Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still in Georgia

Holy Cows......boy howdy is it hot or what. I was tell'n old Ben how much cooler it was this week....then I went outside. Although I don't pay no mind to this fangled new temp thing call "heat index", yesterday the weather thingy says 109 degs.  That's BS when it weren't no more than 95.

Speak'n of 95, my Hughes Net satellite internet connection is right at the bottom of the radar gun. If'n I was on the Interstate they would give me a ticket for "too slow". But anyhows, I emailed their...what ya call it....place to complain, bitch and moan. I'll just call it CBM in the mean time whiles my brain does some re-arrang'n. I got this email back from them what had nuttin to do with what I had done asked them in the first place. Idiots, that what they are, idiots.  Well anyhows, they says I have to do a speed test before they can determine if they can help me. Here's what I asked them. "Why is my system on 'flow control'? 'Can I change to a different trannsponder'? ' Do you care about your customers'? No, they didn't answer any of my questions. Technical Support.

Time is winding down for my departure date of Aug 15th. Boy howdy, can hardly wait. If I ever come back to Georgia in the summer time again, I hope it's not summer. But shoot, what choice do I have, the grandkids are out of school. By the way, school starts in 2 days. Now what kind of a deal is that? When I was in school a couple years ago, we didn't go back to school till the first week of Sept. I guess we didn't need as much skool'n back then 'cause we was smarter and learnt faster. Like spell'n an' stuff. 

Have ya ever went through a Walmart "backwards"? No, I don't mean walk backwards. I'm talk'n start at the front and work your way to the back. I mean to tell ya, it's an experience. Everything is in the wrong places. Took 2 hours just for a few bags of something to eat. Then I had to push that heavy care all the way back to the front. By the time I made it back to "yo mama's" car....what I couldn't find, I was wore slap out and wanted to lay down.  

Well shoot, guess I need to post this before another day goes by.  


  1. Sorry bout your slow satellite sped,Shoot,you'd thing it would be faster, considering how fast those satellites are moving.

    You mentioned Walmart Backwards?
    It's Tramlaw!!!! :-)

    Definition,, tram-law, wal-mart backwards means "im gay" in latin
    guy A: let go to walmart
    guy B: you mean tramlaw? you must be gay


  2. Ben you know too much