Monday, August 9, 2010

JoJo Superdog

Y'all remember JoJo, right? "Well hell no Billy Bob, who is JoJo"?

Back in '95 when I lived on the boat, I purchased this little mutt dog from my bro in law for free. He took to boat life in nuttin flat. Fell overboard a few times, but that's natural for a dog that can't even speak yet.
Oh, before I forget, JoJo whispered. Ya know how ya tell a dog to speak and he yells at ya with a big loud bark. Well, JoJo would whisper on command. Made a perfect little "0" with his lips and let out this tiny little "WOOOOOO" sound. A teacher from Houston commented to her class that she had met a dog that was quieter than the kiddies were. JoJo was well known through out Texas as the "whisper dog". Even the cops knew JoJo.
If ya want to see JoJo's web page....clicky here...JoJo Superdog.

Boy howdy, only one more week for departure. Rekon I should get busy and clean this place up a bit....just in case. Kind of like wear'n clean underwear. Last time I checked, all systems were "go". Except for the slide out. Don't rekon I'll ever get that fixed....by myself...no one to help...no body cares...ain't got time. Yo Mama is headed off to south Texas tomorrow so I got to find another place to live for a few days. It's hard being homeless with no place to call home. Since Tallapoosa is on my exit route, I'll just go see my son Robert and pester him for a few days. Get my chair he's try'n to steal from me.

Boy howdy, drugs are the best. Yo mama gave me a hand full of antibotics bout four five days ago for my teeth and gum problems. Much better this morning and I actually slept till 5am when I swallered another Dorvocet.. It was dark, couldn't see a damn thing, so turned on a light. Made up a pot and waited for sunshine. That's when my daughter came in and waked me up from an early nap. Damn, I sleep a lot.

That's all for now....maybe something will happen.


  1. Yep,What Nick said, Glad you feeling better,but you do know that an infected tooth can , on occassion, cause a stroke? Get the dang thing fixed.

    Other wise about your post on my NM trip BS, only reason I went was to see Aunt Clara on her birthday, She is my adoped Aunt since they took us in when we left Texas for NM all those years ago. Hell I hope I'm half as spry when I reach 90!! I betcha a beer she makes 100 !!!!

  2. Referring to your post a couple days ago about having swollen feet, hope you check with your doctor. You may need a diuretic (water pill) or increased dose if already on one, and/or pressure stockings. It's best to get the fluid out before it causes worse symptoms.

  3. Couldn't he just stand on his head. Of course, he might not know which way is up, so that would't work :-)

    Seriously, you need to check on that problem. Not that I like doctors, but sometimes they are a necessary evil. Keep well, my friend.

  4. Stand on my head??? The last time I tried that I fell off the roof, landed in a rose bush, knocked the ladder down what broke the front window and the freak'n bird got out.

    Git the fluid out before it causes more symptims? You mean like a toothache? Yeah, I got one them.

    Don't ya have to have hi BP to get a stroke? I don't have any BP.

  5. you commin out to terlinga anytime soon? I got a nice place to park yer stuff only 1/4 mile off the paved road and the dirtgravel road is good

    easy to find to.let me know

  6. The bacteria from the infected tooth can get into your blood and cause heart problems, etc.

  7. Reading about JoJo, I laughed and I cried. He looks like a schnauzer.
    I had a beloved JoJO, Pomeranian and Yorkshire. He was stolen twice by the same person, then disappeared into thin air one night when I lived with and cared for Daddy. I grieved a long time and still have an ache in my heart. Charly and Choco ease the pain a lot.