Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pack'n up for a move

Today, we must make some kind of comment about "old folks". You know what I'm talk'n bout, them old geezers what learned all about life the hard way....by trial and error....and listening.

Ya see, it's like this. Years ago before the world was connected by internet, folks had to turn to their elders when they encountered a problem....such as "what bait to use to catch a fish". Have ya ever noticed, your young'uns ask too many questions. But without answers, these young'uns wouldn't "no nuttin". Oh sure, they can just google things today, but they gonna be ask'n how to spell them hard words and what they mean. Old folks may have been put on the back burner, but they can never be replaced by modern technology....the internet. So, if there any young'uns read'n what old Billy Bob is say'n, go out and find a old folk and ask some questions. You'll be glad ya did and you'll be surprised how smart them old folks are.

After a breakfast of a dozen donuts and a couple pots of coffee, we headed out to sea for a day of fish'n. Today we gonna work the points and drop off and old Billy Bob gonna hook up one them 12# bass. Well, that's what I were think'n before we left dock. I were driv'n the boat, so we was going where I wanted to go. Weren't no time at all and we was back up in shallow water.....HUH??? What the hell you do'n Robert, the fish are out there in the open seas. This is what I had to put up with for 6 days....fish'n where there ain't no fish.

Years ago, I took my son Robert bass fish'n many times. Mostly we brung home bass. Now that he is of age (44), he no longer remembers what he learned as a kid. He's an internet bass fisherman now. Buy all that fancy stuff. Designer fish'n pants. High dollar fish poles. Fancy tackle boxes packed full of weird look'n stuff. Never will old Billy Bob go fish'n with a professional internet bass fisherman again.

The boys got to act'n up the first day and for the life of me, I ain't figgered out why. They get grandpa all piss off then turn around and snicker at each other. I had to take more pills in 6 days than I do in a month. They tormented the poor dogs so bad I had to put them in the shower for hours on end. Poor old Lug Nut weren't happy with that. Of course, Sadie Mae just laid there like she always does.

Boy howdy.....looked at old Dizzy's swamp and see a spot where them bass is hang'n out. Got to get me a place like that....and a boat....and some new fish poles, a couple tackle boxes, build me a porch for sit'n, sip'n a cup and think'n and go catch me a fish any times I want.

Ok....got to take a break......laters


  1. Got to agree with you 100% about kids these days Billy. They know it all from the internet,,Screw that,, The internet is not always right.. But your papa is!!!

  2. Dang BB, that 22 incher already done got pulled out of there. Maybe he/she has a brother/sister. Or better yet, maybe a mother. . .

  3. Hey!! Get Sally Da House in gear, AFTER you pull in your slide and get the jacks up and git moving.

    You sat there long enough!!!

  4. Just so you won't think the ole Coot kicked the bucket or went to that big KOA campground in the sky. I chatted with him this Thursday morning.
    He has moved back over to "Yo Mamma's place" , got all set up and his internet up and working. Guess he's just being lazy.

  5. how long does it take you to pack up? dang

  6. Where is Billy Bob? Did he acceidently pack himself away for the trip? And, where is he going?
    "I" is right, how long does it take to pack. . .

  7. Dizzy? You ask where Billy Bob is? He is over at Yo Mammas still.. could tell you all sorts of things about him, but that's his story. He ain't dead!! And he is encamped with his constant guard dogs on duty, Lugnut and Sadie

    However since he ain't got all those read headed step kids to cook for him, he maybe wasting away! :-)