Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog gone

Didn't post yesterday cause I didn't know how to break the bad news.

Ya see, it's like this....I have a dog that likes to run, hunt rabbits, explore and just be a dog. He went off to the Mexican bar down the road two nights ago and ain't been back since. That's where he got his ass beat a few months ago by a big "biker" dog over a pool game. The only other time Lug Nut failed to come home was the time he found him a girlfriend. I'm hoping that's the case this time, but there are very few girl dogs in the neighborhood, so I doubt that is the case. As far as being kidnapped, I don't think so. He never goes near the hi-way, so I'll strike that one off as a "nope". The only other and most probable cause of his disappearance would be "coyotes". They eat little dogs ya know.

First thing I hear from a neighbor was, "why weren't he on a rope"? I asked myself that same question. Well, it's like this....Lug Nut is a special dog. I give him the run of the place cause he's a "dog". A hunt'n dog. A run'n dog. An exploring dog. A dog that you don't just tie up and forget he exists. No, I don't tie Lug Nut up to restrain him from doing what he was born to do. I'll miss him terribly, as will Sadie Mae, but he was a happy dog....run'n, chas'n rabbits and exploring.

Started on repairing the propane leak this morning. Checked all the fittings and only have the one leak. Not in an easy place to get to, but old Billy Bob been in worse places. Hope to have the piping took apart in the next hour or so, but it don't really matter how long it takes. Will update as I progress.
Would have posted a pic of the leak, but it's on Ben's camera. Oh well!!!

Went off to the golf course yesterday with pesky neighbor Wayne. Holy crap Billy Bob, why you hit the ball over there? Ain't gonna tell my score cause Barny the "old fat man" would get the idea he could whoop me. Speak'n of golf courses....when I was in Georgia all the greens were burnt up from the heat wave they had. All black and rotted. Now that I'm back in Deming, it was like being in heaven play'n on green greens. Come on Barney, game is on me.

Speak'n of heat wave....it's beautiful weather here in Deming. Lows in the 60's at night and mid 80's during the day. Winds bout 5 mile a hour. Can't beat that with a stick. But, it ain't gonna last forever. If'n I remember right, right bout the first of November ya got to hook up some kind of heat at night. You know....lows at night in the 30's and 40's. But beautiful during the day time.

Ok, my break is over....back under "da house".

Well shoot....that weren't so bad. All back together and look'n good. Now all I got to do is leak test one more time.....that the way professionals do it ya know. If there's a leak..... I'm gonna be pissed if I got to take all the stuff apart again. Weren't no easy task with all those "shipping" clamps they put on there.

Next on the agenda is to check out my amplified tv antenna. At one time...a year ago, I was able to get all the channels. Now I only get about half as many. Had to go online to find out how to find out if it's working or not. How the hell can a lead in wire have 12 volts going up to the amplifier and then return a signal back down the same lead in wire. Don't make no sense to me, but then I ain't no amplifier fix it guy. More on this repair after I finish my other project for the day. I'm one hard work'n sum a gun. Oh wait....it's almost nap time.


  1. Dammed I don't like to hear sad news, But hell,he could come dragging ass home when you least expect him.

    And I sent you the picture of the propane leak attached to an email.
    If it don't work, let me know and I put it on line for you.

  2. Yeah I know sad news.....too many coyotes to be optimistic.

    Don't need the pic of the leak now....it's fixed.....oh hell, I'll post it anyhows.

  3. keeping my fingers crossed. lugnut is a good dog. I think ill paint a pic of him'

  4. FWIW you might try posting photos of LugNut around the park and other areas of Deming. Also check with Animal Control. If LugNut was following the "scent of a woman," he could've traveled a long way from home and been picked up as a stray or taken in by someone (she says thinking optimistically)... keeping everything crossed and saying some prayers:-~

  5. Oh man. That sucks. Poor ol' lugnut. Glad to be reading your blog again. We are back in business at the house. Internet is on. Still unpacking though.