Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sore or what

Hmmmm....59 degs this morning....not bad for the desert.

Boy howdy, is old Billy Bob sore or what?

Ya see, it's like this....as the body gets another day older, it don't matter what ya do, you gonna feel it. After crawl'n up under and crawl'n out from under "da house" at least a quadzillion times yesterday, this old body is sore. But I did save me some gas money by not letting the propane fix'n guy do it. I rekon my trip to the slabs should be almost free this year.

The way I feel this morning, I don't think I will be making the trip to the roof of "da house" today to check out my amplified antenna. But ya never know. Old Billy Bob has been known to do some strange things when he's not supposed to. Like the time I winched myself up the mast on my sailboat. Got up there bout 25 feets and the rope got a snag in it on a pulley and I was stuck. Thanks to a neighbor what could climb a mast like a monkey, I was freed in less than an hour.

Old Billy Bob is a grandpa again. Emma Clare. That's 19 ya know. But that don't mean I'm going back to Georgia any time soon. Got one more due in January....then I quit.
Ok...things to do....laters.


  1. Ben told me not to work under my house and I didn't listen, so paid the price like you are doing now.

    Wow, cute kid. Must have taken after your wife's side of the family.

  2. Dang,that family of yours should start up it's own country.. There are enough of them!! Make you the King? :-)

  3. cute but I dont see the resemblance

  4. What a beautiful little girl. You are so blessed.