Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now what to do

Boy howdy, I musta slept pretty good last night....that is after spending a couple hours fight'n with the tooth dragon at 2am. Ya see, it's like this.....I were sleep'n real good, dream'n wonderful dreams of sunrises and sunsets on the horizon. Then it happen, I wake up with a split'n headache. I knowed what it was cause I forgot to take a hand full of aspirin before I retired. Got to get these damn ache'n teeth fixed.

It were 8am when Lug Nut woke me up. Holy cows, it's already hot. Put me on a pot of coffee in my brand spank'n new coffee pot. The old one what I cleaned the hair out of a couple months ago finally bit the bullet. Spilled water all over Bens counter. Anyhows, the new one makes a pretty good cup 'o.

Don't know what me and olf uncle Ben gonna do today, but I bet ya a buck, it ain't gonna be much. Too damn hot in Dallas to be outside look'n at stuff. What is there to look at anyhows??? Nuttin wrong with sit'n on the porch sip'n a cup and jaw'n. Then when it get up to 100 degs, we gonna go inside.

Let me tell ya....old uncle Ben sure is a nice guy...once ya get to know how he operates. Was watch'n one them "knife sell'n" ads on the tv and I says...."I need a good knife like that". Ben jumps up and throws a bunch of knives in my lap...."take yer pick". I got me a brand spank'n new knife what will cut anything.

OK....we gonna do something......laters.

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