Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tak'n a nap

Up early, back to bed, up early again, back to bed....up late.

Boy howdy, how does he do it? I'm talk'n to YOU. Get'n up at 6am is bad enough, but get up any time before that....."you ain't right". That is unless ya got a golf game to go to or you go'n fish'n. I know a lot of work'n folks have to get up early, before sun light sets in, but retired folks have no cause to be out of bed that early except to pee.

Had a hard day yesterday try'n to not do stuff. Was sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. Kept look'n at "that jeep" sit'n there scream'n "crawl up under here and fix me". But then I remembered what I said I was gonna do for the next 3 days....."nuttin".  I did a google search on "is do'n dishes strenuous work". Well it turned out that it's not......dang it. Got them dishes done in no time flat...bout 2 hours or so. Ate me up a couple hot dogs and layed down for a much needed rest. Woke up to some God awful sing'n and carry'n on's...I says "what the hell?" It were one them old folks programs...Lawerance Welks or something like that. Now I'm fully awake....what do I do?

Today is Sunday, like no one knew that but me. At one time in my life, Sunday was a special day. It was a day for numerous naps, watch'n TV all day long, a great big delicious family dinner, kids scream'n fight'n and ask'n silly questions every time your eyes close for a little "wink". Now days, I have no idea what day it is unless I happen to look at my watch. Now if golf is on tv, I know it's either Saturday or Sunday. If I watched cartoons all morning, then I know it's Saturday and not Sunday. The rest of the week is just one long day. The older ya get, the less it matters what day it is.


  1. Dang if that ain't the truth, BB. The days and weeks don't seem to matter anymore. I do try to remember the day to put the garbage out, other than trying to pay bills on time, I don't care what day it is.

    Hope you are feeling better and the pain is subsiding. See my last comment on your last blog.

  2. Now Barney, you know I have a reason for "do'n nuttin". You just don't know how much it hurts me to just sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think bout how much I want to be do'n something.