Friday, August 27, 2010

Rest Areas and WIFI

Boy Howdy, let me tell ya. Thanks for all the comments and a hardy welcome to the SciFiChick.

Well it's like this....I were go'n down the road (I-20) look'n for gas. Being 60 feets long with the gas filler thingy on the back of "da house", finding a station this thing will fit in is not an easy task. After pulling off the road 4 times, I was able to finally fill up with 50 gallons in a little station bout 5 miles from the Interstate. Sheesh!!!

I hit every rest area go'n west out of Dallas so's I could get on wifi. None of them worked. After 6 1/2 hours behind the wheel and 260 miles old Billy Bob says......"we gonna sleep here". No wifi of course. While mak'n my morning pot of coffee this morning, I tried one more time....walla...wifi.

Enjoyed the comments....now I have something to live for. Keep 'em coming.

Lug Nut pisses me off. If he had not returned from where ever he was, I was gonna leave him at "Ben's Pet Corral" until I passed his way again. His eyes are still matted from what ever he got in them. This morning both were open, but he weren't happy when I put eye stuff and washed them out. Crazy dog!!! Bet ya a buck some ass hole sprayed pepper spray on him. Probably mess'n round with a little girl dog.

Been run'n the generator every time I stop so the refrigerator will have some cooling. Only opened it one time to get out a slab of balony and some mustard. Damn....I hate hav'n to fix stuff all the time. Other than that, I'm truck'n on down the highway.

Speak'n of highway.....I crossed the Colorado river yesterday. It was dry. What the hell??? If'n any of ya's is following me on the map, I am bout 20 miles west of Colorado City on I-20 at the rest area. Plan is to make it to Van Horn this evening.....if'n I can last that long.

Then I got to think'n.....I do that from time to time ya know. "Old Fat Man" Barney is gonna be only bout 50 mile from old Billy Bob this afternoon when I get off I-20 onto I-10. I been cross'n trails with that old fart for a year now. Could this be the time I meet the "Old Fat Man"???? With no communication it seems doubtful. I'll try finding some free wifi in Balmorhea...check see if'n we can hook up somehows. Wonder if Barney ever played golf with a redneck what swaks golf balls everywhere???

LOLOLOLOL...take Ben to the slabs. Are you nuts? That old coot wouldn't last two days at the slabs without all his electronic toys and his JD tractor.

Ok.....gotta go pee.....see ya laters.

Holy Crap....I'm in Van Horn, Texas. Ya see it's like this....I were driv'n down the road mind'n my own business when all the suddens off in the distance I see a mountain. My heart did one them fliper floper things it does every time I see mountains and the miles steadily racked up on the speed-o-meter. Before I know it I'm on I-10 only a few miles to Van Horn. Ain't ya proud of me???

Pulled off in a few places what should have had wifi, but no luck. Only wifi I found in Balmorea was security enabled......so no contact with the "Old Fat Man". Maybe next year we'll meet up....if'n we live that long.

Did you see the gas prices????? My God $2.94 a gallon where I filled up last and it's $2.89 in Van Horn. Gonna top off the tank here so's I can make it all the way to Deming....tomorrow afternoon.


  1. That's the problem...u bee too fer North...The Colorado got pleny of water down here in Austin....

  2. Dang sorry you couldn't meet up with OFM,, maybe some day soon. You could tell him where your place is in Deming! :-)

  3. Dwight.....if there's no water in the Colorado in Colorado City, how comes it has water in Austin. What I was actually doing was trying to get someone to tell me the Colorado river is in Arizona....didn't work.

    Ben....you ain't as sorry as I am. Next time I will be more explicit what I'm saying. Ya rekon he would drive all the way to Deming for a round of golf???

  4. BB,, OFM moves with the seasons it seems, he my well find him self passing near enough to stop by. It ain't like that place you in don't have room for his rolling castle.

    Bet you home and hugging Wayne by early afternoon.. THEN get "that dammed Jeep" parked and hose it off and put a BIG For Sale sign on it!! :-0