Saturday, September 25, 2010

Now what ya gonna do....old man

Boy Howdy.....

 Yesterday right bout 10am me and pesky neighbor Wayne was swak'n golf balls in Las Cruces.

Member that weed what I was tell ya bout....what was all pretty green a few days back. Die sucker, die.

And here's the latest addition to my "murdered" yard. It just come up out of nowhere....overnight. Most the other ones what popped up like this one are gone...lay'n down tak'n their last breath of fresh air. Die sucker, die.

Took "that jeep" to Las Cruces yesterday. Yeah it was vibrat'n all the way there and back...only worster on the way back. Crawl up under that thing and give the drive line a twist. Holy Cows, how the hell we get  back to "da house"?  It bout to fall slap out. Ok, I been look'n for something else to do so's I guess I'll be chang'n universal joints come next week.

Oh, did I mention I beat poor old Wayne so bad yesterday he ain't never gonna wanna play golf ball swak'n with Billy Bob no more? He even hid the score card from me so's I couldn't see what he swaked. LOL....he needs to go take some lessons. Just for Barney.....I struck a 89 even though my driver is still warped. Have ya ever hit a 50 yard drive? I did.

Old Billy Bob has got to take a few days off from do'n stuff. Ya see, it's like this. I have this pain in my chest what ain't supposed to be there. I figger tak'n a few days off will tell me if I worked too hard with that hula hoe and rake and stuff......or if I'm dying. Hope it ain't the latter. Ain't good know'n ya ain't gonna live forever.


  1. I suppose there is some reason you aren't going now to have it checked out by medical folks? I'm not one much to run to doctors (don't even take any prescription medicine at this point - mid 50's), but chest pain was the one time I went to the ER. Turned out to be nothing, but I'm not sorry I went.

  2. Shadow....ya see, it's like this, every time I go to my doctor, he asks me if I'm having any chest pains. I tell him no. Since I started clear'n the weeds from my yard, I started to hav'n these chest pains. Over exertion for an old fart usually ends up in some kind of pain. If in 3 days of "do'n nuttin" I still have pain....off to see the doctor. Maybe.

  3. BB by our age we can tell where the pain is most of the time. If it is just sore muscles and joints the only cure is rest. The only time I have had internal chest pain turned out to be reflux up in my bronchial tubes. That did hurt. I think your plan is just right.

  4. Yea, you ole coot ,go see your doctor, Won't you rather know than just guess and guess wrong and f**ging die? I am not a doctor and don't think any of your followers are docs either. So go see a real one and find out what the hell it is.
    ( hope it is just muscle strain from weed pulling )

  5. Wayne who recommended BrownwoodSeptember 26, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    Billy Bob happy birthday belated, you are not that old. I just got back from an all class reunion, some well into 70,s and 80, abd still going, oldest 97.
    Hey don't you know you have to let pesky neighbor win occasionly without him realizing it. otherwise he may get discouraged , quit, and leave you high and dry.
    seriousyl I detest doctors also, but if this presists much longer, get it looked into!

  6. Hey BB, my wife told me to tell you that she had bad chest pains once and did go to the doctor. He said it was pulled muscles from too much exercising and may last a week, or a month or more. She was glad she went instead of worrying for a month or more what it could be.

    We don't like doctors and rarely go, but when you need too, it is the least of the evils.