Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oops, missed a day

Well shoot, where did yesterday go?

Me an old Uncle Ben took off for town to the hobby shop for some parts for my remote control car. Well, it weren't there. But there was directions in the window to the NEW hobby shop location.....right over there. But what did Ben do, went the other direction...Egypt or somewhere like that. Back to the directions......Ben, look, it's right over there next to Hobby Lobby across the interstate. See, I told you.

Got me a brand spank'n new motor and a gear for the clutch. Put it all back together after we returned to the "Barnyard RV Park" in Lillian, Texas. And that sucker goes fast, run'n into all kinds of stuff in the yard......although Lug Nut is skeered of it. He done headed for the porch under a chair....what I were sit'n in. Climbed up on my back and whispered in my ear..."will you turn that damn thing off"???

Today we was sit'n on the porch and here come this guy all dress up in Harley leathers...cut off glooves and stuff... and a bandana. It were old Bens favorite old best friend "Windy" Bob. Yep, he is a windy old cuss tell'n stories bout bygone years. We had a good old time. I never lied bout nuttin. Always good to meet another old fart in my travels. Nice guy....nice ride.

My stomach was a rumblin', so we drove up the the local BBQ joint. Got us some pretty good eat'n beef samitches. Now it's just bout nap time for old Billy Bob. Had us a little sprinkle shower here a bit ago.....clouds all around us. Maybe it will rain.

I gonna be pull out of here either tomorrow or the next day headed west on I-20 to places I ain't never been. Hmmmmm....wonder what's in Abilene, Texas?

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  1. Abilene ? Not much IMHO,, just a road in and a road out... Find the latter and stay on it!!!