else.

And this mess is what I yank out the cactus garden.................

Well...today is the day. I got that Walmart list in my pocket and get'n ready to head to town.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whoa is me

After reading a few blogs I faithfully follow each day.....now I'm depressed.

Ya see, it's like this.....it seems everyone but old Billy Bob has something exciting to post. Look at old Uncle Ben, he had a fire at his place this morning. Then Dizzy Dick done went back in time when he was just a young man sing'n tunes most have never hear of. JW at the Field Lab is build'n a modern day bicycle powered worsher machine. The OFM Barney walk a hunert mile through mountains, dry washes and gulleys. Sheesh Billy Bob, you is boring with your posts. Do something.

Had I planned my work habits around my "do nuttin" habits, then maybe I wouldn't be so tired every evening. You know how hard it is to drop a hula hoe and rake and go to "da porch" and sit a spell? Well, it ain't hard at all. It's the get'n back up that's hard. But after years of experience of "tak'n it easy", I have learned that what ya don't get done today, will still be there tomorrow. And that's the way I like it. Never rush into something that has to do with work without think'n it out for extended lengths of time.

Damn, I need to go to Walmart. I got me a list of stuff that gonna load "that jeep" plumb full to the top. I been put'n it off so's I can kill a couple birds with one stone. You know, like take the jeep to the jeep fix'n place. I done look all over under that thing for a vibration. It just ain't there unless I'm go'n 55 mile a hour...and then I ain't get'n under there. Then I need to go to the brand spank'n new donut shop. Brand new 'cause I never knowed bout it till a few day ago. Did I mention I like donuts. Big fat ones...bout 4 or 5.

Speak'n of donuts, old pesky neighbor Wayne says he can't eat donuts no more. Says he don't have none. Well, I want you lookie here. I went over to his house and what sit'n on the table....a big box of chocolate covered donuts. Ya don't rekon he was being stingy do ya?

Now I'm get'n all cited (excited) bout the trip to the slabs. But it's too early to get excited....still over a hunert degs out there.

My new trees what I built out of bushes.
This'un is a Bird of Paridise.......
and the one below is a Mexican elder....or something like that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh no, you didn't....

Oh yes I did. Ya see, it was like this. I was sit'n out there on "da porch" just mind'n my own business and here come pesky neighbor Wayne with a golf ball in his mouth mumbl'n something bout going to the golf course.

This morning I drag myself out of bed like a bolt of lightning. Not that I wanted to, but I had me one them cramps what make ya says all kind of cuss'n stuff. I must'a holler GD GD GD at least a hunert time. Have ya ever try to pee with a cramp in your leg and holler'n obscenities?

It was 6am when my coffee was finished brew'n, dark as a paper bag outside and temp right on 57 degs. By the time the sun peeked over the horizon, old Billy was all fire up to go to work in the yard.  Went out there and start chop'n and rak'n weeds and old dead grass stuff.  Another 2 or 3 weeks and I gonna have me a sand and gravel yard again. Speak'n of trees, did I tell ya bout the two trees I built out of bushes? Yeah I did. I took all them spare limb thingys off and there ain't nuttin but one trunk and a few scrawny limbs left. Look'n good Billy Bob. See, I told ya, I make stuff.

Golf game weren't worth a flip. Clubs must still be warped. Sadie Mae was hunt'n today in every bush out there. Was wore slap out by the 9th hole. I didn't fare too well either after hunt'n all them golf balls. When ya practice something, ain't ya supposed to get better?? 

 Won't be long and "Sally da house" is gonna be sit'n right here and I gonna be catch'n me sum fish.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full of ideas

While I was sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n, I got all kinds of ideas what was run'n through my nimble mind.

I was think'n last night bout all the work I gonna do today. But that was last night. This morning, I am re-think'n them silly ideas. What brings me to the conclusion.....don't think. I started clean'n weeds out the yard a week ago. After a week I gots a cleared area bout 10 foots wide and 20 foots long.

At that rate I would be fired the first hour in the real working world. Seems I take more long breaks than someone making $25 an hour for the same job. But, I look at it this way, them weeds is still gonna be there tomorrow. Isn't it just wonderful to be retired and work on your own terms?

