Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Billy Bob???

Well holy cows, there's old Billy Bob.....fix'n stuff.

Boy howdy let me tell ya, I been hav'n the time of my life. But also let me tell ya, old Billy Bob ain't used to all this excitement of run'n all over the country every day and miss'n my naps.

A few days ago, we took the both boats to some lake over there in Alabama for a day of water sports and fish'n.
Jesse and Corbin
See that motor what Billy Bob built...that sucker run

Holy crap, a bald eagle

Ain't I got me a purty..

Oh no....it's Big Bertha

Now wasn't that fun???  Poor old Billy Bob were so wore out, he done plan on miss'n dinner. That were till I find out we hav'n hot dogs.....what I eated up too many. Got me a belly ache and had to go to my camp and sleep it off. 

Yesterday was a mess. Robert brung me a breakfast sandwich and informed me we were going to Bass Pro Shop. I says...."where it at"???? He says...."just down the road a piece".  I agreed to go think'n it was "just down the road a piece". An hour and a half later, we was there...almost to Birmingham. Grab me up a shop'n cart to lean on and off we go buy'n stuff. Bought me a brand spank'n new fish reel and some worms what I been look'n for at Walmart, but Walmart don't carry good stuff. Now I have 4 fish poles and only two hands.

Today was golf day....just 'cause I said so. But since I said so, it cost me another $50. I hit them balls like I was know'n what I were doing. And then we started on the back nine. Totally different story. Balls in the trees, in the water, 50 feets in front of me.....total disaster. Ended up with a fair score of 94. 

Tomorrow is fish'n day. Just me and my son Robert. No wimmins to have to pamper, no grandkids to answer a gazillion questions to.....just a relax'n day of bass fish'n. Father and son.



  1. I am sure glad you are having all that fun. And here I am, putting in a new floor that my wife requested. Oh well, too dang hot to go fishing.

    You take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures,, An Eagle!!!!

    How come your new post showed up as being two days ago? ummm... Idon't really care, , just glad you posted.

    BTW, wheres the fish pictures?

  3. Ben, ya gotta catch a fish to take a pic of one....lol. Maybe tomorrow.

    Do ya remember when the bald eagle was almost extinct???

    Dick....I been feel'n pretty good consider'n what my family is put'n me through. But I love it.

  4. Whered u learn to make a motor run like that?

    Good times on the lake!

    yesturday morning I had a good breakfast at the GRAND MOTOR INN.

    The Lady waiting on us will remember my daughter, cause she ruined the oatmeal with sweetnlow. lol

    Not a bad hotel at all for demming.

  5. yer on lake altoona? or laneer