Tuesday, September 7, 2010

West By God Va.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I had moved to West Virginia just because I could. All in all it was a great mistake. Did you know that summer is only bout a month long....or something like that. It's cold in W.Va. So cold ya don't go outside unless ya gotta thaw out the well pump or use the outhouse. Fortunately the outhouse was heated....by a 150 watt light bulb. If the electric went out, something gonna freeze.

Anyhows, I had a refrigeration business and found that VW buses don't get stuck in the snow like regular buses and trucks do. But they don't have heaters to keep ya warm. Well, old Billy Bob weren't gonna be outsmarted by not having a heater. So he built one. Fount me this big ole propane tank they use on fork lifts and a "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture. On the first test firing, we were at the local gas station fill'n up with gas for a trip to  the Taco Bell job in Charleston. While I was pump'n gas, my helper fires up the heater. Flames was com'n out that thing....BIG flames....inside the van....right there in on pump #3. Well we got that took care of real fast and hit the road before the fire department arrived. Go'n up the road with heater crank'n out fumes and moisture we opened all the windows and with a ice removal thingy, scraped the ice off the insides of the windshield. But I ain't done yet.

After working till 4am at Taco Bell in Charleston, I told my helper it was time to go. Pack 'em up. Well, he went out to the "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture and fired that sucker up. This time the flames were serious. I runs out to the van and here sits helper next to the heater with a big grin on his face while stuff is catch'n a fire. He never moved an inch. When all the little fires were put out that "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture was crank'n out heat for a trip back home in minus 10 deg weather. Ya got to appreciate a home made "hot damn" catalytic heater what produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture.

I have nothing to say bout todays golf game. That is unless I mention the fact that Barney the OFM was sandbag'n the first 9 holes. He beat me and pesky neighbor Wayne like step childs. Was a perfect day for golf...somewhere's bout 85 degs with a nice steady breeze. Was a pleasure to "swak" golf balls with Barney.

Now let me tell ya bout the trip back to Deming from Silver City. We was go'n down the road bout 65 mile a hour and the truck kept go'n off the road. I says "what the hell". When I look over at Wayne, he slap asleep. And he driv'n this rig. After about 10 time off the road it bagan to be funny. That is till the one time he was in the other lane....with a big ole truck bear'n down on us. I just slapped the door....real hard...and we was back in our own lane.....Waynes eyes wide open.

You will never guess what I forgot this morning. I didn't forget the batteries, or the memory stick, I forget the whole camera.


  1. There are probably some old hippies out there who still have a VW bus and could use one of those heaters. You might get rich yet a sellen them things.

    So Barney beat you guys. I don't play golf but someone told me that the high score don't win. What king of game is that?!?!?

  2. There are two pics planned for ofmadventures of the golf today.

  3. We gonna have to take up a collection and have that dammed camera medically inserted into your forehead!! :-)

    That'll teach you to play golf with a "ringer" huh? OFM wupped you like a red headed step child..

  4. Well...Wayne kept score and he never adds my score correctly. Usually adds 4 or 5 strokes to what I actually hit. Could I have really beat Barney and don't know it???

  5. "Could I have really beat Barney and don't know it???"

    NOPE...I think he actually beat you, lol :-)

  6. BTW,glad you see you got West ( BY GOD) Virginia right!!
    Ann was from Charleston and she was always correcting people with the term!!