Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two more weeks

Gonna take a few minutes out of my super busy schedule to write something.

I didn't catch my 12 pound bass, so any more fish'n is out of the question. There's a little lake right down the road a piece that I thought I might go sit and look at the water....that's all I could do since there are no fish in it other than a few minnows. About the same thing I caught at the BIG lakes.

Back at "Yo Mama"s RV Resort", I have been getting plenty of rest and relaxation. I still have grandkids in and out, but on a less frequent basis. Boy Howdy, I love it. 

Will be here for another two weeks before I head'em up for Texas and that little town in New Mexico. Plan to make my journey across Texas a 2 week affair. If I end up on I-20 around the Dallas area, I plan to repay Old Ben a visit for a few days. He mentioned something about free food and lodging. Wonder if his cats will treat my dogs any better than grandkids do. If I happen to be on I-10, do ya rekon old Dizzy Dick would teach me to catch bass in his swamp? Oh wait, that would mean buying another fish license. I have three now.

After sit'n at the lake for a week I did some really hard think'n bout what I gonna do with the rest of my life. Don't know how long that's gonna be, but I want to make the best of what time I have. A little cabin (my RV shelter for "Sally da house") right next to the water with a high dollar 12' aluminum fish'n boat sport'n a 9.9hp powerhouse outboard motor. If the stock market goes up another 10,000 points, I may be able to afford it. In the mean time, I'm look'n for something free. In Texas of course.

The kids got fleas. Somewhere in my travels, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae, have contacted them little blood suck'n critters. On the top of my grocery/stuff list is some Frontline. They don't have it at Walmart, so I have to find a pet center in the area that will sell it without the dogs being present. I'm gonna lie about their weight, so they have to stay home. Did you know, Frontline costs the same if your dog is 10# or 100#?? I'll tell them my dog is 50#'s and split the dosage between the two.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....the kids had fleas from south Texas....big Texas fleas...bout the size as cock roaches. I had some "cat" Frontline what I put on Sadie. Holy cows, in 10 minutes, she was foam'n at the mouth like a "mad" dog. Apparently cat Frontline is different from dog Frontline. Yes, I washed it off, but she still had fleas.

Finally got my driver license in the mail. Seems my mail got lost somewhere between the DPS in Texas and the address I requested it be sent to. You don't know how much sleep I lost over that damn license. Thought I was gonna have to go back to south Texas for another 2 or 3 weeks while they hunted it down. Now, if the expired registration on "that jeep" was that easy, I could sleep like a baby. Can't do it online. Don't have time to do it by snail mail, can't do it by phone and hopefully I don't get stopped driving the damn thing. Where my "little red Bronco"???

Let me tell ya what. It's hot in Georgia. You think it's hot in Texas, come visit old Billy Bob. A hunert degrees don't seem hot till you add 80% plus humidity to the equation....then it's hot. Can't wait to get back to the desert where I can cool off.

Now I got to say something about my blog. I know I've been very slack in making posts, but old Billy Bob ain't had nuttin to say that would interest you. Hopes are that by the time I get "on the road again" I will have more interest and have something to make you smile. In the mean time, stick with me, "I'll be back" (Arnold Squishnugger).


  1. Glad you are back. Didn't seem the same in Blog Land without you. Iff'n you take I-10, do stop by. If you go I-20, let me know how Ole Ben's cooking is. I'll bet it is a lot better than tollerable. (grin)

  2. Ok, we all know that the REAL Billy Bob quit bloggin, so who are you and what have you done will Billy Bob?

  3. no kiddin bout Georgia heat! Im not lookin forward to it. looks like I'll be heading that way in a week or two

  4. BB, did you have to pay for fishing license? When you turn 65 in TN the license becomes free. I maybe oughta get one BUT I don't rightly know how to fish - sure can't catch one. A license is good ID though if I have to prove who I am with the right to move about...wouldn't want to be accused of being a terrorist, ya know or an illegal.

  5. Sissy, I remember back when almost every State gave free fish licenses to 65 and older. But all that has changed since we live longer and States get a kick out of raping old folks. Just to give you an example, my Alabama "one day" fish license costed me $35. Mt Georgia fish license costed my over $100 (because they changed to a computer system). My Arizons 4 month fish license costed my just under $50. I caught a total of $15 worth of fish.

  6. Texas doesn't charge too much for fishing licensr and less if you are over 65. But, my 5 acre swamp is totally on my property and I own all of it. Don't see why a license would be required.

    Anyway, you don't need a license if you are 17 or under or mentally retarded. Does either of these fit???? You can't be of sound mind to want to come to East Texas this time of year (grin).

  7. Searched "fishing license in .....". Full information...bloodsuckers! It appears to me anyone who makes it to 65 ought to be allowed to relax and fish 'wherever'. Ye gads, the almighty dollar rules! Appears to me if you live to 65, you should be awarded for "Bravery"!