Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just a day

Ho Hum, just another boring day. Not much happened that you would be interested in. Nothing exciting that is.

Put on my work clothes this morning after I ate me up a couple hot dogs for breakfast. I'm talk'n hot dogs...with real buns, mustard and cat soup...and some onions. That's what my son brought me to eat...for breakfast.....left over hot dogs....sheesh!!!

Here what ya don't want to hear, but I gonna tell ya anyhows. At precisely about 1pm we started pull'n the motor off that outboard thingy.  At precisely bout 4:12pm we done tore that motor slap apart. Nuts, bolts and parts lay'n everywhere. I have a pic to prove that old Billy Bob was fix'n stuff, but it's in my sons camera and he said I have to wait till tomorrow. So that means...you gotta wait too.

Bout 30 minutes past sunset we all went down the road to watch fireworks along side the railroad tracks. Everyone else walked down but see'n that "that jeep" needed a test drive...I rode. We waited and waited for a freak'n hour. My God, it's dark...fire them suckers. They started with what I thought was the finally and I got up to leave. LOLOLOLOL..."sit down Billy Bob". Fireworks were OK for a little redneck hick town and everyone enjoyed the treat. 
Test drive proved nothing. Since I "kicked" it, I had no way of know'n how it will ride, but the cherry bomb sounded good.

See ya tomorrow......


  1. So, no fireworks in the "little redneck hick town" on 7/4?

  2. There is nothing wrong with hot dogs for breakfast.

    How come the fireworks came on Saturday and not today?

  3. Try and take pictures of all your redneck family blowing up stuff tonight.. May come in handy if you have to file an insurance claim!!