Thursday, July 8, 2010

90hp Johnson rebuild

Boy howdy Billy Bob, ya got to get with the program and make some posts on your blog.
Yeah....what ever!!!

Day before yesterday night...let me figger this out, that would be a couple nights ago. What is today??? Thursday???
Anyhows, it were hot in "da house" at 10pm. Then it were cold. Then it were hot again. This ain't right....so's I break out my high dollar blood pressure read'n thingy and HOLY CRAP....165/98. Where my pills??? "This is 2 days Billy Bob...2 days ya didn't take your pills". Update: Took my meds and "da house" cool right down and had me a good night sleep.

Seems like every day it gets a little worse. Blood pressure is fluctuating, dizzy spells more frequent, feet get tangled up in stuff, less and less energy....boy howdy, I don't like this shit. Not one bit.

Boy howdy, let me tell ya. Yesterday was the day to put the motor back together. Not a complete rebuild, but just replace one piston and rings and slap it back on the boat. Well, while I were sit'n here in "da house" Robert tore down the entire motor....parts everywhere. When I seen what he did, I started...."what the hell did you do that for"? Ya see, it was like this, the other 3 cylinders had great compression, the bearings were perfect and no problem. Now what do you suppose happened? Well, Robert marked each piston (#1, #2, #3 and #4). But he forgot what hole each one come out of. It took me over an hour to figure it out by the marking on the pistons....kind of like forensics on a bullet to match which gun shot it. And then...each piston rod holds 18 needle bearings. Oh Oh, this bag only has 17. But that's ok, this bag has 19. Now anyone that knows anything about bearings knows that ya don't mix bearings. After installing all the needle bearings and torque'n them down....guess what? Something wrong....it don't turn right. Old Billy Bob nig rig that and all ok. Don't get no panties in an uproar over "nig rig". That's a word that been around for generations and it ain't gonna go away till all us old farts are dead and gone.

Today is "put the motor back on". Hope all goes well.

Last night we all went out to eat at the local "hole in the wall" Mexican Restaurant. Have ya ever ate Mexican food in Georgia?? If ya ever ate Mex in Texas, ya ain't gonna like Mex in Ga. Dark brown enchilada sauce??? HUH??? Soggy tortilla on a tostada??? Salsa what tastes like tomato sauce? At least it was cheap.
Son Jesse ordered up a pitcher of ice cold draft beer what sure looked good. Then the girl brung a couple froze mugs with ice hang'n off them. Old Billy Bob just had to have him one too. That was the first taste of beer I had in 5 years.....gonna have to get me another one them some time.

Ok, my two hours are up. Got to get off my dead ass and do something. See ya laters.

Ok, here's the deal. Motor is back on the lower unit, everything hook up, no left over nuts and bolts and it started. Didn't purr like a kitten, but it run like a race boat engine....Varoooooooom, hunert mile a hour. I think it gonna work!!!
Tomorrow morning, after my morning coffee and my 2 hours of get'n that other eye open, we gonna go to the lake, set the cruise on 100 and let'er eat. Gonna pop a wheelie. Ok, maybe it won't run that good, but it sure run'n gooder than it was. I'm proud of old Billy Bob and his expertise...one hell of a guy, can fix anything, yeah buddy.


  1. Glad to hear that you got that motor figured out. Now, all you got to fix is Billy-Bob. Get that medicine straightened out. Take care of your self, nobody else will.

    A person aint the same every day and neither is his blood pressure. I take my pills and cut them in half by hand with a knife. That way, I get one big half and one little half. Normally take the big half, but on good days when by BP is down, I take the little half. When I eat something salty, or get upseet, I may need a whole pill. Works for me. Just have to keep watch on your BP.

  2. Dizzy, before surgery, I didn't think much about my BP, but now I have to watch it real careful like. The veins they used for the bypass weren't in too good a shape and the doc's don't know how long they gonna last. Of course, know'n that causes undue stress and depression. I pretty much did everything everything a man would want to do, don't have any more dreams but I sure would like to hang around for another 20 years.

  3. Ok BB, in the morning when you get BOTH eyes open. Put your fancy camera in your pocket and take pictures on that boat out on the water moving.. Cause if you don't ain't no one gonna believe you that it actually runs!!!

  4. Do they even know what picante sauce is in Georgia?