Yesterday was weed burn day. I had this big ole pile of tumble weeds, some dry grass, just plain ole weeds and a few burnables from out "da house". I looks at that big ole pile, grabs me a gasoline can, doused that pile and set that sucker ablaze. Holy Crap.....where the water hose?? There was flames shoot'n 20 feets in the air.....fire was approaching "da porch" burn'n everything in it's path. An hour later fire is under control and simmer'n, I looks at that great big cactus what went out of control in the cactus garden. That sucker done reach 10 feets high and "stick'n" people what passes by. Well, in bout an hour, that big ole cactus is now a small one with threats to completely "murder" it. A few thorns in my fingers and all that stuff I chop down is now lay'n out in the desert.

Speak'n of weeds and stuff what grows, old Billy Bob gonna kill the yard. Sterilize it, cut it's nuts off, so nuttin will grow for years. Gonna go buy me a hunert pounds rock salt and spread it all over the place. Ain't gonna be come'n back from no more trips and have a yard full of 4 foots weeds grow'n everywhere what I gotta spend a month get'n rid of. Nuttin but sand and gravel. 

Did I mention that it's been hot here in Deming. Not the 100 plus summer time temps, but like walk'n into a little gas powered convection oven. What little breeze we have is a hot breeze. Now where that come from???

Didn't I just do dishes last week? Well shoot, got me another sink full....what I got soak'n. Gonna have to eat me more balony samiches (sandwich) and donuts (less dishes to wash). Speak'n of donuts, did ya notice that the donuts from Walmart are smaller now days? And the chocolate icing don't taste the same. Don't be mess'n with me Walmart.

Ok....gotta do something...been sit'n way to long.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is that a baby I hear cry'n?

Boy howdy, here it is another day and old Billy Bob is still work'n on last week.

Woke up sometime this morn'n before the sun had it's first glimpse of a beautiful monday. It's 65 degs out there and not even a whisper of a breeze. You know what that means....right? It's gonna be a "goat" sweat'n day.

Recap of the weekend.....nuttin. Well, I did go off to the golf course a couple times and swak a few balls with Barney and Wayne. But I ain't gonna tell ya what happen. Hell no I didn't win. Ya see, it's like this....I had left my golf clubs outside during the little cold snap we had and it warped my clubs....what make all my shots "warped".

Sadie Mae is now an official golf course "run'n" dog. We took her with us just for the "ride". She loves to ride in a golf cart. Her was chas'n birds, rabbits and anything what would move. Wore her slap out. Barney had to putt a "slice" on the green 'cause Sadie was lay'n in his line of fire. Wouldn't move for nuttin.  One day old Billy Bob gonna remember to take his camera and take some pics.  

No special plans for the day. I could run (take golf cart) up to the wash machines and get me some clean clothes. Oh....did I mention I started dig'n up weeds in da yard? You talk bout "gonna have a bon fire", we gonna have one.  Then I'm gonna have a pile of ashes what I hear is good fertilizer for grown'n more weeds. Can't win.

Breathing is still a problem at 4400 feets. I usually get used to the altitude with in the first 2 weeks I get back to Deming, but not this time....yet. 

Speak'n of breathing, old pasky neighbor Wayne is off to El Paso for the third time for more tests and stuff. I'm think'n they gonna do a stress test on him....what I would love to see. Hell, he can't even walk to the dumpster much less get his big ass on a treadmill. Hope he comes back with good news again. 

Ok....gonna take a much needed break for a bit.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Freez'n cold

Holy Crap.....what the hell happen? I was woked up early this morning and I was cold all over my skinny body.
"Where the hell is a blanket"? It can't really be cold could it? Well hell yeah it is, it's 47 degs at "da house". Sadie Mae ain't mov'n....just layed there look'n at me like "are ya gonna git up and close the door"?
I gets up and turn on a burner on the stove, takes a pee and puts on a pot of coffee. 
Don't know what I gonna do today. Just another day in the life and times of an old retired fart in the middle of the desert. I got me a list of stuff that I need to do, but don't remember where I put the list. Ain't no sense rush'n into things.

Today I remember when I seen that airplane run into the second of the Twin Towers. I said "what the hell"....just like that. I sat there in silence not saying a word. Then it struck me, this is real. How could this happen in the USA? As I watched the towers fall I was think'n....there's people in there....they can't get out.

Now the same ones that did this awful terrorist act are planning to build a mosque testimony/monument to celebrate their attack on the United States on the site where the blood of 3000 Americans flowed. But the sad part is that there are some American citizens that condone this act of building a mosque on this sacred site. That's my view, although it goes much deeper. Your's may differ. 

