Monday, July 5, 2010

Went golf'n

Maybe I can write something....maybe I can't.

What did I do yesterday? Well, I slept a lot. It was Sunday wasn't it? And a holiday. Cranked up the play station. Beat the hell out of grandkids. (on play station). Son Robert brung me down 3 tacos and some weird rice with what looked like raisins in it....some kind of spanish rice out of a box. Raisins turned out to be black beans....I hate black beans.

Got up early this morning think'n we would be at the golf course by 8am. Where the hell is my son??? 9:30 he shows up say'n...."are we gonna play golf"??? Well duh...that's what we said last night.

Golf game sucked. Well not really sucked. It was a very hard course with trees and forests everywhere. I'm talk'n dark woods...no sunshine. I only lost 3 balls to the "forrest gods", but my poor stooopit son just kept digg'n more new balls out of his bag. I bet he lost no less than 10 balls today. We had fun as usual.

This is the only link I could find. http://www.tallapoosaga.gov/citydirectory/golfcourse/

That's all the excitement I had for the day before I had to go to work. Adjusted the toe in on the "that jeep". For you ladies, toe in is an alignment to the from tires. Then I checked the alignment of the rear driveshaft...right on the money. So, that means that "that jeep" is finished. What's next to break down on it????

Then, after a shower, my shower faucet decided to leak. Now, a water leak on a motorhome is something like a leak on a boat. It has to be fixed right now. Not that a motorhome will sink, but it will flood when the holding tank fills up and water runs over the shower lip.pan....or what ever ya wanna call it. I did that ONE time....that was enough. Water everywhere.....carpet soaked all the way to the living room. Do motorhomes have living rooms???

My God, it was absolutely a perfect day today. 85 to 88 degs, a few clouds to block the heat producing rays of the sun and just the right amount of breeze. Boy howdy...that make old Billy Bob feel like doing it again.


  1. Good pictures of the golf course.. How the hell you lose balls on that big ole open area? did some gopher steal them? :-)
    And that picture of you? You gained weight!! Dang you gonna have to call Ginny Craig. :-)

  2. Good or bad game, at least you got to play some golf today.

    Billy Bob you look awfully thin, I think you need to eat a little more.

    Be positive, maybe you will NEVER have to fix another thing on "that jeep".

  3. A bad day on the golf course is better than the best day at work!

  4. LOL Ben...that big 'ol wide area ain't as wide as it looks....sides that, you ain't never see old Billy Bob swak a golf ball.

    Fat, skinny???? MsB, I only look that way. I have gained a few of the pounds back that I lost a year ago.
    Did I hear ya say NEVER fix that jeep again? That would be heaven, but what's the chances?

    Anony....sometimes on the course I ask myself why? "Why did you ever retire and think you could hit a golf ball"?

  5. When I left to go to the River last week you were getting ready to go night fishing with your son. Night fishing brings back memories of big Skitters trying to eat you alive while you try to keep from being blinded by that 12 mantle coleman lantern.

    Then I see that you have that Johnson V4 all torn apart on a table somewhere, what was wrong with the cylinder, I could not see the problem in the little picture I have. If you can fix it I have a big 225 hp Evenrude that needs fixing.

    How do you play Golf and scratch the Chigger bite's.