Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another camp fire

Boy howdy, what it is git down James Brown and all that stuff.

Did I tell ya that it rained last night? Well it did....on my brand spank'n new golf bag what I just bought a couple days ago. What was it doing sitting out in the rain you ask? Well, it's like this. I were hit'n golf balls out there in the field and kept run'n back and forth to "da porch" for a different club. Well duh Billy Bob, take the bag of clubs out there where you're hit'n 'em. Like an old redneck feller used to say...."I didn't think of that". Anyhows, it rained, bag got wet, Billy Bob got wet. Then about 11pm oclock I remembered the winders and back hatch on "that jeep"...or what ever ya call it, was open. Old Billy Bob got wet again and a feet (meaning two) full sticker burrs.

Have ya ever wonder why a laptop is call a laptop? Mine sits on a table, so why ain't it call a tabletop? Or if it sit on one them computer desk, why not desktop? Since mine is call a laptop...don't really understand why...it's sit'n on my lap out on "da porch" while I'm sip'n a cup and think'n. Oh hell, who cares anyhows???

Ok, here's the deal. Remember what my cactus garden look like when I got back to Deming?
Well, I tried chop'n, hand pull'n, a chain saw and a lawn mower. Nope, that ain't gonna work......so I set the sucker ablaze. Here we go again....flames and smoke everywhere. But it worked.
Ok, one more thing. Since it rained last night and everyone knows how the desert produces desert plants, what the hell is this........
It's a freak'n weed show'n it's self through all that salt and water what I work so hard put'n down. If'n any more pop up, MsB, don't use salt. Will update on the life and times of this lone weed what ain't supposed to be there.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne and me is going to Los Cruces for a round of "birthday" (mine) at my favorite golf course this friday. I always beat him so bad on that course that he don't ever wanna play again. He say I cheat, but it's him what keeps score. How can ya cheat at golf??? Oh while I'm think'n bout it, did I tell ya that Wayne had a small stroke while I was off fish'n and stuff in Georgia? Mess up his left arm.....another excuse when I whollop him swak'n golf balls.

Am I the only one or what?


  1. Pesky with a warped arm and you with warped clubs, sounds about even. Which LC course has the pleasure of your landscaping?

  2. Hey!!! I Had an idea,, Why don't you take one of them golf balls whacking clubs and get after that weed patch. Being that you are in the desert. I bet a sand wedge would work fine. :-)

  3. all this talk of golfin has got me tired

  4. Barney, we headed for the Los Cruces Country Club.....always whoop Pesky there.

    Ben, where was your grand idea when I needed it.....like 2 weeks ago.

    Sorry Nick, but golf ball swak'n is as important as eat'n fish once a week.

  5. Are you saying salt does not work? Been reading up on homemade recipes for weeds and a lot of them advice not to use it. Wanted to pour it in between the driveway cracks but some say it will ruin the concrete to use vinegar instead, go figure!!

  6. ever thought why people plant flowers and pull weeds. what if we lived in an opposite world and they pull flowers and planted weeds. your yard would be the prettiest place around. he he he