Fount that list I lost. Holy Cows, would you look at all the work I go to do. Out of 12 items, 7 are done...finished...no longer a stress item. But as I look around me, I can find at least that many items that should be added to the list. Sheesh, I'll never be done in time for Thanksgiving dinner at the slabs.

Speak'n of the slabs, people are get'n fired up on the yahoo group "SlabsCity". This is the time of the year when campers are look'n for warmer stomp'n grounds. Last winter the lowest night time temp was 42 degs.....the warmest temp in the US. Even Florida froze. So....if'n ya ain't got no where to go for this winter, you might want to consider the slabs and come camp out with bout 1000 to 2000 other campers. All free.

Now I have to find something to eat and of course, a nap.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go'n back in the past

Boy howdy, let me tell ya. Last night I was sit'n round with nuttin to do, nothing on tv, done searched every site on the internet when I came across a grand idea. "What was ya do'n a year ago"? So's I went back to my first blog entries and started read'n. Backwards from my first post. Holy crap, who wrote all that stuff? Today I am up to July 25th, 2009....laugh'n my ass off. Just for fun, someone tell me who made the first comment on my blog. How bout the second? If ya ain't got nuttin better to do, join me in a fun filled past. At the bottom of each page click the "newer post" clicky thing.

Yesterday I had made the wrong decision to "power" drive a couple balls off the tee box. Last night I realized why I said I would never do that again. Not only did I have leg cramps all night long, my toe nails hurt (sciatica).
"Will ya ever listen Billy Bob"?

Pesky neighbor Wayne had to go to El Paso VA hospital early this morning. Something bout they gonna blow out his tubes or something like that. Ya see, he has some blocked arteries in his neck what needs cleaned out and they got this brand spank'n new doctor what ain't never worked on a human being before. Wayne is a good candidate for a guinea pig.  Hope all goes well and he is back home in time for "tee time" tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

West By God Va.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I had moved to West Virginia just because I could. All in all it was a great mistake. Did you know that summer is only bout a month long....or something like that. It's cold in W.Va. So cold ya don't go outside unless ya gotta thaw out the well pump or use the outhouse. Fortunately the outhouse was heated....by a 150 watt light bulb. If the electric went out, something gonna freeze.

Anyhows, I had a refrigeration business and found that VW buses don't get stuck in the snow like regular buses and trucks do. But they don't have heaters to keep ya warm. Well, old Billy Bob weren't gonna be outsmarted by not having a heater. So he built one. Fount me this big ole propane tank they use on fork lifts and a "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture. On the first test firing, we were at the local gas station fill'n up with gas for a trip to  the Taco Bell job in Charleston. While I was pump'n gas, my helper fires up the heater. Flames was com'n out that thing....BIG flames....inside the van....right there in on pump #3. Well we got that took care of real fast and hit the road before the fire department arrived. Go'n up the road with heater crank'n out fumes and moisture we opened all the windows and with a ice removal thingy, scraped the ice off the insides of the windshield. But I ain't done yet.

After working till 4am at Taco Bell in Charleston, I told my helper it was time to go. Pack 'em up. Well, he went out to the "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture and fired that sucker up. This time the flames were serious. I runs out to the van and here sits helper next to the heater with a big grin on his face while stuff is catch'n a fire. He never moved an inch. When all the little fires were put out that "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture was crank'n out heat for a trip back home in minus 10 deg weather. Ya got to appreciate a home made "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture.

I have nothing to say bout todays golf game. That is unless I mention the fact that Barney the OFM was sandbag'n the first 9 holes. He beat me and pesky neighbor Wayne like step childs. Was a perfect day for golf...somewhere's bout 85 degs with a nice steady breeze. Was a pleasure to "swak" golf balls with Barney.

Now let me tell ya bout the trip back to Deming from Silver City. We was go'n down the road bout 65 mile a hour and the truck kept go'n off the road. I says "what the hell". When I look over at Wayne, he slap asleep. And he driv'n this rig. After about 10 time off the road it bagan to be funny. That is till the one time he was in the other lane....with a big ole truck bear'n down on us. I just slapped the door....real hard...and we was back in our own lane.....Waynes eyes wide open.

You will never guess what I forgot this morning. I didn't forget the batteries, or the memory stick, I forget the whole camera.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lost for words

Don't know where this gonna go but this is a good place to start.

