Saturday, September 11, 2010

Freez'n cold

Holy Crap.....what the hell happen? I was woked up early this morning and I was cold all over my skinny body.
"Where the hell is a blanket"? It can't really be cold could it? Well hell yeah it is, it's 47 degs at "da house". Sadie Mae ain't mov'n....just layed there look'n at me like "are ya gonna git up and close the door"?
I gets up and turn on a burner on the stove, takes a pee and puts on a pot of coffee. 
Don't know what I gonna do today. Just another day in the life and times of an old retired fart in the middle of the desert. I got me a list of stuff that I need to do, but don't remember where I put the list. Ain't no sense rush'n into things.

Today I remember when I seen that airplane run into the second of the Twin Towers. I said "what the hell"....just like that. I sat there in silence not saying a word. Then it struck me, this is real. How could this happen in the USA? As I watched the towers fall I was think'n....there's people in there....they can't get out.

Now the same ones that did this awful terrorist act are planning to build a mosque testimony/monument to celebrate their attack on the United States on the site where the blood of 3000 Americans flowed. But the sad part is that there are some American citizens that condone this act of building a mosque on this sacred site. That's my view, although it goes much deeper. Your's may differ. 

Fount that list I lost. Holy Cows, would you look at all the work I go to do. Out of 12 items, 7 are done...finished...no longer a stress item. But as I look around me, I can find at least that many items that should be added to the list. Sheesh, I'll never be done in time for Thanksgiving dinner at the slabs.

Speak'n of the slabs, people are get'n fired up on the yahoo group "SlabsCity". This is the time of the year when campers are look'n for warmer stomp'n grounds. Last winter the lowest night time temp was 42 degs.....the warmest temp in the US. Even Florida froze. So....if'n ya ain't got no where to go for this winter, you might want to consider the slabs and come camp out with bout 1000 to 2000 other campers. All free.

Now I have to find something to eat and of course, a nap.


  1. 47 degrees!!!!???? Wow, that is a little cold for me. It is 30 degrees warmer than that here this morning and will get up into the mid 90's. Trouble is the humidity, will make it feel like 102. Agree with you on the attack.

  2. 9/11, another happening u will always remember exactly what n where u were when it happened, just like Kennedy, shot in Dallas, burned into ur memory. Didn't know if i should go to work that day, not knowing wth was going on.

  3. I wont be able to make the slab thanks giving this year. tell em all I wish I could. and stay outta trouble, that kid is lookin for ya

  4. Dizzy, it made it up to 90 this afternoon. That's almost 50 degs difference....whoa!!!

    Trouble....I was somewhere in the Mediterranean on the USS DuPont DD941 when Kennedy was shot. Was quiet on board for days. Some things should never be forgotten.

    Nick.....not sure if I will be there for turkey either. It's all gonna depend on the temp in Deming around Nov 15th. In the 20's, I'm out of here.
    What kid??? Ya talk'n bout that rock throw'n little monster what hides behind bushes and then chunks a rock at ya?

  5. I bet you do make it to the Slabs in time for Thanksgiving.

    One of these years I hope to make there as well.

    I would be LOVING that 47 degree weather. Can hardly wait for fall, it has been a brutal summer.

  6. BB, a mosque is not the plan. It is to be a community center. The site for it is not on the spot where the towers were but a couple of blocks or more away from there. Sacred site? I don't think so as there are bars, houses of prostitution and riff raff of that nature.

    Not only that: I am amazed that there is still anyone who believes the official story of that tragedy...cause its all a big lie. Do some deep digging and you too will see things in a different mindset. The whole horrendous tragedy was a plotted deal. All the shit going on today was planned to happen this way also. Oil, sir, is one of the main factors of it all. That stupid shrub and his dick of a controller was just a tool of those who really control the whole world. Read about the Illuminati, Bilderbergers. Much to be gained when you know the real truth of matters.

    Just because I'm signing here as "Anonymous" is not a reason to disbelieve what I've said. I just don't care for more flak as I've gotten from others who refuse to believe anything except what the media is payed to report. The media are under strict control too. Check out thoroughly the two terms above and dig even deeper. You may be stunned as the rest of us who have finally opened our eyes. Good luck.