Friday, September 17, 2010

Whoa is me

After reading a few blogs I faithfully follow each day.....now I'm depressed.

Ya see, it's like this.....it seems everyone but old Billy Bob has something exciting to post. Look at old Uncle Ben, he had a fire at his place this morning. Then Dizzy Dick done went back in time when he was just a young man sing'n tunes most have never hear of. JW at the Field Lab is build'n a modern day bicycle powered worsher machine. The OFM Barney walk a hunert mile through mountains, dry washes and gulleys. Sheesh Billy Bob, you is boring with your posts. Do something.

Had I planned my work habits around my "do nuttin" habits, then maybe I wouldn't be so tired every evening. You know how hard it is to drop a hula hoe and rake and go to "da porch" and sit a spell? Well, it ain't hard at all. It's the get'n back up that's hard. But after years of experience of "tak'n it easy", I have learned that what ya don't get done today, will still be there tomorrow. And that's the way I like it. Never rush into something that has to do with work without think'n it out for extended lengths of time.

Damn, I need to go to Walmart. I got me a list of stuff that gonna load "that jeep" plumb full to the top. I been put'n it off so's I can kill a couple birds with one stone. You know, like take the jeep to the jeep fix'n place. I done look all over under that thing for a vibration. It just ain't there unless I'm go'n 55 mile a hour...and then I ain't get'n under there. Then I need to go to the brand spank'n new donut shop. Brand new 'cause I never knowed bout it till a few day ago. Did I mention I like donuts. Big fat ones...bout 4 or 5.

Speak'n of donuts, old pesky neighbor Wayne says he can't eat donuts no more. Says he don't have none. Well, I want you lookie here. I went over to his house and what sit'n on the table....a big box of chocolate covered donuts. Ya don't rekon he was being stingy do ya?

Now I'm get'n all cited (excited) bout the trip to the slabs. But it's too early to get excited....still over a hunert degs out there.

My new trees what I built out of bushes.
This'un is a Bird of Paridise.......
and the one below is a Mexican elder....or something like that.


  1. some body has to keep the balance for the rest of us. It is an important job and you are excellent at it.

  2. ive had vibrations from tires, do that before, and excuse me if you have already checked them. lol

  3. Don't fret you are the King of doing Nothing and your title is not in jeopardy.

    Besides you have done something, look at the new "trees" you created.

    Tell Blue Eyes not to be selfish and share a couple of donuts with you. You need them more than he does.