Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh boy Charlie Brown

Well hell...I don't know how to fix it....Sheesh!!!

It's freak.n dark out there. What am I doing up when it's still dark? And 66 degs, I can handle that.
Ya see, it's like this.....I need to be at the department of jeep registration place early to re-register "that jeep". And to beat the illegals that show up every morning to get driver licenses and picture ID's. Then I got to go to Walmart....look'n for some propane hose parts for my missing hose and a loaf of bread. Have ya ever ate a moldy wheat bread and balony samitch??? How many ways are there to spell sandwich???

Now, about this blog. HELP!!! I were just mess'n round....mind'n my own business ya know and the next thing I know...pooof. "Should'a never push that button Billy Bob". So....in the mean time....get used to it.... till I figger something out. Speak'n of blog colors and all that stuff....while I was at Ben's place visiting, I noticed when he opened my blog, the colors were different than on MY computer. On his computer the background was a blue/green color. On mine it was a brownish redish color. What the hell???

Boy howdy....started my "to do" list yesterday. I ain't never gonna be ready for my "slabs" trip in November. The way I see it, old Billy Bob gonna be wore slap out fix'n all that stuff. How can "to do" lists get so freak'n big just sit'n on  "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n? You would think......relax, lay back and take a nap.

Ok....don't go away....I got things to do.....has anyone see where I put the registration papers for "that jeep"??? Oh lord, where are they?

10:30am......that weren't so bad. 45 minutes in line and 5 minutes to get a 2 year registration sticker. And...I didn't even have to lie.

Went off to Walmart, the hardware store and the lumber yard look'n for propane hose parts. Ended up at the propane sell'n place....got me a 10 foot hose with fittings to fit and a 10# regulator. All for less than he charged me before for just the regulator. Took it all back to "da house" and doped all the fittings and hook up my little 5 gallon tank. I have gas!!! But still have the leak. Propane guy said $55 an hour. Boy howdy, I gonna be crawl'n under there fix'n a leak. But not today.

Now what I gonna eat? Maybe cook up a couple buttermilk pancakes. Ain't had none in a long time. Yep....that what I gonna do right now.....laters.

8:00pm....Boy howdy, done more today than I did in the last 4 months. Took me a "super" nap after them pancakes. Then I went out and sprayed the weeds in the yard and cactus garden. After it's all dead and dry, I'm gonna set it on fire. Hee hee hee....love fire. Then I hook up my water hose....what leaked. Fix that. Then I hook up my yard hose...what leaked....fix that one too.

Little girl come down here and brung me a Verizon air card to try out. After load'n up all the software....here I are internet'n at high speed.....bout 4 times faster than Hughes Net. Anyone wanna but a Hughes Net satellite system....cheap???


  1. Look in the glove box of the Jeep for those papers, or maybe Ole Pesky Wayne got em? trying to sell it while you were gone? :-0

    Can't help with your blog lay our from here, Just keep playing with it, you'll get it back the way you want it.

  2. Gas fittings at Wal-Mart? Why not, they got everything else.

    What is the hurry getting to the Slabs, they have been there for a long time and will be there for a long time? Anyway, I have faith in you, you can the Da House back to new and be on your way in plenty of time.

  3. Ben....had the papers in "da house" back in Georgia so they can't be in the glove box.

    Dizzy....good thing I didn't find what I was look'n for. That fitting I was gonna hook up to is an "outlet" fitting for a BBQ grill not an "inlet" for the system.

    Have ya ever been in Deming in the middle of November? It's freak'n cold....in the 20's at night. And you know, Billy Bob don't do cold.

  4. Well a spray bottle full of soapy water and that leak should show up pretty fast. Just open all the winders, doors and vents,(all except your's of course for that last one), and let ur rip. start spraying the lines and that leak will show up pretty fast. Interesting----my word verification is miste

  5. Billy!!! I found a golf course I'll go walk around with you. Here's a video of it..:-)

  6. With that blog background I was expecting to hear a choir singing while I was reading. lol

  7. Geeze Ben, with all the fhings I got to do and you mention golf??? Matter of fact, me and pesky neighbor Wayne gonna play tomorrow afternoon.... after it warms up a bit.

    Hmmmm....that background. Now that you mention it, a choir would liven things up a bit. I need SOME kind of help here.

  8. I been through there once in December, once in January, and once in March. It wasn't skinny dippin weather, that is for sure.

  9. Sounds like the Castle should not be there in Deming later than Nov.1. When is it ok to come back. No cold weather or salt air again for me either

  10. after you go over your MEGA BYTE limit and you get your first bill youll want yer hughes net

  11. I have never in three years even come close to my megabyte limit on my Sprint system.

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