Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up Late...

Boy howdy Billy Bob, what ya gonna do, sleep all day? I didn't roll out of bed till 8:15 this morning. Must'a slept pretty good cause I don't remember....nuttin.

Right bout 8:30 I hears the phone ring (Yahoo messanger). It were old Uncle Ben. He sent me a map to his place think'n old Billy Bob don't know how to find a city the size of Lillian, Texas. It's in Texas right....no problem. After we talked for a bit I had to sign off.....things to do...right? Now it's after 10am and I ain't done nuttin.

I were look'n at my Rand McNally GPS map and figger it's only bout 200 mile or so out of the way to drop by Dizzy's Swamp and then back up to Ben's Barnyard. Then I read Dizzy's daily blog posting, My God Dizzy, it's hot at your house. Did you say 102 deg's? And no electricity??? By the time I get to Shreveport, I should have made up my mind what I gonna do. That's what....bout three days down the road.....LOL.

This is my last post for the next few days....that is unless I go wifi hunt'n. Have ya ever gone hunt'n with a 36 foot motorhome tow'n a big ole jeep?
 This is "Yo Mama's RV Resort and Recreational Area.


  1. Don't forget to put Sadie in the passenger seat to watch out for cops for ya.. :-) See ya soon, I hope. I "may" Go mow the Billy Bob Memorial Campin " spot.. or NOT!!! Just let the dogs enjoy it.

  2. Hey Billy Bob, I did my blog on you today. Hope you don't mind, don't matter if'n you do, its done.

    Went out to the swamp and dumped a whole lot of fish food in there so if you do show up, those BIG bass will not be hungry (grin).

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