Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in Deming

Holy Crap.....would you look at my yard and garden? What the hell has old pesky neighbor Wayne been doing while I was gone?

This is gonna take me a month to clean up. Set it on fire what I gonna do. Yep....set it on fire.

Woke up this morning with goose bumps. It were freak'n cold....64 degs. Needless to say, here come Wayne before my coffee had finished brew'n and my eyes were open. Damn!!! You would think he would have a little respect for someone what just drove non stop all the way from Ga. with no propane to cook a decent meal and no place to sleep after a grueling  6 to 8 hours behind the wheel.

Lug Nut knew for sure he was home as soon as we pulled in yesterday. Headed right off to the "Mexican" bar down the street. Next thing I see is his tail tromping through the weeds in the field next door with his malamute dog buddy right behind. Stayed out there for hours look'n for rabbits or anything that moved. Good to see a happy dog.

Now I got to lay down while I contemplate where I gonna start clean'n up all the mess I got. Maybe I'll just go sit on "da porch", sip a cup and do some think'n. Speak'n of "da porch", me and Wayne was sit'n out there and I says...."what with all the wasps fly'n round"??? Holy Cows....there's a big ole wasp nest right up there. All total there were six.....what I sprayed the hell out of with some wasp spray.  Must have been a gazillion dead wasps when I used up a that can of spray. Yep...Sadie Mae got stung a couple times. Good thing Lug Nut was down at the bar.

Met a new neighbor call hisself "Woody". I'm think'n it should have been "windy". This guy can shoot a line what don't quit. Old pesky neighbor Wayne never got a word in edgewise. Don't matter what ya say, ya gonna listen to what Woody done and where he been. And then....when he talk, he talks without mov'n his lips. That is not good for a lip reader.

Ate me up a balony samitch what put me on the couch. Turn on the tv and that the last thing I remember. Now I'm a grouchy old fart.....don't mess with the popster.

Start me up a Walmart list. I bet ya a nickle I gonna find me some parts to fix my propane stuff. Oh yeah, I didn't tell ya yet. I lost my external propane hose down the road a piece. It fell out a little hole, got run over and broke slap off. I got to get this fix before I fix the propane leak......"boy howdy Billy Bob....you got problems".

Oh shit, now look what ya done did Billy Bob. Ya changed stuff and now there ain't no way to fix it. Somebody help me!!!


  1. NOW you know what the desert would do with some water.. it rained over there silly!!

    Glad Lugnut found him a running buddy , and dammed glad you got all those wasp killed off.

    Thanks for checking in today,

  2. About your page back ground, looks like you picked one of the fancy back grounds instead on the picture you used to have,the one of your rig in a snow over in Deming. Just figer out what the file name is and where you uploaded it and change the back ground ,, ( I think)

  3. When are you and Wayne going golfing so that you can school him?

  4. background looks like a halmark greeting card, Ya know the ones for the bereaved.