Saturday, September 18, 2010

OK already....

Ok already, so ya don't want to hear bout all the strenious hard work I been do'n to make my short stay in Deming more comfortable for me and my lazy dog Sadie Mae.

Ya see, it's like this....Deming is my home base and every time I go gallivant'n round the country, I come back to a yard full of weeds what look like a jungle. Stuff grow'n 4 foots high, tumble weeds what  climb the fence , sticker burrs and goat heads...etc etc. When I finally get this mess clean up, I'll move on to something else.

And this mess is what I yank out the cactus garden.................

Well...today is the day. I got that Walmart list in my pocket and get'n ready to head to town.


  1. Dang Billy Bob, you keep that up and your yard will look like the face of the moon, only more barren.

    Looks like too much work to me. You need to get a blade for the front of da jeep and some discs for behind it. That would be easier.

  2. Congratualations. it is ready for the soil sterilant now.

  3. before long you will have the demming place lookin as clean as rayhound road.

  4. ricirBilly just about Lug Nut. sure will miss him at the Slabs. We did have to have Ringer put down but Socks is still with us. Got a rescite dog hound mix???? what a hand full 10 mo puppy. Looking forware to seeing you at the slabs.

  5. OK,Who are you and what did you do with Billy Bob? We all know that the real BB ain't gonna work as hard as you say you are..


  6. LOL...thanks for all the coments...

    Ya can't put a bulldozer in a 40 X 40 foot yard.

    Have ya ever tried to buy rock salt in Deming? Decided to sterilize yard with salt. Should last a year or more. If I can find some.

    Nick, I ain't at all worried what it looks like, just so nothing grows while I am off run'n the roads.

    Gee Rich, good to see ya. I been look'n for an excuse to not show up at the slabs, but haint found one yet. See ya there.

    Oh come on Ben, you knows old Billy Bob is a hard work'n fool. Never a minutes rest at "da house".

  7. So is it true that rock salt will keep weeds away or are you making it up?

    If it is true I will buy me some.

  8. You know BB that it's going to take at less 4 bags of Rock Salt (water softener salt) to cover that area and for the same $ you can but a bottle of ground killer and do it right. We made it across the Rocky Mnts and are now in Kansas headed for Tulsa, Ok.

    Keep up the good work

  9. MsB....yes it's true that salt will not only kill weeds, but anything it comes in contact with at ground level. In fact, salt was used in ancient wars to kill foliage and was probably sprinkled into the gardens of their enemies so they would shrivel up and die of starvation. Salt will sterilize the ground....kind of like castrating a pet, and nothing will grow in it....nothing. So be careful where you spread salt.

    Hi ya River....long time no see.
    I looked at the commercial ground killer today....MY GOD have you see the price that stuff? One of the best, Triox is priced at $14.95...for a quart...32 ounces. But the bad part was that it only kills 75 sq. ft. of ground. I have 1600 sg ft, so I would need lots of quarts. Like bout 20.
    I'm figger I'll need about 100 to 150 pounds of salt what is much cheaper.