Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunshine and heat

Boy howdy I gonna tell ya. The sunshine is so bright it shines right through all these trees and heat up "da house" so bad ya wanna go outside. But then bout the time ya get your outside clothes on, it's so hot ya wanna go back inside. I hear lot'a people been dying from this heat wave. So far old Billy Bob still alive sit'n in "da house" with the ac crank'n ice cold air, sip'n a cup and think'n.

Speak'n of think'n, have ya ever thought about where ya would be if it hadn't been for.........???
I been do'n that here lately and shoot, I have no idea where I would be. I probably wouldn't be driv'n around the country in a high dollar motor home with a name like "da house". My idea of high dollar is anything over $100. Ya see, if I hadn't hurt my back a few years ago, I'ld probably be sailing the Carribean pick'n up little island chicks and eat'n lobster every night. But then, if I hadn't went to work and retired from the University of T, I would have never been able to afford the sailboat. Had I stayed in W. Va. I would have probably froze to death by now. See, everything you do effects the rest of your life.

Ain't been a good week for me for the last two weeks. Ya see, I'm get'n older every day and things happen to old folks what young folks don't think about. Now I have a "swolled" foot issue. Both of them. They don't hurt or anything like that, they just swolled up. And then, if ya don't brush your teeth, they gonna give ya hell when ya get older. In my case, I have two what are killing me. Four hours sleep every night don't make for a good day. I got antibotics, aspirin, Ambusol, Orajel and what ever else I can find to relieve the pain of a thousand ball pene hammers beat'n on my head. Damn!!!

Been really quiet here at "Yo Mama's". Grandkids done got tired of "papaw" and only come by for a few minutes. With school started up yesterday, I may not see them till I'm ready to leave. Gonna miss the little buggers.

Talked to old pesky neighbor Wayne the other day. He was on his way to the VA hospital for his check up so he didn't have much to say. Said he'll be glad when I get home so he can pester me and the kids. Boy howdy, I can hardly wait.

Grandson Mack "Bob" stripped out a gear on the remote control car. Ain't no hobby shops anywhere close to where I'm at, so Mack Bob is gonna have to deal with no remote control car to chase the dogs. But I gotta get if fixed before I get back to Deming, so I can chase the quail around the rv park. Now that's funny.

Ok, that's it....nuttin else.....see ya.


  1. yer teef dont hurt ya if you put in a jar.

    Go get em pulled and get new set, the new ones are flexible and dont fall out alot, on second thought get the ones that fall out alot so I can have a good laugh.

  2. Man,, don't know what to say, you hurting at both ends,,Tooth ache and foot hurts.. Ever think of seeing a doctor? at out age we can't afford to let these problems go on undiagnosed by a REAL doctor.