Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day

Labor day. Now there can be many ways to describe labor day, but the one I remember most is that just about every year my wife at the time would go into labor. This went on for many years at which time I told "wife at the time" enough is enough. We was poor folk, no shoes for the kids, old V-8 Ford what run on 6, didn't have a job, bought pintos by the 50 pound bag and one foot short of homeless. Well....it weren't really that bad but we did have an old black and white tv what the kids was the remote.

Speak'n of labor, #20 grandson is on the way. Well not really on the way, but he's in the oven due sometime in January. At least that what I been told through the grapevine.

I rekon everyone is aware that the "old fat man" Barney is in town. After bout a year of cross'n paths, this is it. We gonna be swak'n golf balls come bout tuesday next week.

Old pesky neighbor got hisself a birthday com'n up this Sunday or something like that......anyhows his birthday is the 5th.....what ever day that is. Then mine comes up on the 24th. When I get to think'n bout birthdays it make me feel a little bit older. In just one more year I will be officially and "old fart". My my, how time flies. Just 10 years ago I was danc'n with the wimmins, drink up a beer of two and feel'n like a young man. What was you do'n 10 years ago???

Went to the humane society yesterday in hope someone had dropped off Lug Nut. No such luck. Now let me tell ya bout the lady what was work'n there. After I give her a complete description of Lug Nut, she asks me if he was a "taco dog" mix. Taco dog mix??? Have ya ever see a 25 pound Chihuahua??? Anyhows, I fear that Lug Nut is gone forever. But Lug Nut had a great 5 years with old Billy Bob and Sadie Mae travel'n round the country never know'n where they might wake up the next morning. He was a good dog!!!! 

Speak'n of Sadie Mae....she is in mourning. She been sitting in the passenger seat every night look'n out the windows for hours on end. Then she goes to the door, ears perked up listening for any sound that may Lug Nuts foot steps. I don't use the name Lug Nut in her presence to remind her of her lost best buddy. I know she's hurt'n just like I am.

Ok I got things to do. Barney emailed me say'n he may drop by on his jaunt around town. I got to get this place look'n a little better than it do now. You know, like do the freak'n dishes, finish putting groceries up, pick up a ton of tools lay'n in the yard, vacuum this nasty floor...etc etc.

Just about the time I had finished the dishes and was sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and rest'n, up drives Barney the "old fat man". But let me tell ya something right now, Barney ain't no fat man. He's just short.
We sit's out there jabber jaw'n bout travels, aches and pains, weather and stuff and of course a little bout golf.
Plans are to go swak a round on Wayne's birthday up in Silver City come tuesday morning. Can hardly wait....I'm so excitus I could just pee. Well maybe not that excited. Had a wonderful visit with the "old fat man".

Thank's for the comments bout Lug Nut and Sadie. I've bout given up all hope that he will return and doubt that what few neighbors we have would tie him up. It's a loss I just have to bear same as I did with JoJo and Beaudreaux. Although I keep watch'n outside in hopes that he will show up.

I think I'm gonna leave it at this for today. See ya tomorrow......Oh yeah, MsB, where the hell have you been? So good to see ya again.


  1. Yep, dogs suffer loss as well. Hope she snaps out of it soon.

    So, Did OFM find you Ok ?

  2. Hi Bill,
    Just want you to know I am an animal lover from the word go. I lit a candle when I first heard abot LugNut going missing. It is still burning and I pray that he will come home safe and sound.Whenever I have had an animal death, I let the other pets see it, smell it and then they know they're gone. They still mope but not as much as when one just goes missing. I feel for Sadie and sure she is enduring the loss in her own way.
    I wonder if someone could have found Lugnut and has him inside where he can't find his way home?

  3. So glad OFM found you and ya get to whack some golf's balls with someone besides just Wayne.. Hell someone may learn something about golf! :-)

  4. Why, just 10 years ago I was danc'n with the gentlemen, drink up a beer or two, and feel'n like a young girl! What the heck happened?

  5. LOL Gypsy, ya don't rekon it has something to do with the last ten years.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Lug Nut and I am still hopeful that he will show up. Have you put an ad in the paper or made missing dog posters? If you offer a reward it might motivate someone to look for him.

    I dont have good luck with pets. Last July I took in a little abandoned dog. We went out of town but I left him lots of water and food. When we came back he was gone.

    Poor little Sadie Mae. I sincerely hope he turns up.

  7. Please wish blue eyes a happy birthday for me.