Ya see, it's like this....old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n the best for the last couple months....so he don't do much to talk about. What brings to mind...."ya gotta get off the backside and do something". Well, every time I do that, I get wore slap out and have to go lay myself down for a bit. Now...just a few years ago, I was a house on fire. I could do 14 hours a day and still have energy left over to "make" something.  Did I ever tell ya bout the time, I was in the refrigeration business, had me a nice shop and all that stuff, worked no less than 10 hours a day and still had time on my hands to "tinker". So...what I did was to build a coffee pot. Not just "any" coffee pot, but a 12 volt 12 cupper. Anyhows, a saleman from Sears, where I did a lot of contract work for visited my shop one morning. He spied my 12 volt coffee pot sit'n on the bench and says "what the hell is this contraption"? I gave him a demonstration of the finest brewed cup of coffee ya ever tasted. One year later....Ronco came out with a 12 volt 8 cup peculator. Do ya rekon this Sears salesman stole my invention???

Yesterday, me and pesky neighbor Wayne (old blue eyes) went off to the golf course to swak some balls. Yeah I beat him....as usual. Only lost one ball, but that was only cause I hit it in weeds 3 feets high.

When Barney, the old fat man made his visit, he showed me his bicycle. My God, that one fine look'n machine. Then he look at mine....and laughed. "You can't ride "that". He suggested I look at crank forward bicycles.....what I did. MY GOD....$1500 for a bicycle, what I probably would never ride. I could buy two motors for mine for that price.  That's when I stopped look'n at bicycles.

Lug Nut has not returned, so I'll be writing him off as another "dog gone". Sadie is still look'n out the door for him every night but she is also look'n for a frog. Sadie is a frog hunt'n dog ya know. But she ain't too smart. She puts them in her mouth, then they pee, then she has a mouth full of foam....like a mad dog. Crazy dog.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day

Labor day. Now there can be many ways to describe labor day, but the one I remember most is that just about every year my wife at the time would go into labor. This went on for many years at which time I told "wife at the time" enough is enough. We was poor folk, no shoes for the kids, old V-8 Ford what run on 6, didn't have a job, bought pintos by the 50 pound bag and one foot short of homeless. Well....it weren't really that bad but we did have an old black and white tv what the kids was the remote.

Speak'n of labor, #20 grandson is on the way. Well not really on the way, but he's in the oven due sometime in January. At least that what I been told through the grapevine.

I rekon everyone is aware that the "old fat man" Barney is in town. After bout a year of cross'n paths, this is it. We gonna be swak'n golf balls come bout tuesday next week.

Old pesky neighbor got hisself a birthday com'n up this Sunday or something like that......anyhows his birthday is the 5th.....what ever day that is. Then mine comes up on the 24th. When I get to think'n bout birthdays it make me feel a little bit older. In just one more year I will be officially and "old fart". My my, how time flies. Just 10 years ago I was danc'n with the wimmins, drink up a beer of two and feel'n like a young man. What was you do'n 10 years ago???

Went to the humane society yesterday in hope someone had dropped off Lug Nut. No such luck. Now let me tell ya bout the lady what was work'n there. After I give her a complete description of Lug Nut, she asks me if he was a "taco dog" mix. Taco dog mix??? Have ya ever see a 25 pound Chihuahua??? Anyhows, I fear that Lug Nut is gone forever. But Lug Nut had a great 5 years with old Billy Bob and Sadie Mae travel'n round the country never know'n where they might wake up the next morning. He was a good dog!!!! 

Speak'n of Sadie Mae....she is in mourning. She been sitting in the passenger seat every night look'n out the windows for hours on end. Then she goes to the door, ears perked up listening for any sound that may Lug Nuts foot steps. I don't use the name Lug Nut in her presence to remind her of her lost best buddy. I know she's hurt'n just like I am.

Ok I got things to do. Barney emailed me say'n he may drop by on his jaunt around town. I got to get this place look'n a little better than it do now. You know, like do the freak'n dishes, finish putting groceries up, pick up a ton of tools lay'n in the yard, vacuum this nasty floor...etc etc.

Just about the time I had finished the dishes and was sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and rest'n, up drives Barney the "old fat man". But let me tell ya something right now, Barney ain't no fat man. He's just short.
We sit's out there jabber jaw'n bout travels, aches and pains, weather and stuff and of course a little bout golf.
Plans are to go swak a round on Wayne's birthday up in Silver City come tuesday morning. Can hardly wait....I'm so excitus I could just pee. Well maybe not that excited. Had a wonderful visit with the "old fat man".

