Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lay'n down

When ya don't feel like doing something, it's best ya just "do nuttin".

For the last few months old Billy Bob has been have some issues. Too numerous to write about and too numerous to ignore. Most know my health is not what it was a year ago and surely not what it was 5 years ago.

My plan for today was to make a "book" post. You know, one them long posts about my past. Well, that ain't gonna happen today. Ya see, it's like this, I had it all figger out what I gonna say, but when it came time to sit down and type, I had'a go lay down cause I were dizzy. And of course, that turned into a long nap. Speak'n of tak'n a nap, did I ever tell ya bout the time...... I was lay'n on the couch in my sailboat mind'n my own business, when all a sudden I hears a knock on the hatch....that's a boat door. It were two gorgeous wimmins in bikinis want'n me to take them to the beach in the "jag". Well, ya know how naps work, ya get up still half asleep, all grouchy and stuff. Oh well!!!

What did I do yesterday? Oh yeah, changed the U-joint in "that jeep", raked some old dead weeds into a big ole pile and loaded it up in the wagon trailer. Not one sticker burr or cactus thorn....how bout that. Then this morning.....speak'n of this morning, pesky neighbor says it was 46 degs at his house when he got up at 6am. I didn't get up till 7:30 so I don't know.....but I did put on an extra blanket last night. Also fired up my electric chill breaker heater. Ain't gonna be long folks and we gonna be holler'n bout how cold it is. But not old Billy Bob. I gonna be in southern Ca. bask'n in beautiful sunshiny days and cool nights. 

Just for fun today, I picked up my trusty 7 wood "Gracy" to swak some balls out into the field over there. Holy crap, why is my 7 wood so heavy? It's heavier than my 3 wood what I hit like a girl. Maybe I'm just get'n weak from all this "do'n nuttin" for the last 3 days. Oh yeah....Barney, what did you tell me to put on my grips to clean them and make them not so slicky?

Ok....that's it.....


  1. Wash vigorously with dishwashing detergent and a scouring pad. The surface of the worn grip needs a little tooth put back on them.

  2. Then when you got to the beach the two gorgeous wimmins in bikinis wanted you to put suntan oil on them... then you woke up ... no gorgeous wimmins.

  3. Rest when yer tired , eat when your hungry , to the slabs when yer cold.

    wish I was goin too

  4. If'n you were laying around for the three days like you said you were going to do, how did you get da jeep fixed? Magic, just snapped your fingers?

  5. Hey Billy Bob!!! You checked the Temperature out in California lately?? Record heat .. 100 Degrees plus!! You might as well pack up and head out for the slabs now,, ( take Wayne with ya,maybe he'll find him some ole wider woman to take care of him and get him outta your hair)

  6. Thanks Barn.....I thought you said gasoline

    Anony....who's story is this anyhows?

    LOL Nick....you KNOW is rest.
    Where ever you are, there is always a road that leads to the slabs.

    Well Dizzy it's like this....I were walk'n by "that jeep" and fell down. While I was down there I rolled up under the jeep and changed the U-joint.

    LOLOLOLOL...take Wayne to the slabs with me.....NOT!!!