Friday, July 2, 2010

Just lay'n round

This is "that jeep" with a new look. Notice I don't need a ladder to climb in anymores. We now have a $4500 Jeep.....worth right bout $3000....with brand spank'n new tires.
This is that motor I been work on. The last thing we did, which should have been the first thing, was to check compression. In the pic you can see the bottom piston....that the one what is shot. Now guess what old Billy Bob gonna do. Yep, you right. Pull the powerhead and fix it.
This is the other boat we was gonna go fish'n in. This'un belongs to my other son Jesse. Wonder when we gonna go catch that 12# bass for Dizzy.

I am so tired I can hardly get my shoes on the right feet. Well, I'm not really that tired, just a little "dizzy" whoosy lightheaded from forget to take meds last night after eat'n half a pizza. Today I had to lay back while sons were mess'n with the motor on the pontoon boat. Then I crank up the play station and whoop Tiger Woods real good.

Did I tell ya bout the little red jeep what went down the hill. Well, it's like this....we was adjust'n stuff on the pontoon boat and Robert's jeep just took off on a walk down the hill. At the bottom of the hill is the above bass boat, a pop up camper and the woods...big trees and stuff.  Before go'n into the woods, the jeep tried to hook up the camper on the run. Robert run'n along side try'n to get in....good thing the doors were off. Minor damage to the jeep and almost major damage to the camper.


  1. Need a new roll of duct tape, fix that camper right up!!! :-) It comes in colors now..Try Wal Mart!! :-)

    ( interesting, the word verification for this post was CHEAT!,, seems like the right one)

  2. you didnt say if that 4500 dollar jeep still feels like a sherman tank on cement or if it glides like a swan over water.

  3. The Jeep is looking good. At least you and your boys know how to fix cars, unlike myself who usually ends up paying incompetent mechanics.

    Poor camper, but I know you guys can fix it :-)

  4. Still waiting for the picture of that 12 lb. bass. . .