Thank's for the comments bout Lug Nut and Sadie. I've bout given up all hope that he will return and doubt that what few neighbors we have would tie him up. It's a loss I just have to bear same as I did with JoJo and Beaudreaux. Although I keep watch'n outside in hopes that he will show up.

I think I'm gonna leave it at this for today. See ya tomorrow......Oh yeah, MsB, where the hell have you been? So good to see ya again.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sore or what

Hmmmm....59 degs this morning....not bad for the desert.

Boy howdy, is old Billy Bob sore or what?

Ya see, it's like this....as the body gets another day older, it don't matter what ya do, you gonna feel it. After crawl'n up under and crawl'n out from under "da house" at least a quadzillion times yesterday, this old body is sore. But I did save me some gas money by not letting the propane fix'n guy do it. I rekon my trip to the slabs should be almost free this year.

The way I feel this morning, I don't think I will be making the trip to the roof of "da house" today to check out my amplified antenna. But ya never know. Old Billy Bob has been known to do some strange things when he's not supposed to. Like the time I winched myself up the mast on my sailboat. Got up there bout 25 feets and the rope got a snag in it on a pulley and I was stuck. Thanks to a neighbor what could climb a mast like a monkey, I was freed in less than an hour.

Old Billy Bob is a grandpa again. Emma Clare. That's 19 ya know. But that don't mean I'm going back to Georgia any time soon. Got one more due in January....then I quit.
Ok...things to do....laters.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog gone

Didn't post yesterday cause I didn't know how to break the bad news.

Ya see, it's like this....I have a dog that likes to run, hunt rabbits, explore and just be a dog. He went off to the Mexican bar down the road two nights ago and ain't been back since. That's where he got his ass beat a few months ago by a big "biker" dog over a pool game. The only other time Lug Nut failed to come home was the time he found him a girlfriend. I'm hoping that's the case this time, but there are very few girl dogs in the neighborhood, so I doubt that is the case. As far as being kidnapped, I don't think so. He never goes near the hi-way, so I'll strike that one off as a "nope". The only other and most probable cause of his disappearance would be "coyotes". They eat little dogs ya know.

First thing I hear from a neighbor was, "why weren't he on a rope"? I asked myself that same question. Well, it's like this....Lug Nut is a special dog. I give him the run of the place cause he's a "dog". A hunt'n dog. A run'n dog. An exploring dog. A dog that you don't just tie up and forget he exists. No, I don't tie Lug Nut up to restrain him from doing what he was born to do. I'll miss him terribly, as will Sadie Mae, but he was a happy dog....run'n, chas'n rabbits and exploring.

Started on repairing the propane leak this morning. Checked all the fittings and only have the one leak. Not in an easy place to get to, but old Billy Bob been in worse places. Hope to have the piping took apart in the next hour or so, but it don't really matter how long it takes. Will update as I progress.
Would have posted a pic of the leak, but it's on Ben's camera. Oh well!!!

Went off to the golf course yesterday with pesky neighbor Wayne. Holy crap Billy Bob, why you hit the ball over there? Ain't gonna tell my score cause Barny the "old fat man" would get the idea he could whoop me. Speak'n of golf courses....when I was in Georgia all the greens were burnt up from the heat wave they had. All black and rotted. Now that I'm back in Deming, it was like being in heaven play'n on green greens. Come on Barney, game is on me.

Speak'n of heat wave....it's beautiful weather here in Deming. Lows in the 60's at night and mid 80's during the day. Winds bout 5 mile a hour. Can't beat that with a stick. But, it ain't gonna last forever. If'n I remember right, right bout the first of November ya got to hook up some kind of heat at night. You know....lows at night in the 30's and 40's. But beautiful during the day time.

Ok, my break is over....back under "da house".

Well shoot....that weren't so bad. All back together and look'n good. Now all I got to do is leak test one more time.....that the way professionals do it ya know. If there's a leak..... I'm gonna be pissed if I got to take all the stuff apart again. Weren't no easy task with all those "shipping" clamps they put on there.

Next on the agenda is to check out my amplified tv antenna. At one time...a year ago, I was able to get all the channels. Now I only get about half as many. Had to go online to find out how to find out if it's working or not. How the hell can a lead in wire have 12 volts going up to the amplifier and then return a signal back down the same lead in wire. Don't make no sense to me, but then I ain't no amplifier fix it guy. More on this repair after I finish my other project for the day. I'm one hard work'n sum a gun. Oh wait....it's almost nap time.